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So I am starting to think I may owe Nazi Germany an apology.

You see, I grew up and then joined a religion that said a man was responsible for his actions. He was not responsible for the actions of another, he was not responsible for the actions of a people, he was responsible for his own actions and his alone. Only the guilt he earned by his own hand was his to carry.

Apparently, I was wrong.

See, there’s this little thing called Irminfolk. Now, I don’t know much about them except that they are a Heathen group and they have been declared racists by HUAR (Heathens united against racism). Now, this came out several months ago, there was much rage by HUAR against Irminfolk and a few people joined in. Why? Well, Irminfolk has as one of their by laws that you have to be like 1/8th Germanic or European, I don’t know. Considering I can’t join the Cherokee because I’m 1/16th and my part of the tribe isn’t acknowledge as existing…boo hoo. Most Native groups have rules like that, most ethnic clubs have rules like that. I personally didn’t see any problem with it because, well, if everyone is doing it, as long as we hold everyone to the same standard we’re all good. No one gets special treatment, everyone is equal, yay, we are living the Dream. I mean, someone could be 7/8ths black and still get in their group, doesn’t sound all that racist when you think of it that way.

Apparently, however, the act of being “white” is enough to mean that you do get special treatment. Special as in “you can’t have the same toys or rules that the other children have.” Why? Well apparently because 200 years ago some English guys did something that back then was perfectly acceptable to everyone on the planet in terms of action (they were all doing it too) a Swedish guy now cannot be allowed to have something only for himself. For the simple reason that they both have pale colored skin.

That’s like saying a Chinese man should not be allowed to celebrate Chinese New Year because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. And if you know anything about Chinese/Japanese relations/history you should realize just how dumb, offensive, and outright racist that is.

Apparently it is okay to damn an entire race of people for the actions of the few in the past or the present. Indeed, apparently it is noble and required! At least, as long as they are white.

The title of this post comes because I dared believe and write that not all white people were evil:

No joking, this was literally the reply to my post calling for an end to blaming all white people for the actions of a few

No joking, this was literally the reply to my post calling for an end to blaming all white people for the actions of a few


But I…I am an equalist. I hold everyone to the same standard, as eldritch and terrible to behold as it is. Because that’s what being equal is. Everyone is judged by the same standard, and if it is acceptable to damn all whites for the sins of people to whom most of us have no relation to and all of had no control over…then the only logical choice for me is that it is then acceptable, nay necessary to hold all people’s to that standard.

I don’t want that. I don’t want to live in that world. That is not the world I was promised! I was told we were all equal! That every man was responsible only for himself! THAT IT WAS WRONG TO JUDGE AN ENTIRE RACE FOR THE BAD ACTIONS OF A FEW!

When I started writing this, I was furious. For hours, actually, I was furious. But I’m not furious at the moment. I’m just…sad. Heartbroken.

When I first became me, a demon born from the pain and rage of a boy’s death, riding horse in a strange vessel different from my own demonic form, I didn’t care what color my skin was. My skin was ebony, occasionally red, and I didn’t think about race or color or anything like that. I was aware that this vessel was of European decent and that people called that white, but I never thought of myself as a white person.

For years I existed like this, and sure I signed on with the Norse Gods early on, because I liked what they stood for and I was sick of the Abrahamic God and while I respected Lucifer, I didn’t want to be part of that. And Hel taught me and shaped me and then adopted me, so I became part of the Europeans by more than just what “car” I was driving. But I still didn’t think in terms of racial politics. I was with them, and these were their people, and why shouldn’t they be for their people when it seemed all the other Gods were for their people alone? That seemed fair, and equitable, and equality was good. And if everyone wanted to share, that was good to.

Now though…now I find myself thinking of racial politics. I realize that who I am as a being doesn’t matter to people. What I do, doesn’t matter to people. What matters is not the man, or the demon, or the god, but the skin. Skin was all that mattered, race was all that mattered, and it didn’t matter all the good that had been done by those of that skin, only their crimes mattered. Crimes, for that matter, which were not crimes, or immoral, or wrong when they were committed. Crimes that all other peoples have committed and prospered from, crimes which some people still commit and prosper from!

Now, people can insist that the Northern Gods aren’t “white.” I think to an extent that’s a bit obvious, though if you said it about any other Gods you’d get in trouble. The Loa aren’t black, the Khemetics aren’t…what is it, brown or semitic? The Jade Palace isn’t filled with Chinese. Gods aren’t of earth, so they don’t have the same “Races” that we do.

