so here’s something I thought people might like

Bellum Iustum


“If you come to a Goddess of War, you better come with a sword in your hand.”

Those are the first words Bellona, the Roman Goddess of war, spoke to me.

Well, technically I think they might have been “Roma Invicta,” when I was playing Smite, the first time I heard of her. I’ve been a practicing Heathen for nearly twelve years now, but recently found myself being drawn to things Roman. Not because I’m done with all things Norse and Heathen, my ties to those Gods are as strong as iron.

But…maybe it’s because it’s been over a decade and I want to see something different, maybe it’s because the land I live in was founded as much by Rome as it was Germania, maybe it’s just new gods wanting to be friends and know me, as the Norse have, but it’s a road I’m  wanting to walk on…

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