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So I think I am slowly bringing back Men’s Day Wednesday. Partially because I am running into more issues about/for men, and partially because it really is easier to come up with content if you have a specific game plan. The fact that I’ve had posts every week for the HelaSvart Mondays, and now the Religio Romana Tuesdays (or would that be Mar’s Day?) means regular content for you guys. Which…hopefully, makes you happy readers, because I’m pretty happy when I get read.

And considering that MDWD really can just be videos half the time by people smarter than I am…well that can’t be too hard on me as a writer, lol. So this week you get a video from Sargon of Akkad, where he’s commenting on a recent debate about how men’s situations in the UK are changing (because I believe in writing for more than just the USA, but the story is pretty much the same here in the USA as well on these issues).

And this video/debate does show one of the major issues I have with feminism. Men are dying from suicide at alarming rates…and feminists (esp those on the panel) try to divert the discussion, make it no big deal, or go on about how bad women have it. It rings a lot like Hillary Clinton’s quote “women are the primary victims of war. They lose their husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers.”