But the Northern Gods are European, they built the land, they built the people, they shared their blood and language and culture. They molded those peoples back in the past the same way that Hel molded me. The Gods aren’t white, but then the people aren’t “white.”

The people are people. Or at least I believed they were people. But apparently that doesn’t matter. Apparently what matters is what your skin is, and that you be punished and do or not do stuff based on the color of your skin.

See, I remember hearing that kind of talk before. I love history, I always have in my existence. And I remember a good christian man who insisted that there was a race of people who were privileged, who held power and gained success on the backs of others. That they oppressed his people and that the oppressed could never recover, never succeed, for as long those privileged people had that privilege. And that it wasn’t enough to just punish or oust those individuals who held the power that were ruining and oppressing his people, no they had to get rid of the entire race or else they could never get rid of the privilege and oppression.

His name was Adolf Hitler. And to be fair, there were a lot of Jews in the banking industry. There still are. But not all Jews are. And the banks, both those owned by Jews and those not owned by Jews, were responsible for the greatest economic depression Germany had ever seen, one so bad people were dying in the streets from starvation, and where waiting an hour to buy something meant the price had quadrupled at a minimum. Some Jews had money, some Jews owned the banks, some Jews had “privilege.”

So all Jews had privilege. All Jews were responsible. So all Jews had to go.

Now see, I grew up thinking that, well, that kind of thinking was wrong. You shouldn’t punish all for the actions of a few. Punish the few, sure, for they had done wrong, but the rest were innocent.

Now, though, apparently I thought wrong. Apparently the actions of a few should damn all like them. All of them are now responsible. So it seems I owe Hitler an appology for thinking he was wrong and a terrible human being. Because, suddenly it matters what my flesh and blood vessel is. Because I am damned for it. Something I had no control over, like every human out there.

I am damned because I have “white” privilege built on the backs of slaves. Of course, most of the privileges I can think, or have been told I have, of had nothing to do with slaves or slavery. The freedom to speak my mind, carry a weapon, not be stopped and searched without just cause and so forth, are all legal rights paid for with the deaths of Europeans from many nations, in many lands, over hundreds of years, under the inspiration of European thinkers. So…no slaves there. Economically, yes, over a hundred and fifty years ago there were slaves, but they were all in the agricultural industry to my knowledge. At least in any amount of numbers to matter enough to effect the economy. But our present economy was born from the economic boom from WWII, powered by technology from the Industrial revolution (which was largely either slave free or after slavery), after the Great Depression had destroyed any previous economy, so again, no slaves there. Technology wise, we can track every major and most minor inventions, of which I would say 99.999999% were made by free men of many races. So again…no slavery.

Were minorities oppressed? Of course they were, I’ve talked at length about that, including minorities that no one talks about. But when I look at what privileges there are, except perhaps in modern media, none of it that I can trace was based on racial exploitation. As for those privileges in media such as having my culture “represented” (because we all know the mainstream is Norse Heathen, and we are represented as good, law abiding, equality believing people {oh wait, no we’re all evil racists} XP) in the media, well…Most of the media elite is disproportionally Jewish. It’s something Jews take a lot of pride in. So that’s not even an action by “white” people. Technically, what we see represented is Jewish Culture in the media, because it is produced largely by Jews. And I got no problem with it. They were people who made it by their own hand, their own actions. That they happen to be of one race rather than another doesn’t mean squat to me.

I don’t want it to.

But apparently it has too. Apparently we are to be damned based on skin, on race.

Well, that puts me in a very bad place. A place I don’t want to be, because if I look at the “sins” of different races and lets face it when we talk about minorities here we’re really just talking about black people because Hispanics and Asians were never really enslaved (In America, and apparently that’s the only one that counts when it comes to white people’s guilt).

So let us tally the sins.

Whites have a predominant culture (since they make up the majority of the people, but let’s be honest it is actually a blend of literally every culture here in the USA and several from around the world), they have laws based on their ancestral law codes of equality, freedom, and individual sovereignty. And while there was slavery and racial crimes on a larger scale, the latter hasn’t been much of a mass scale issue for at least three to four generations in the worst parts of the country, and longer than that in most of it, and the former hasn’t existed for over 150 years, literally over half the country’s existence. Every effort has since been made to not only provide an even playing field, but a leg up into the competition that no other race has received.

