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There’s a reason I stay off the Wild Hunt. Inevitably, I will either find stuff that isn’t of particular note, or I find stuff that makes me bloody furious about what political parties are doing to religious people and organizations. And, given how Wild Hunt was founded and by whom, the politics of said parties is viewed as good, regardless of what it actually means.

For example, we all remember the Covenant of the Goddess got in trouble for saying that “All Lives Matter.”

Because, as we have all come to understand over the last year or so…it is Black lives that matter, and every other form of life that experiences violence can fuck off, because it is experiencing white privilege, and it’s life is already valued. Apparently. And we should never underestimate the pain that black racists victims feel when they see those triggering words that all lives, not just black lives, matter.

I mean, how dare those neckbeared shitlords in charge of the CoG dare to not mention the massive amounts of black people who die at the hands of cops, more than any other racial group out there. In fact, don’t they know that cops are so racist the only people they kill are black people? In fact, black people never do anything wrong, and they certainly never kill each other or other people at all. They only way black people ever die is at the hands of racist cops!

There are clearly racist lies put out by a racist cop named Holder

There are clearly racist lies put out by a racist cop named Holder

But fear not, comrades, for the war against WrongThink goes well and those CoG shitlords are about to be taught their proper lesson for behold!

After a tumultuous and uncomfortable beginning to 2015, the organization did come back to internally address what had happened. A break-out group was asked to review and present the organization’s revised social justice statement and make further recommendations. The result of the meeting was the creation of a permanent internal Social Justice committee to address the problems of racial inequity and systemic racism. – See more at: http://wildhunt.org/2015/08/pagan-community-notes-covenant-of-the-goddess-green-religions-symposium-ysee-and-more.html#sthash.prrrXXlv.dpuf

Das Ist Right, Mien Comraden! A permanent Committee of Social Justice has been created to prevent wrong think and remove these racist shitlords from CoG’s press releases. No longer shall we fear triggering and white supremacist statements such as “All lives matter.” Such wrong think will be purged from the hearts and minds of the populace.

It shall be ++Good!!




All shit posting aside, though, this mostly just makes me sad. Is this what we’ve come to? An organization that has fought for Pagans and their rights, regardless of color or creed, now has to be policed by a political committee? And this isn’t just about my ever growing feud with the totalitarian ideology that is Social Justice. I’d be just as pissed off if it was a committee for conservative values.

Religion is supposed to be about worshiping the divine. Not regulating the secular or private thoughts of individuals based on political ideologies. If something is wrong because the Gods say so, that is one thing, but just because a group of people with a political agenda feel that something is wrong doesn’t give them the right to dictate, terrorize, and then force their beliefs on other people, especially through a religious organization. An organization, whose only sin was to value each and every individual life as precious.

I fear that soon we will need to start our own crusades to preserve the morals and faiths of our religions and organizations, before the Gods are silenced by the cry of Social Justice. For it is becoming clearer and clearer that they are not compatible.