So, I thought some of you guys might like to check out my new project, Son of Hel reviews. This is all for entertainment, so hopefully won’t get as heavy as A Heathen’s Path. Check out my Urban Fantasy Critic’s inaugural post, and check in as new things get added. Hel Bless.

Son of Hel Reviews

Hello and welcome to the first issue of the Urban Fantasy Critic, where I focus on reviewing those stories that fall in the realms of Urban Fantasy. This was actually the first style of reviews I conceived of after too many hours of watching the Nostalgia Critic. Most of these are going to be video reviews, but experiments showed me that novels are very hard for me to put to video, so for now they will be text, with other media going on video.

One of the benefits of being employed in a book store is you always run across interesting books. It’s even better when you can get bargain books at a discount. Which is where I found Horns by Joe Hill.


Blessed shall you be when you go in.

A bit of background from what I’ve picked up. According to das wiki this is Hill’s second published novel…

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