This is probably a terrible idea that’s not going to win me any friends…but, this article gives some insight into at least one side. However, my comment is awaiting moderation over there so i figured I’d post it over here. Mostly because in all this call about Justice not being served, people are forgetting there’s more than one Justice at stake here, and that this was a matter of Law, rather than Justice.


Many things, many Gods.

You pray to Loki Worldbreaker to shatter the system and bring about the change you feel is needed, because you feel justice has not been done.

Better you had sought the council of Tyr, who knows well the price needed to uphold oaths and laws, lest all burn.

In this (and the Martin killing since you brought it up) there are two narratives. “They were good boys, innocent boys, killed by evil white racists.” This is the common narrative, the acceptable narrative, the one people hold to because it makes their cause look just. Then there is the other story. That these were men of the Law, one a cop and the other part of his local certified neighborhood watch. Both saw something suspicious, both followed their lawful duty to investigate. Both, it seem by the evidence, were attacked and killed their attacker in self defense. Both were taken before the Court of Law, the evidence was examined, and it was judged that these men, though they had killed, had done so in the defense of their lives.

All life is sacred. All life is to be cherished. Would rather that Brown and Martin had killed their respective opponents instead, beating them to death with their fists and shooting them with stolen guns? Would a dead cop and a dead Latino be more acceptable casualties to you? If you hold that life is sacred, then Both the Officer and Zimmerman had a right to defend themselves as the evidence in both cases has stated that they did.

To say that justice has been denied, however, is not false. But Justice was not part of this. This was a matter of Law, and the Law did as the Law should. Look at the facts, and be judged by the citizen whom that law serves. You want Justice, let there be a weregeld paid to the family for the dead men. But do not say that those who acted in self defense be punished simply because you feel that justice was not done. To do so is to be the lynch mob, knowing only blood-thirst and vengeance, but not law and justice.

If you wonder why the Cops dress like soldiers (though such is a wrong thing) it is because of words like yours and others, who say it is better to kill they cops than let them kill in self defense, better to riot and loot that respect the laws of this country we live in. Laws which do not judge a man’s skin, but see only the evidence of their deeds. Cops are people, people whose lives are sacred, whose duty is sacred, and who see only millions of voices screaming that they deserve to die because of what they are and what they do. In such a case, even I would put on armor and grab weapons such needed to defend my life.

Pray, if you will, to Loki worldbreaker, Loki Worldchanger.

But hear the words of Hela and her son: All lives are sacred, but it is better that a man go free if he is innocent of murder, than be punished so that those with no stake can feel better about their politics. For that is what this whole mess of riots, looting, and screaming that justice being denied is. Mortal politics seeking power on the deaths of two men. Let the dead rest, they are not your puppets anymore.