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Like the necromancers of old, I bring that which is dead back to an unlife. I have delved deep into the grave that is my archives, seeking only the ripest of corpses. Welcome to the return of the Vices and Virtues Project!

Envy. Such a simple little word. Such a simple little emotion. The desire to have what another possesses and, if you cannot take it for yourself, to remove it from the grasp of another.

Envy, it seems, truly is the word of this day.

For what, really, are these riots and lootings and burnings that we have seen spread across the country. From centers of conflict like Ferguson, to centers of Commerce like New York City or Atlanta, to even the small towns like Knoxville, TN. Oh, it is cloaked in the names of Justice or Social Justice, but truly what are their chants of not the words of the envious? Screaming with envy at the power that others possess, raising up a robber and thief as hero? Stealing from the innocent simply because they have something those who riot want.

We cloak our issues in issues of race, of skin color, but there is truly only one color here. Green. The Green of an envious heart filled with jealousy and rage. For if this truly was a matter of justice, would those like Barkley be shouted at to shut up, that they have no voice, when they call out those who pillage and burn for their criminal actions? No, it is the envious that want him silenced because his voice is being heard and theirs is not. It is the envious who wish to slake their lust for things without being told what they do is wrong.

Envy can be a good thing, it can drive us to obtain that which we desire. But these last months have shown us everywhere from the Ferguson protestors to the Journalists being hunted by #gamergate, to the politicians who break the laws or who throw those under their command to the wolves of the masses, that the danger of envy makes it one of the most uncontrollable of the vices and one of the most dangerous of the virtues.