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“You probably should come to bed,” Hel whispered in my ear, arms draped over me. “It’s nearly four a.m. love.”

“I know,” I replied, leaning my head back against her shoulder. “But I fell better at night, more awake.”

“And you don’t want to stop playing that game,” Hel teased.

“What can I say, running a kingdom is fun.” I teased back, kissing her cheek.

“Say that after the first three thousand years,” she said, “Then it get tedious and boring.”

“I doubt anything with you could ever be boring.” I said, with a small smile.

Hel slid around into my lap, dressed in white and red lace that showed off against her white and blue skin. “Then come to bed, and prove it.”

“If I come to bed, that shall not be boring.” I said, cut off by her kiss.

“But at least then I can get you to rest, my love,” she said drawing back. “Because my Svartwulf needs his rest, if he is to face what is to come.