Okay, got to admit, I had to laugh at those damn birds.

90% sure this actually happened too, knowing them…

Upon Raven Wings

Just a little story that wanted to exist somewhere outside my mind today … I hope you’ll enjoy!

Long ago, as Odin sat upon his high seat and surveyed the world, he grew concerned by growing signs and portents of an unprecedented flood far toward the south. Wishing to know more, his curiosity drawn most keenly by what looked like a mighty boat being built, and rumors of giants in the southern lands, he dispatched his faithful, ever-watchful ravens – Huginn (which means, “thought” in the Old Tongue) and Muninn (which means, “memory”)- to take a closer look. With very little effort, the raven pair found themselves a place aboard the colossal boat with every animal imaginable ….

Roughly 200 days into the voyage, with still no giants in sight:
Huginn: Hey, Muninn, I was thinking …
Muninn: ?
Huginn: We’ve been on this boat for a long time. The windows…

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