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I really do have to wonder these days how many people actually believe in the rule of law when they seek justice, and who just really want their c*** jerked off to make themselves feel better. I am, of course, referring to the recent debacle that is Ray Rice and the NFL.

I am not, however, going to join that group of people insisting Rice should be fired, that the head of the NFL be sacked, or asking “how many have gotten away with domestic abuse.” Not, because I believe domestic abuse is acceptable by anyone’s hand. I have been the victim of domestic abuse. It’s not alright.

Frankly, I find the people insisting that the NFL hasn’t done enough to punish Rice to be infuriating. It might have been funny, except it’s gotten to levels of stupidity that frankly makes me want to shoot people.

With a tank.

First off, domestic violence is assault. Or maybe battery. Or both. The law gets a little fuzzy, but it is the law. As such, it is a matter for the Law to decide. It is not a matter for your employer to decide. Because that’s what this is. People think your boss should have the right, the duty, to punish you for what you do outside of work if certain people find it offensive. Or if you’re a student, that your school should do it (as seen in the sexual assault issue where students are kicked out over an accusation that doesn’t even make it to the police for an investigation).

Which, frankly, is wrong.

We have Laws to protect people, to adjudicate punishment, and to see that a “debt to society” is paid. Generally through fines, community service, or prison time. Once you have fulfilled those obligations, in any society in which justice is more than a catchphrase, that’s the end of it.

When, exactly, did that not be enough? What’s next, shall we bring back the stocks? I know, the public hangings. The people are blood thirsty and they want their meat.

After all, you and the misses get into a tiff, punches are thrown, absolutely right that you lose your job and end up homeless on the street. I mean, forget what the police do to you, clearly the law isn’t enough. You must be punished by all of society no matter the reason or situation.

This. Is. Stupid.

Do we really want to let corporations have that much power? Do we really want them that much authority and access to our private lives? I didn’t think people were that much into the cyberpunk distopia that they wanted to bring it about. I mean, wasn’t there a big fuss (by most of the same people clamoring for the NFL heads to roll) about how terrible it was that corporations could come into our lives and dictate what birth control we were making them buy us?

I could have sworn there was…