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So I watched “The Road to El Dorado” last night, partially because it’s actually one of my favorite animated movies and partially because…due to an attack the night before…I haven’t really wanted to sleep. It had been a while since I’d watched it, but it was just as good as I remember it to be. But this time, I ended up watching it with Hel, who found it a riot, and told me something I didn’t know.

Apparently, Odin and Loki were splitting images of Tulio and Miguel.


Those who have read American Gods know the whole thing about Odin and Loki being con men, with that being a major plot point of the book. What it failed to mention was back in the days of their “youth” they did it because it was just so much fun for them. Odin was the one who always over thought things and Loki ever was the impulsively dragging them off on some crazy scheme.

Later on, as the throne kept Odin busy, Loki often hung out with Thor, and these are the more familiar tales that we know. Be it because the original adventures of Odin and Loki are lost to time, never made it to Midgard, or were suppressed by the Church, I can’t say. But knowing that they went on such adventures like the ones in the movie, and had that camaraderie, it isn’t hard at all to understand why Odin made an oath that he would never accept an offering of drink if an offering of the same was not made to Loki.

I think, to an extent, they still have much the same relationship still. It’s certainly not as lighthearted these days. The throne weighs heavy, and Loki has grown darker and darker of nature as the ages pass. Long ago was the innocent youth of Gott and Jotun.


It’s still a two man con, but the cons aren’t as fun anymore, they aren’t just for profit, they’re because it needs to be done. But like any long term con, you gotta have a partner you trust. In a way, I envy them, though no trickster god am I.

But here’s to the old days, to Odin and Loki, and the days of fair weather fun.