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 Senātus Populusque Rōmānus

Senātus Populusque Rōmānus

So you can blame this on Percy Jackson.

I’ve had a great love for all things Roman and of the Legion for years now. One of my favorite shows has to be Rome, and Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera is probably close to being my second favorite book series out there. If there was any era other than the Viking age I would want to live in, it would have to be the Roman empire, and I probably would join the Legions. While by no means perfect, I do think Rome had a lot of good ideas about governance and foreign affairs. The fact that the Roman Republic/Empire lasted for pretty much 2000 year…hard to argue with that.

I will admit though, I never really studied the Roman Gods or Religion. Mostly because I figured they were the same as the Greek Gods, and I didn’t have all that much interest in them except for Hades. But, I picked up the Heroes of Olympus graphic novel for The Lost Hero, and thought it was pretty good. So I read the book that followed, Son of Neptune and found the glorious legion in it.

Which…made me by the hardcover boxed set of all five. Yeah, I probably have issues.

Anyways, I got to see the Roman Gods in the series, and I have to say, I like them. They’re certainly nicer than the Greek Gods (for the most part) and they all seem to have a much higher degree of…well I guess I’d call it Professionalism. These are the Gods of Government and Empire, of Legion and Military, and that means you can’t be a major dick like they could be in an area of waring city/states and lone heroes.

So It’s got me wanting to learn more about the old Roman religion. So as I get to know the Gods in my capacity for Hel, I will be sharing the mortal side of things with you..because it turns out there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of resources or blogs for Nova Roma, the Religio Romana.

The reason this is going to be happening on Tuesdays is because that’s the day sacred to Mars, who was pretty much the biggest, most important God to the Romans, except for Jupiter, and pretty much the most important to the Legion.

I will be putting up a page for the Religia Romana stuff too. A fair bit of it is going to be stuff from Wikipedia, though I will be adding stuff from other sources as I can.