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So everyone likes to talk about how Heathenism has a problem with racism. I haven’t seen it a lot personally, but then I don’t go outside the blogsphere too much. I’m sure it’s out there, and it is something that needs to be dealt with.

Well, dealt with most of the time. Because the primary goal of “Racists” is the defense of their “people” against those who would “see that people oppressed and destroyed. And I’m all for not having racists about when such things aren’t needed. But sometimes it’s really hard to say they don’t have a point.

Because occasionally things like this article from The Independent comes out. Thanks to Sargon of Akkad for reading and comparing the article.


Equality cannot be forged with oppression. Any who believe that are racists, and I am perfectly fine with fighting evil with evil, until all can learn to be good. Because it’s really hard to look at someone like the KKK who is shouting “they’re trying to destroy white people” when there are articles out like that in major publications advocating the destruction of white men and their exclusion from society. Thank you, Independent, for giving the Racists the ammo they need to make their arguments valid. Fuck you.

As for the racists out there, well, I guess you get today as a win.