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Given the derth of things going on, I’ve not had time nor will to really sit down and talk about stuff. By now everyone’s heard about Roof, and that Muslim guy who shot up that Chattanooga recruitment center. I would like to point out that the fact that Roof shoots up a church and instantly it’s terrorism, but when a Muslim does it… it might be terrorism? Or how one mentally disturbed white guy’s act of violence is a perfect excuse to suddenly start stripping an entire culture from being express, to the point of digging up ancient war dead or destroying memorials put forth in honor of those who died for what they believed, but when a Muslim does it suddenly it’s all “Not All Muslims!” and people are expressing their sympathy for the shooter’s family and all to happy to deny any connections to anything.

That’s part of why I haven’t been writing much of anything. I’ve been too pissed off at the hypocrisy that it has been easier to throw myself in to World of Warcraft than to pound out the words of my rage. Because Gods forbid we hold people to the same and equal standard. Oh no, that wouldn’t be right.

Also by now, I’m sure everyone’s heard about planned parenthood’s organ selling operation. Something, I would like to point out, is illegal. You are not allowed to sell human body parts. Period. Though I suppose so many in PP and their allies have so convinced themselves that unborn children are not humans that they really don’t think of organ harvesting from them as violating any sort of ethics or actually trafficking in human body parts.

Because despite the fact that an unborn human is a human…it’s really not a human.

Now, I am in fact rather pro-choice, all things considered. If you want to kill your unborn child, that’s really your business. But at least have the fucking balls to be honest about what you’re doing. That’s a living thing, a human being, and it would have hopes and dreams, aspirations, it would achieve something in its life if it was going to live. And you’re killing that. To me, infant mortality has always been high, and people are always going to kill other people for whatever convenient reason they have, so you’re not ever going to get rid of those things. The fact that abortions not only done in a way that doesn’t care about the pain caused, but now are apparently done so PP can make money selling organs, well, I suppose that is icing upon a rather evil cake.

And I know from evil cakes.

In a hilarious turn of events, because you can’t argue with video tape, those who still support PP are attacking the people who did the two videos. Because, really, when you’ve got two high ranking officials discussing the intentional exicution and harvesting of unborn children…what else are you going to do. They said it plane as day, and apparently over very nice salad courses, without batting an eye. Now I’m a cold hearted bastard, but  I’d at leash push my soup to the side if I was going to talk about gross units of baby livers being harvested. But if you can’t discredit actual dialog, you can try and vilify the people who captured it. Of course, cries that the tapes were edited caused the unedited tapes to be aired which, if anything, I believe were worse.

Honestly, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the disrespect to the dead and the dying. Confederate soldiers, unborn children, Hel, even that girl out in California who got killed because her own city wouldn’t protect her, they were too busy protecting some guy because he was an illegal immigrant Latino. To my knowledge, the city hasn’t apologized to her family for their part in her death. But I’m tired of it. These were human beings. They lived, they loved, they fought, and they died. Sometimes it was for a cause they believed in, sometimes it was simply because mommy forgot to make sure there was birth control. Sometimes it’s because those in political office forget that they’re supposed to protect the law abiding peoples under their charge, rather than select groups based purely on race.

When I heard about the Planned Parenthood thing, you know what happened? I suddenly understood what could drive those Christians who bomb abortion clinics. I finally understood how they viewed those medical practitioners who betray the Hippocratic Oath and carve up the unborn. I mean, sure, I knew aborted fetuses didn’t get anything close to a proper burial, but I figured they’re remains were at least disposed of all together. But to carve them up, like so many piglets, to harvest their meat…I don’t know if I could have been more horrified if I found out that they ate the babies they killed.

Gods’ know, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them do.

But it made me want to kill them. To rend their flesh from their bones, by steel or flame, I didn’t care. If you want to kill, kill, but at least respect the dead. Even Achilles returned Hector’s body to Troy, in spite of all his rage at Hector’s killing of Achilles’ cousin. You respect the dead, and you give them their peace. You do not desecrate their flesh in this way.

I hope Planned Parenthood is finished. I hope they get defunded and go away. I hope that those that are responsible are arrested. I know it won’t happen, but Gods I wish it would. Because what they have done here…is beyond forgivable.