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I am just cruising for bruising lately. Hel help me if tumblr actually finds this post. We will all go down in flames of our burning privilege.

Which is funny, because you might actually think I’d be a poster boy for the tumblr crowd when you get into the more “woo” part of my existence as a half-demon, pansexual, polygendered, god-by-adoption-who’s-becoming-an-actual-god, etc entity. Except, I don’t care about that stuff. Sure, it’s who I am, but it doesn’t exactly pay the bills. I don’t care if anyone believies me or in me. I am who I am for me, for Hel, and because it is needed.

But it, and watching videos of tumblr idiocy and my own experience with sjw people and tumblr sjw pagans, has got me thinking. If you’ve followed any of my recent posts you’d notice a trend about Justice and it’s importance, as well as its difference from, in the face of Social Justice.

Maybe it’s because I think I might one day be a God of Justice and Retribution, maybe it’s my own traumatic past, but I can see a clear difference between the two. But that’s not what this post is about. Maybe the next one.

Part of religion is the belief that the Gods and Goddesses are tied to natural processes and powers; death, law, life, weather, etc. And people are most often to the deity of the forces they are drawn to as people. Those interested in say law and justice might be drawn to say Tyr. Those to the arts might be drawn to Odin. Healers to Eir. Those to finality and death, Hel.  Now, in the sj-pagan community and tumblr there is one God who reigns supreme.

It’s not Freya, Goddesss of battle and magic. It’s not Isis, mother and queen. It’s not Athens,  goddess of wisdom.

It’s Loki.

Loki, a God. Tumblr, passion of feminists, PoC, transsexuals, and a host of other special snowflakes who are all about fighting white, cisgendered males, worships a white, European, cisgender male God.

I’ll give you a moment to soak in the irony.

And what is Loki the God of? Well, you don’t have to be a Norse mythology buff to know that. Don’t even need to be a comic book nerd to know anymore. Loki, my adopted grandad mind you, is the God of lies and trickery. He’s the God of the con job.

Which, given the factual nature of the behavior of Social justice warriors in media, gaming, and now the Atheist and Pagan communities…seems all too appropriate. In all the communities they come in contact with really.

Honestly, I am just waiting for something like #gamergate to happen to the pagan community. Given how what limited pagan media we have like the denounce any path that doesn’t have SJ as its central dogma as racist, cis-normative, and misogynistic, and the same goes for conventions and the like, I am amazed something hasn’t happened yet. Given that a pagan con recently canceled a concert by a Heathen band they were hosting based only on the word of a non-Pagan group of “anti-fascists” who complained that the group had some “racists” fans. I think the “AF” also threatened to disrupt the pagan festival if the band wasn’t cancelled. And the pagan media practically applauded the con for kicking out the band!

Or the not long passed debate about “racial paganism” which was a nearly two hour excrement fest of “the only good heathen is a silent heathen, anyone of them that talks is probably a racist.” Naming off heathen groups with public statements against racism and who have non-white members.

And it’s not just the Heathens. Every reconstruction group who doesn’t sacrifice tradition and factual research for social justice ideology gets it. Greek, Roman, Slavic, hell, even the Celtic reconstruction folks have been catching it from Pagan media and cons.

In fact, for those tuning in from non-partisan sources like gamers, even groups who you’d think sjw would defend to the death get stomped on. The Dianic debacle ran for two full years. The story for that is a group of women, of all races mind you, recreated some of the woman only Dianic path of the Greek goddess Diana. Now, they could probably be best described as a rather androphobic, radfem group given a religious path. Good so far, right? Filled with social justice warriors even. Who didn’t want trans-women in their sacred ritual at a public con. I think it was only pre-op trans, they banned anything with what penis. But for two years they were reamed on the rails by die-hard who turned on this group, which was largely made up of rape victims, apparently.

Apparently #trigger warning penis is transphobic.

Lies, cons, I’ve got a few links to some hypocrisy, but I’d love some examples from the pagan side. If you have them, please share. I know they’re out there, I have a few myself. Social justice is poisoning Paganism, and if our paths are to thrive and grow, we need to drag this into the light.

Because if sjw believed in justice, they wouldn’y be hypocrites who worship the God of lies who is the things they claim to hate.