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So The other day I was reading a set of short stories that all followed a list of chapter titles, and each stories had to do with the title. It’s an idea I’ve seen used many times and one that I have to admit I admire.

So with a little prompting from Hel, I ended up doing something along those lines. My blog hasn’t really been filled with my experiences with her, unlike how many pagan blogs I read the authors post about their experiences with their spiritual kin. This is something that’s always kind of bothered me, because I do try to run a religious blog, but all to often I get caught up in writing about the real world than I do the spiritual one.

But thanks to Hel, I have a few of those stories for you. Some have happened, some are happening, and some may yet happen. These are the HelaSvart stories (because every paring need a nickname). I will be publishing them every Monday, for now, and I have nine written up so you will get a decent number of them, and they will be collected on their own page and with their own category. More may yet follow the first nine, but we shall have to see.