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If you read the re-blogged post today/yesterday, or any of a number other posts out there, or the news, or the people, you will likely find a lot of people insisting that justice was denied for Michael Brown when the Grand Jury, after reviewing the evidence, decided that the officer that killed him did so in self defense.

They say there is no Justice done.

They are right.

There was, perhaps, no justice for Mr. Brown.

But there certainly was no justice done for the shop clerk Mr. Brown assaulted, or the shop owner he stole from.

There is no Justice for the Officer who acted in self defense as Mr. Brown assaulted, battered, and by a number of accounts, possibly even tried to murder him. No justice for the man who, while trying to go on an emergency call discovered someone who had committed a crime and while trying to investigate was assaulted and faced death. No justice for a lawful man who has had his life ripped to shred for the sake of racial politics and who is likely to face being hunted down by a mob.

There is absolutely no justice for the people of Ferguson who have had their city, their shops, and their lives looted and burned in the riots.

There is no justice for the shop owners who have experience that same burning and pillaging in cities like New York, Atlanta, and from what I have heard, many other cities across this country where thousands of people, drunk on racism and hate, went out and broke the law repeatedly because they felt entitled to do so.

Today, when I am writing this, is Thanksgiving. A day commemorating not just what we should be thankful for, but a day where two groups put aside any racial differences long enough to see that both survived a cold winter. Today is a day to be thankful and put aside our differences. Instead we shall remember it today as just one more day of race riots, destruction, and dishonor.

How many of those screaming justice has been denied are out there denying justice to others? How many out there are hypocrites using the dead for their own gain? How many out there howling for blood and vengeance are in it only for their own profit.

There might have been no Justice for Mr. Brown, a man who stole and assaulted as pleased him in life. But there certainly has been no justice for those who have suffered in his name.