Blacks have had over 150 years of legal freedom, 60 years of enforced equality. They commit 80% of the crime against themselves, are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes, and have instead of joining the larger society as their forefather’s fought to, have segregated themselves as a racial collective constantly blaming whites for every bad thing that happens despite dozens and dozens of assistance programs, community betterment projects, and decades of whites pushing to help them because of “white privilege”. In cities all across the nation, black on white crime is hushed up, largely because it often reaches levels that beg the question of humanity in the perpetrators. I would refer anyone who wants a perfect example to the Christian/Newsome case of Knoxville, Tn.

Now, of the two, in any logical end, who would you support based on their sins? If we are to damn all for the actions of a few, any privilege I have as a white person is more than canceled out by the brutality and inhumanity of the Christian/Newsome murders. If we were to damn all based on the actions of a few, then the brutal carjacking, kidnapping, rape, brutalization, torture, mutilation, and murder that took course over a number of days while their parent’s frantically searched and begged on television for their children’s return more than pays off my “privilege.” In fact, based on the heinousness of the crimes, by the logic of damning all for the few, I would say the extermination of the black community in Knoxville would only be fair. Because clearly that black community profited from the deaths of that “privileged” white couple who now can no longer exert that privilege over them.

Hel, while we’re at, let’s wipe out the entire black community of Ferguson and St. Louis because four minority boys killed Zemir Begic for no other reason than he was white. Surely the black community profited from the death of that white oppressor.

Well if profit means guilt, and the guilty need to be punished, then let’s punish them all. Let us slaughter those who had nothing to do with it because of the color of their skin and the fact that they gained from suffering of another.

Do you see where this is going? Do you see the inevitable logic of it. Those with privilege must be punished. So blacks punished Christian and Newsome and Begic and hundreds like them you don’t hear about in the news. Well I’m sorry, but if I am going to play racial politics I am going to end up not on the side that thinks I’m evil and guilty and deserved to be punished. I am not going to fight with those who demand that people who had nothing to do with a crime be punished for that crime. I will side with my Gods, my Adopted family, and the European Children they created. I will side with those who gave the world liberty, democracy, and freed their slaves! Not with those who feel it just to punish all for the crimes of a few long ago, who feel that only certain lives and voices matter based on skin color.

But I would judge them as they would judge. I am Svartwulf, the Hunter of Evil, the Predator of Darkness, God of Justice and Retribution and Law, and I will judge these men and women by the Laws they make for themselves. If they would damn based on the actions of a few, then I will damn them all for the actions of their few, until such time as they plead mercy and to be judged by their own sins and not the sins of others and were willing to do the same for those they damned….or until they were not their to plead at all.

Because that’s the game, right? Your group is either a Nazi or a Jew. The Oppressed justified in slaughtering their oppressor or the Oppressor who is it justified to be punished because of your race. You’re either the oppressed hunter or the privileged prey. The Condemner or the Condemned.

I will not see my people, adopted or not, led to slaughter without a fight. I would fight for them to the last, and then freed of my mortal vessel I would defend them as a fully realized God. Not because they are better than anyone else, they aren’t. But I will not seem them slaughtered for being worse, which they aren’t either.

So I would council all those out there who want to play racial politics. Who want to stir up hate based on only the color of a person’s skin and the sins of another. Do not play that game. You will not like it when the table turns on you, and the wolf’s teeth rip your throat from your flesh. Let the past go, live in peace, love each man as your brother and judge him by his deeds alone. Think not of if he has it better than you, but if you can make it better for yourself peacefully and lawfully. Because if you want to step on the road of violence, if you truly believe white people are as evil as you say they are, as much monsters you claim them to believe, then as yourself this question.

Do I really have any chance against a people so good at slaughtering and oppressing as White people? After all, a bunch of backwoods Europeans with a few guns managed to apparently lay waste to the entire world. Do I really think I have a chance when we were already beaten once? Or is it better to play nice with the monster, than to be his feast?

Carolus Rex, King of Sweden once said,


I resolve never to fight an unjust war, but having engaged in a Just war, I will never stop fighting until either death or victory.

These are words I try to live by. They are words I will fight by. To defend the innocent is the most just cause of war there ever is or will be. Do not make me fight a Just War. I beg you, with tears in my heart and a heavy soul, please. Please stop. Do not make me give up a life and path that judges each man equally by his own deeds. Do not make me be the monster that slaughters you all to defend those innocent of any crime except the color of their skin.

Leave your thoughts below and if you bring peace…Hela Bless.