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A Social Justice, the great belief that all people should be equal. Equality of rights, equality of pay, equality of outcomes, and of course, equality of privileges. And by God, we will re-educate, harass, threaten, bully, punish, and ostracize you until you are equal to everyone else and believe as we do. You white cis-male piece of shit!*

I mean, what kind of world would we live in if everyone had freedom of thought (they might commit WrongThink!), or choice (they might end up more successful! Or worse, less successful!), or to dictate their own morality (they might become MISOGYNISTIC, TRANSPHOBIC, RACISTS!!!!!!).

So you should always thank your SocJus overlords for their constant assistance in telling you how to live and think. I mean, sill me, I thought Paganism was about worshiping the Gods, but clearly, I was wrong. After all, there’s this to consider:

I mean, why spend countless hours studying ancient, misogynistic, racist texts of previous civilizations telling you what those evil, misogynistic, racist Gods and Goddesses believed, when you can use this nice friendly ideology as your canon instead? After all, Goddesses like Juno, Venus, Frigg, and Freya have all clearly been compromised by their internalized misogyny to the point where they are Goddess who Stay at Home, and this clearly will not do when women only make up a fraction of CEOs in America!!!!

But come now, I know it’s hard to understand that SocJus is here to help you. After all, those wonderous prophets of SocJust Paganism face the horrors of things like this in their practice!

I mean, how can we allow such White Supremacy as allowing “white” Gods and Goddesses to sit atop a hierarchy which privileges them and their followers who worship them, when there are just so many more issues to be dealt with. Like black people dying at the hands of Cops (who cares if many of these deaths were the result of self defense, resisting lawful arrests, or while attempting to harm other people, black people died!!!!!)

After all, equality is good, so we should all have equality! Why, even the Gods should be equal, shouldn’t they? After all, we wouldn’t want the gods to have undue privileges, those white cis bastards. After all, they didn’t earn those privileges. And if they don’t like SocJus being the basis of religious thought, then they need to work on their internalized misogynistic, transphobic, racist selves.

I mean, the fact that except for some Lokeans, it seems Social Justice Pagans have to worship some unnamed Goddess and God doesn’t mean anything about how the Gods and Goddesses actually feel about the constant witch hunts, thought purges, and expulsion of Wrong Thinker imbued by our wondrous Social Justice Theology that works for all paths and branches of Paganism! (Well, except for those filthy Dianics and their Transphobic Goddess Diana. Bitch needs to re-educate her divine self. Men can be women too! Or those Baccanals where men dress up as women, how dare they be so transphobic and not understand trans people’s pain? And we really need to work on all these Racist Heathens with their emphasis on White Cis Gods from Europe, I mean clearly, such racist privileging of White Gods in their religion cannot be allowed in our Diverse circles. And we neeeed to seriously talk with the Cultus Deorum about how problematic it is that their Gods keep raping all these women. Like, I was totally triggered about that story of Hades sleeping with Persephone, I mean, that’s clearly rape. I don’t care if he was forcibly drugged and couldn’t consent either, it was his fault! They really need to stop privileging these Rapists in their worship! They need to address their whole rape culture. And that Goddess Hel? Seriously, that whole half white, half black thing? she needs to stop pretending she isn’t white. Trans-racialism isn’t real, you’re Born your race, you can’t change it, and you can always tell by their skin color {but remember, penis don’t mean you a man, that’s transphobic you cis-scum}. Only a racist would think they could stop being a privileged white person and steal the pain of minority peoples.)

Social Justice is totally compatible with Paganism and Heathenism. Now excuse me, I have to go back to my safe-space*** because dealing with all you shit lords has triggered me!





what’s that, you’re not white/cis/male? Well, you’re just a sock puppet who isn’t a real person, or you’ve so internalized the misogyny and racism of our white supremacist culture that you can’t tell you’re a misogynistic racist. Now hush you poor thing, I’m speaking for you to save you.


To be clear, White supremacy is defined here, and throughout, simply as a racial hierarchy in which Whiteness sits on top and from which White privilege flows. In this hierarchical system, the benefits bestowed upon White people can be found in the very organizing principles of many non-profit and collective spaces. – See more at: http://wildhunt.org/2015/08/column-social-justice-is-my-spiritual-practice.html#sthash.ddwgk4vG.dpuf

In English: hierarchies are White people stuff, and no minority civilization has ever had hierarchies, ranks, or power structures that were not 100% completely equal and democratic.


In addition, a new group has formed called Heathens For Social Justice (HFSJ), which was created after the June events. HFSJ is run by nine democratically-elected board members. They describe the group as a “safe space” and as being “committed to fighting all oppressions, wherever [they] find them, in service to both [the] heathen community and [their] local, regional and national communities.” Organizers added, “We are about action, not platitudes.” – See more at: http://wildhunt.org/2015/07/pagan-community-notes-robert-rudachyk-fairy-survey-many-gods-west-heathen-groups-and-more.html#sthash.snV1SV8e.dpuf

Yeah, that’s not a joke. There’s a group of “Heathens” who have created a Safe Space. Because, really, the way to get to Valhalla is not through battle, it’s by hiding in a room with coloring books away from people who think differently, while calling them racists. That’s completely compatible with Heathenism. XD