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So, this is an idea that has popped up into my head. As it stands, I haven’t heard of any examples of this. In fact, it may just be a very dangerous idea from my very deranged head. But follow me down this rabbit hole of a thought experiment.

We’ve all heard of trans-sexual people. And, for the most part, we all accept the existence of trans-gendered people as real. Now, in strict scientific terms, you can’t prove trans-gender actually exists. There’s no blood tests, no gene tests, nothing empirical to my knowledge to prove it. Instead, we rely on things like psychology to trust in the reality of transgender. As a general rule, we just trust the person stating that they are trans and go on from there.

Please, do not think I doubt the existence or honesty of transsexual peoples. I do believe they are real, exist, and so forth.

There is an interesting argument though that a group of people often clinging to science in the face of religion, rely essentially in faith of their condition. But that’s for another time.

Now, most of us have heard of Otherkin, which is a classification of individual which takes the idea of transsexuals and applies it to entity rather than gender. People who are wolves, dragons, faries, demons, etc, living in the bodies of humans. These people are generally considered insane, despite the fact that once again, there is no scientific way to prove they are what they say they are (just like with transsexuals).

Apparently we can believe that a man is a woman, but not that man man could be a monster. At least not in a mythical sense. Irony.

Yet there is one thing I have not seen, despite the fact that it is just as plausible as trans-sexualism: trans-race. A black man in a white man’s body. Or a white man in an Asian man’s body. Or a Native American in an African’s body. You don’t see it.

Now, there is a basis to believe this exist. We use to refer to such people as —–philes. Anglophiles for those who like English culture, Japanophiles for those who lived as Japanese, etc. People who identified so strongly with another culture that they lived it nearly as perfectly as someone of that culture.

The only reason I can think of why we don’t see this as an idea is two reasons. 1) Those who are like that (at least that are white) are accused of cultural appropriation, or in the case of non-whites of betraying their race/people. 2) The groups where you would find trans-beingism happening are primarily the places that strive so hard to fight against cross culture adaptation. Though they speak for diversity, such groups also speak of preserving individual cultures against crossing over with each other in the name of preserving that diversity.

Equal, but separate, if you will. And believe me, there is an entire book to be written on that subject.

A man can be born in a woman’s body. A woman can be born in a man’s body. But apparently a black can’t be born in a white person’s body, or a white person born in anyone’s body.

Or a demon living in a man’s body.