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So yesterday/day before I reblogged a post about the sharia no go zones in France.

Shortly thereafter, Rhyd kindly told me not to be a sniveling coward and dishonor Hela by spreading such fear riddled stories.

Now, I’m not trying to call my fellow pagan out here. Nor do I feel insulted by his words, they are well meant. While I do not always agree with his views, or his conclusions, he has impressed me as an honorable man, who at least speaks to the truth as he knows it and tries to do his research, though I occasionally find it biased, as I am sure he does some of mine. But on my end, at least, there is much respect given to him. He spoke of living in France, knowing the places mentioned, and that he had no experience of what this person was stating was happening. I take Rhyd at his word of honor.


I’ve studied Islam for several years, especially Islamists and how they work. Just as Rhyd gave his eye witness account of the things he saw and did not see…so too have hundreds, even thousands, of others, all through out Europe. Some say no, it does not happen. Others come with the tales of it happening, showing scars, giving police information, national statistics. Accounts from citizen and officers alike. The world they paint is not one of pretty pictures, but of supremacists. I cannot call them speakers of falsehood, simply because I do not like what they say. To do so would shame my realm, and endanger my peoples.

So I do not know the truth of what happens there. I have only the words of those who have been there, saying yea or nay.

Why then, do I occasionally reblog posts like the ones yesterday, not knowing if they are true or false?

Because, sometimes, they turn out true.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of Rotherham, England. I’m guessing that most of you have not. Recently, though, it came to light that there was an Grooming Gang of Muslim men who had created an underground sex ring of under-aged native British girls. This, in and of itself, would be horrible enough on its own. But details came out that not only did this gang exist, it had existed for over 20 years, had processed 1400 girls and boys (this being the low ball conservative estimate of the numbers, it could be much, much higher. For example, 2013 saw 157 reported cases…one can only guess the number of unreported cases), using them all multiple times a week, for years on end.

And the Rotherham and British governments knew about it the whole time.

In fact, I knew about Rotherham nearly ten years ago. I heard the stories, though not the complete number of girls who were repeatedly raped, drugged, and brainwashed. I knew the police were doing nothing to the gang. They were certainly arresting parents who tried to go into the houses to rescue their daughters, though. Threatening the parents with all manner of charges and treating them as racists. You may have heard of I think it was the BPP, which was treated world wide as a racist nationalist party. Well, truth be told…it wasn’t. It was made of people, parents from Rotherham and dozens, maybe even hundreds, of other British cities, each of which has their own grooming gang that is highly active and unstopped. Because the police fear being called racist. It was made up of football fans who learned what was happening and spread the word through the different clubs. It wasn’t a racist party…it was people trying to gain the power in their government needed to stop mass numbers of pedophilic rape gangs.

I knew about all of this happening. Some of these crimes are now public records. Many of them…are still unchallenged, because the British government gave into fear. Fear of being called racists, so they leave their children, their daughters, to abuse and even slaughter. You want to know why so many young women are running away to join ISIS? It’s gangs like this.

And word is, word that has been passed around for years, tells that other European nations such as France, have similar gangs, or related Islamist gangs who make it dangerous to travel in certain areas, to not be muslims in certain areas. Hela’s grace, I’ve heard repeated reports from leading Jewish groups in France that they are looking at a mass exodus from France to Isreal because there is so much anti-semitism…coming from the Muslim immigrants.

Can I say that the Jews speak truly or falsely? I cannot. I am not in France, I do not know of all that transpires there, beyond whispers on the net and the murmurings of the dead. I do not know the Truth in France…but I do know of Truths in England.

Sometimes, I am haunted by what I learned of Rotherham and other cities. I am haunted by the knowledge that for 20 years, those with the power to save the innocent stood by because they feared the guilty. I am haunted by the fact that for ten years I knew…and did nothing but write the occasional post. I wonder, if I shame my goddess for not going and doing something. Some would argue that it is not the place of a non-English person to meddle in the affairs of England…but one of Hel’s lesser known domains is the protection of young women. In failing to do more than occasionally speak out, do I fail my goddess by failing to do what she stands for? It is a question that haunts me, even as Hel says that particular task is not mine…not yet, anyways.

So I do not know the Truth of France, I can and do trust the word of Rhyd as he knows it. But I knew the Truth of England. I know the Truth of Sweden, where 90+% of all “stranger rapes” reported are on Swedish women by Muslim men. Where nearly all of the violent crimes are committed by Muslim imigrants, and where it has gotten so bad that the Swedish Government is now criminalizing and jailing anyone who dares to even question anything about immigration or immigrants. And when you silence speach, that tells me you have more to hide from the truth, than if it was false what you seek to silence. I know the truth of ISIS, with its mass sexual enslavement, mass rapes, and mass slaughters. So I can fear the truth of France.

And that is why I post. It is not to give into the cowardly fear-mongering of those who hate Muslims or who are racist. It is because while not all Muslims do these things, enough Muslims do these things, and as long as people fear being called racists when they speak out against evils they know to be happening, simply because of who is committing that evil, by Hel’s command I cannot keep silent. Not as one of her realm, not as her prince, not as her king, not even if I was but a foot soldier in her army or a freeman in her fields. Because even if that is not happening in France, it could, and it is better to speak of it now, openly and with candor so that it may be prevented from coming true.

Because if it is True, if what I have heard in the darkest places is true, if the Wyrd is as it seems…then there will be war, annihilation, and terror. If peace cannot be made between the natives of Europe and the children of Islam, if those who do believe in an Islamist Islam are not stopped…one will wipe out the other for its survival…or for its supremacy.

So I do not claim the words of that reblog as truth. I do not even claim them as my own, or what I believe. But I do put them forth as something that must be viewed, not as cowardice, lies, or hatred, but as a potential. A potential that all parties must prevent from happening, lest all come to ruin as it has begun in Rotherham, in England, in Sweden, and in other places.