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Hel stroked my hair as I cried into my pillow.

“Why?” I asked softly, “Why did she have to leave me…why does she have to treat me this way?”

“Because some people, even when we love them with all our hearts, have no honor.” She said softly, stroking my hair.

“Five years…five years and I tried never to let her down, to always be there…I know I wasn’t perfect but…”

“Shhhh,” Hel said, laying down and hugging me. “You were honorable. You were there for her and you sacrificed so much to make her happy. This is not your fault. Just because she didn’t always understand why you did things doesn’t make those things any less loving from you. Her mind has been twisted, used, and too an extent she allowed it to happen. There was nothing you could do.”

“I could have killed him,” I said softly, “I should have killed him. I should still kill him. He has taken from me, and I cannot abide that.”

“No, my son, you should not kill him.” She said softly, “Not yet anyways. First you should crush him. He pretends to be a good man, but he is evil. Now you, who pretends to be an evil man, should rise up and show all what a good man really is. My little Dresden, gather you wizards and priests, and crush this oath breaker. Strip from him his friends, show them his evil, and demand of them that they stand by their oaths to fight evil, even if it be their friend, or show them to be hypocrites.

“But how, I don’t have that kind of nature?” I asked, I choked.

“But you do, my beloved son, my Helsen.” Hel whispered. “My youkai of retribution, you can lead others to justice. So stand on your feet, my love, and seek justice against the oath breaker. Teach him thy retribution, and become as a king of kings, who upholds the Law.”

“Okay,” I said, steeling my heart. “I can to that.”