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It is easy to identify with a parent’s fear for their child, by blood or not. To worry about who your child is with is understandable. Given the media’s goosestepping, to worry she would be targeted because she might be targeted for being with a black man.
I would point you to the recorded fatality from this protest: Zemir Begic. He was targeted for his skin color. He was not black. The police deny, but even in their denial you can hear them lying to keep the peace.

You say it is our wyrd, our orlog, to be mindful of the evil actions of a few in the past. Well, actions we consider evil now. Different time, different situations, different morals, buy like each society we arrogantly believe that we are more advanced, more righteous. Rarely when we judge these evil actions do we remember that they did not happen in a vacuum. Spain, who started the European expansions, began it’s trans oceanic empire in a desperate attempt to not be recaptured by the Islaimic Caliphate Empire, which had subjected it’s people to second class citizenship and worse for hundreds of years. England and France founded their empires and colonies to keep from being conquered by the Spanish, Germany, Austria, and others in turn started their empires to keep from being conquered and enslaved by those that rose before them, or in the case of Austria and others to the eastern part of Europe, to hold off that same set of Caliphate Empires which continued to invade all the way into the 1600s (getting as far as Vienna Austria).

Horrible deeds were done, sometimes by their standards and certainly by our modern standards. All too often though, by reading history with an open mind and seeing all the connections, I have found that the reason behind it often comes down to something very simple. “Do I let my Children Die, or Do I Make Someone Else Die.” Does one compete in the local economic/political game, or the global one, where if you do not succeed, someone else will and with their success your family faces starvation and death. Some played that game ruthlessly, some of them succeeded very well on the backs of others. Most…did not, of any race.

My issue with much of this talk about guilt and privilege is that it does not take into account that certain European peoples had little to nothing to do with these acts we not consider shameful, but are treated as if they fully profited from those bad actions. The Scandinavian countries had little to do with the slave trade, and the Easter European countries more often than not were dealing with either Russian or Islamic invasion. Of all the major European nations that benefited, there was England, Spain, France, the United States, and Germany. But even then, all European nations came to agree that slavery was wrong and freed their slaves and gave them legal status as citizens. In the case of the USA, an entire war was fought, millions died, and in the case of the Irish, no sooner had an Irishman got off the boat then he was drafted and sent to die for black freedom.

Yet, for example, no mention is made that the privilege of black freedom was gained by the oppression, enslavement, and deaths of the Irish. Instead, the Irish man (and woman) is now told that they should feel guilty because of their skin’s color, because even though they as a people never gained any profit from black enslavement and their forced deaths bought black freedom.

On the macro level of history, looking only at skin color, the narrative of “whites benefiting from others,” works. That why so many people use it, but it is a whitewash, forgive the pun. When you begin to look at a historical, case by case, nation by nation basis, that narrative becomes a lot less clear and the individual cost vs profit starts to waver. Some benefited, but even those who benefited did so because they were engaged in a desperate game of survival. White is a construct, a recent one barely a few hundred years old. Nation did not love nation, “white” did not exists. Nationalities, ethnicity, these things existed, and it was on these lines that conflicts were drawn. English and French might have both been white, but French would slaughter English if given the chance, and vice versa. The only way to survive was to play by any means necessary, because failure meant their own children’s deaths.

So before one judges, before one stands and say “we must make amends” as yourself. If it was my child on the line, if it was their life my actions could lose, which would I do? Would I kill another person to save the life I love, or would I put the gun to my own child’s head and pull the trigger so that those who come after me will not judge me a racist all because I chose to save my family rather than a stranger?

My humble thoughts.

Strip Me Back to the Bone

As I write this, Beth’s daughter (again, my not-quite-step-daughter) is in NYC taking part of the protests going on there. I’ve got various news sites running in the background. I’ve touched base with her before the march began, and I’ve been up and down all night, sick to my stomach with worry. She’s with her boyfriend, whom we haven’t met, and whose skin color I do not know. I found myself torn between hoping she was with him — because the idea of her being with a man potentially provides her additional security that being with a bunch of girlfriends may not provide — and hoping she wasn’t — because what sort of attention may she receive if she’s with a black man? We are proud that she’s involving herself with these very important protests, but I still want to curl up and cry, I still want to vomit, I’m…

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