So, sharing my comment with you, my dear readers, since I doubt this one will make it through moderator hell.

You know, I really didn’t want to do this, but now I kinda have too. Because, really, I’ve seen this going on for years and I have to speak up.

This, was some of the most racist bullshit I have ever had the displeasure of reading. It is literally, concept for concept, the exact same bull as when I first listened to it. Of course, back then it was called “The White Man’s Burden,” since White people (gods above, as if that term itself wasn’t an act of erasing thousands of years of oppression, hate, and racism itself) are so privileged with our wealth, our knowledge, and our power that we have to help the “lesser, downtrodden races of the world.” And of course, any discussion of how a person of “color” (i’m sorry, but in kindergarden i learned white was a color too) shouldn’t be judged by their deeds, but that we have to excuse and accept that whatever bad things they did, because, well, they couldn’t help themselves. But hey, I guess it’s okay to remove their agency, self determination, and power because, oh, well, you recognize your privilege in being better than they are because a bunch of white guys did something you consider to have been bad back in the day. Of course, we’ll just ignore all the similar and worse stuff that other “races” did, because they’re not white and they aren’t as evolv–sorry, privileged.

You wanna know why more pagans don’t talk about black people facing discrimination? Because it’s really, really damn hard when your entire group (including those black people) is facing systemic, large scale aggression and discrimination to really feel all that sorry or spend energy needed to solve discrimination against Pagans as a whole, on people who want to claim “I have it harder because of my skin.” Most pagans, myself included, have gone to great lengths to be open, inviting, and not discriminate against skin color, only to be told by pagans of color and people like you that we’re fucking evil because we don’t genuflect enough to the god of race relations and white guilt. I’m sorry, but I’m too busy maintaining spiritual balances in the world around me, fighting off demons, devils, malicious spirits, etc, trying to make sure my fellow Pagans get too keep their rights, and teaching newbies to the paths of the old gods to stand up for themselves, to hold someone’s god damned hand because “boo hoo, my skin is darker than yours, and people of your skin color did bad things to my grandpa and you have to pay for it, even though your people were no where near any of these bad things.”

Well I am god damned sorry some people have it harder, but ain’t nobody in this pagan boat got it easy regardless of race. Having it hard is called life, and we all make our choices, and we all have to apparently pay for the crimes of our “race” then well, if I’m supposed to make up for all the bad stuff some English guy did over a hundred years ago, when my Scandinavian ancestors were still back in the old country, then maybe that might explain why I have lost all patience for someone of color crying that it isn’t right that they get stopped by the police more often because of crimes committed en mass by people of their race! After all, over 80% of crimes against blacks is by blacks, and a massive amount violent crimes are committed by black gangs. Well guess what, that road of responsibility and accountability goes both ways. You don’t like it? Too bad. If i have to take the blame for people i had no relation or power over, then so do you. I’m pretty sure Zemir Begic didn’t like it as he was brutally murdered by Ferguson protestors as they screamed “Kill the white people!” Still, he was white, his privilege made all these bad things happen I’m sure.

But hey, you know, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t make this about white people. I mean, you know, Zemir is just one more white guy, he’s not important, just like thousands of others. After all, it’s #blacklivesmatter, not #alllifeisprecious. His death at the hands of violent racists only distracts us from the larger issue of black suffering. I really should check my privilege, think about what all those white people to whom I have no connection have done, and go flagellate myself for my being an evil racist white person who is responsible for black people’s choices and where that leads them in life. And you know, the fact that my religion teaches that people should take responsibility for their actions, obey the law even when it doesn’t profit them in the moment, and that acting with honor and integrity is better than mob violence because someone of your race got killed by a man trying to defend himself…I suddenly realize how racist that is. Why, those black people have it so much harder than me in ways I could never understand, I should just let it all slide. Because it’s not their fault if they rob, burn, riot, murder, or otherwise violate the tenants of a lawful society. It’s mine, because I’m white.

Beloved in Light

This is mostly addressing the white majority in the pagan communities. I have been sitting on this a bit, ever since news regarding Ferguson and subsequent events broke out. Racial/ethnic issues have been one that has been close to my heart for as long as I can remember, ever since childhood when I discovered a fascination and love for different cultures and delved into my studies in history. Over the last couple of years it has become a more personal issue too, which I admit probably does give me some bias, involving the birth of my biracial infant and my engagement to her father who happens to be African American. As a Caucasian woman I know I live in a bubble of security and privilege, something that my fiancée has reminded me by his own stories and experiences. The fact that it doesn’t even occur to me to carry my…

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