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Once a Texan was shot by an Islamic Terrorist and after nine agonizing days, the terrorist died.

Texas had a terrorist attack…which ended up looking more like terrorists having a Texas attack. There’s a reason I don’t go to Texas. With my penchant for pissing people off I’d likely get shot. But I admire them for their shooting skills. Given an off duty cop can take down a man in body armor with a pistol, one does not simply sneeze at Texan shooting.

Still, as much as the glorious combat skills of Texan cops is to be admired, I find myself more sad than anything. Why? Because of victim blaming. “How dare these people draw cartoons of Mohammad! Don’t they know that will make Muslims Violent and Angry! Free speech is wonderful, but stupid speech is bad and should be stopped!!!”

Most of these people saying this have no idea why people draw the Prophet Mohammed when the consequences can and have been so lethally dire. They feel it is stupid, and in an odd way that people should be protected from their “Stupidity” by not having such things done.

Thing is though, I know why the people held that convention/contest.

I remember when that first cartoonist was murdered in the street because he drew the Prophet Mohammed. I still remember Charlie Hebdo. I remember Rotherham, I remember that Sweden went from the safest nation in the world to the Rape Capital of the world because of Muslims. I remember tale after tale after tale of Muslim brutality, violence, and supremacy.

And I remember the all consuming desire to wipe them out.

But I can’t do that. Because in my nation, my “culture,” the social contract of where I live…I cannot go out and murder people who offend me. I cannot go out and wipe out the Muslim community of Rotherham, England, which profited from the 20 year long mass sexual enslavement of young British girls. I cannot go out and murder a man or woman simply because they are Muslim, BECAUSE IT IS WRONG TO DO SO!

But I can draw. I can draw something that fills Muslims with the same pain, hatred, and disgust that the actions of some of their religion fill me with. By drawing the Mohammed I can make them feel with art what they make me feel with their violence.

Now, you can argue that such an action by those who draw is petty, and stupid. But when you look at the world, look at the violence done in the name of Islam and Mohammed, and when you realize how powerless that makes people like me feel, helpless to defend our countrymen made victims, or to defend the victims not even our countrymen, suddenly to me the question isn’t “how can you be so stupid as to do something that makes them angry?”

It’s “how do you manage not to start ethnically cleansing?”

Because really, that’s how horrible some of what’s done is. In the Rotherham case, I believe it was about five men were brought up on charges, of which I think three were just over twenty…but the rapes had been going on for twenty years, by dozens and dozens of Muslim men. 1400 underage girls and the paltry number being charged were looking at sentences which I think fell under ten years.

Less than ten years as payment for 20 years of raping 1400+ girls, upon 5 men out of over a hundred.

And that is one city. The reports I’ve heard for over a decade indicate that there is such a rape gang existent in every major British city, maybe even every major European city, and they have all existed for about the same length of time.

How can you be so stupid to draw a cartoon?

ISIL throws gay men off buildings and stones the corpses. In the entire Middle East only one country gives any rights to gay people: Israel. Everywhere else, the penalty is death. In Europe, gay people are attacked and brutalized by Muslims.

But how can anyone want to draw a cartoon so offensive.

In Sweden and other Nordic nations, once prized for their sexual freedom, women now hide their bodies and die their hair, because “all blonde women are slut begging to be raped.” A nation barely the size of my home state has more rapes than the USA, a land mass dozens of times its own size, purely because of Islamic immigrants.

Why would you want too offend Muslims who believe like that?

Because there are things in this world that are wrong. They are wrong in such a heinous way that they should be wiped out with fire and blood, but we do not wipe them out with fire and blood. Instead, those with the power to do something cower or present the asses and necks of those they should protect for rape and death. And sometimes, it seems, the only way to do anything, to make people see how brutally wrong it is, the only thing you can do is helplessly put pen to paper, to scribble a face that blasphemes, because you can only strike at a God, but not at a Man, even if it is the man who sins.

It is stupid, and foolish, and expensive. But it is also courageous, and needed, and worth it. Because when you bow to violence, when you hold back from fear of the cost of your actions, you let those who you disagree with win. You allow them to say “I am unopposed! I am supreme!” And that cannot be allowed to happen. If the only thing I can do is publish a cartoon of their prophet to spit in the faces of those who do those evil things and are offended by my blasphemy, then I will blaspheme with my Pagan Gods and my Evil Art.