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So, as I’ve said before (and hasn’t happened) this is the post that is probably going to get me into a shit ton of trouble.

I’m going to start by saying I heard somewhere that the KKK is now letting in Jews, Hispanics, Asians, and Blacks. At this point, I really can’t say I’m surprised. Because really, if the last few years have taught me anything it’s that really, White as a group has changed.

Of course, the definition of White has changed a lot over the years. Used to be only Anglo-Saxon Protestants were White. Then anyone of European decent was White. Now, it’s anyone with a lighter skin tone and a privileged background. This includes groups that most people would normally consider minorities, such as Jews, Asians, and Hispanics.

“But Asians and Hispanics aren’t white!” I hear people cry, most likely from Asian and Hispanic Communities.

Well, you were right, my white friends. Twenty or so years ago, you were your own Racial/Ethnic groups. But times have changed. You have become privileged. Allow me to show you.

What is white privilege?

White privilege is a set of advantages and/or immunities that white people benefit from on a daily basis beyond those common to all others. White privilege can exist without white people’s conscious knowledge of its presence and it helps to maintain the racial hierarchy in this country.

The biggest problem with white privilege is the invisibility it maintains to those who benefit from it most. The inability to recognize that many of the advantages whites hold are a direct result of the disadvantages of other people, contributes to the unwillingness of white people, even those who are not overtly racist, to recognize their part in maintaining and benefiting from white supremacy.

White privilege is about not having to worry about being followed in a department store while shopping. It’s about thinking that your clothes, manner of speech, and behavior in general, are racially neutral, when, in fact, they are white. It’s seeing your image on television daily and knowing that you’re being represented. It’s people assuming that you lead a constructive life free from crime and off welfare. It’s about not having to assume your daily interactions with people have racial overtones.

White privilege is having the freedom and luxury to fight racism one day and ignore it the next. White privilege exists on an individual, cultural, and institutional level.

“Being white means never having to think about it.”
-James Baldwin


People-Formerly-Known-As-Asians should stop and recognize those words above for what they are. PFKAA do not have to worry that they will be denied a home or a job based on their “race.” In fact, they are seen as desirable people for those things. They do not have to worry about being followed around in stores or stopped by cops. No one has heard of “driving while Asian’ as a reason for being stopped. They don’t have to worry that they will be viewed as uneducated thugs because of their clothing choices. PFKAA are completely white individuals, represented positively and normally in all forms of media.

As for the Hispanic community, perhaps you are not “as white” according to those standards, but you are certainly whiter than the African American community. You might occasionally face troubles with the law, but not the systemic, long term effects that African Americans have. You weren’t enslaved or forced to use separate bathrooms.  When it comes to being hired for jobs, you get preferential treatment (especially compared to black people). Indeed, you have been judged as white by both the black community and the media, as the case of Zimmerman vs Martin showed us. Zimmerman identifies himself as a hispanic, but he was just another white guy. All you “Hispanic” folks are white now.

And that’s okay.

See, I know people will accuse me of “white washing” all the cultural differences that “Asians” and “Hispanics” and “Jews” and anyone else who isn’t black away and painting you with the same brush as the rest of us White folks. But that’s okay too, see, all white people had to go through that. The Irish, the Germans, the Polish, the Russians, the Scandinavians, all of us. I mean, sure, we all had our own languages, cultural histories, and racial discriminating acted against us, but that doesn’t matter any more. I mean, did we ask to have our cultures, histories, and so forth erased simply because of our skin color and success? Of course not. But hey, you know, it happened and despite being blamed for everything over which we never did…well, alas. You’ll get over it too. See, we have lighter skin and we all come from a place where “we were privileged” because our forefathers and foremothers succeeded, they made something of themselves and we benefit from that, just like you formerly non-white people in the Asian, Hispanic, and other communities have. But your personal histories don’t matter, the outrages your ancestors suffered don’t matter. What matters is you all have lighter skin and you don’t have to worry about the cops pulling you over, or being denied a home, or a job, or being considered a thug.

So let me just say welcome, my white brothers and sisters. Welcome to the fold. Remember that you’re supposed to check your privilege, and don’t you say anything bad about black people now because that’s racist. It’s good to have you. I look forwards to the Day of the Dead celibrations we have next year, and you can look forwards to St. Patrick’s Day, and we all get two new years celebrations so that’s fun. Maybe we’ll even get them all off from work because they’re white holidays now.

In fact, why don’t you go on twitter and talk about how awesome it is to be white now with: #weareallwhitepowernow

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