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Okay, I’m going to break out of my mold here a bit and play a bit of identity politics and so forth. I can’t believe I’m writing this article, but I’ve been seeing enough of this stuff that it was bound to happen. And it shows how crazy it is in the party this kind of thing comes from.

So as of the writing, the Republicans are throwing up a field of candidates like they did the last couple of times. This typically hasn’t done them much good, because it splits the party up. What most people don’t realize, however, is the reason it splits things up is because apparently the Right has become very diverse amongst its political ideology. Perhaps not as diverse racially (at least on the face of it) but the amount of ideologies that call themselves “Conservative” and the fact that nearly all of the had an individual candidate…is pretty crazy. From Libertarians like Paul to Businessmen like Romney, it stretched the line.

This coming 2016 election, however, is showing something interesting. The Republicans are fielding a large number of candidates again. This is something that could potentially hurt them, but not only are the ideologies different between the different men (and potentially women)…so are their races. So far we’ve got a couple white guys (which is normal) but two of the front runners are Hispanic (Cruz and Rubio, with apparently Bush sort of counting because his wife and children are Hispanic…so good luck calling him racist at this point). There’s at least one black man (Carson) with minor rumors of another African American joining in. And there’s other candidates besides who haven’t announced yet, including at least one woman (who is not Palin as well).

And the Democrats have…Hilary. A White Woman. And that’s all their fielding. The only other two options are Warren (who is still refusing the call) and Biden…and they shut the Jew down hard. Which…everyone considers him an idiot and rightly so…but still. You’re shutting down a minority candidate here for a white person. I thought that was a no no.

It also shows a singular lack of ideological diversity among the democratic party. Sure, some of it is “who do we have that can win,” with the obvious candidate being Hillary. On the other hand, there was no discussion. Warren’s supporters keep trying to get her to run, but she refuses to discuss it. And there’s no one else.

So when the the Right come to stand for ideological and racial diversity better than the Left?