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What can I say, I’m actually having fun here. Thanks again, Draconusmajor. 🙂

I can’t really agree with your idea that morality doesn’t have anything to do with law or vice versa. (If I understood your long post. Do you realize that most of your posts tend to be too long to read and follow effectively?) And honestly I don’t really care, I’m following your blog more as a curiosity. You’re kind of a Psychology experiment in action. I’m interested in your personal evolution on a psychological level. You’re clinically depressed, narcissistic and arguably delusional but it’s interesting. If you’d be willing to I’d like to propose a series of blog posts and track your personal evolution thru the posts. I challenge you to write a post that has nothing to do with law or social justice, write about something you have watched or read (non fiction only please) that restores even just a little faith in humanity.

So first off, I want to address the ad hominem here. At least, I’m pretty sure it’s an ad hominem because if feels like they’re using charges of clinical depression, narcissism, and delusion to invalidate what I say. It could just be an insult, in which case it failed because I am a guy who admits dealing with suicidal thoughts a lot and talking to gods, so on two out the three can’t really claim they’re false. Not sure if I’m a narcissist, or I talk about my self a lot because I tend to not have much of a social life, but meh. It works for Tony Stark, might as well make it work for me.

Also, sorry I can’t make everything nice sound bite for you DM. That’s the problem with philosophy, it tends to take up books, not twitter posts. If you’d like something shorter to read though, you can follow me on twitter @lucius_c_sulla. I haven’t had any of my other readers complain about the posts being too long, but hey, people, if it’s a problem let me know. Also, if you keep wanting me to write specific posts, you should probably donate to my patreon account. After all, why not pay me for what you want to read. 😉

Also, I love how these challenges are progressing. First, no social justice. Then no law. Because you didn’t like what I wrote about law existing outside of morality and how it should not be used to legislate morality. Or how Social Justice People were trying to make the law legislate their morality. So let me bring some psychology myself.

Draconusmajor, from what you’ve said it can be inferred that you believe that law and morality are joined together or at least should be. That the law should be used to enforce good morality and to restrict bad moral actions from being done. I’m also going to guess that like most people who tend to believe such things, that you hold your morality is not only the correct one, but the default correct morality that the law would of course follow and enforce.

The problem is…it never works out that way. There are a plethora of moralities out there, each judged to be the correct one by those that follow it. However, what is holy to one man is abhorrent to another. For example, under many philosophical and theological branches of Islam, it is not only right to rape and enslave non-Muslim women as sex slaves, it is a holy act pleasing unto Allah. Frankly, most of the world finds this idea offensive. For Pagans, making prayers and offerings to many Gods and Goddesses is a holy and proper thing, but to Christians and Muslims we’re commuting the worst sin imaginable and to Atheists we’re delusional and need psychological treatment. Scientists believe it is morally imperative to understand the way the world works through experimentation, and in doing so have given basis to horrific acts of racism, sexism, genocide, human experimentation, and facilitated many, many war crimes, all within the ethical guidelines and philosophical foundation of what they do, deeds which many religious people find morally abhorrent.

So who then, has the correct morality that we should lay down as Law? What morality shall we then give the ultimate power too? Your’s? By everything you’ve said you show a preference for totalitarianism which governs the moral choices of everyone. Mine? Certainly I hold that the law governs best when the law governs least, but you seem to find that as equally horrible as it doesn’t enforce proper morality.

And that is why Law should not be joined to morality and vice versa. All to often, when law is legislated by morality, it is freedom which looses out and those who believe differently who are punished. This is certainly pleasing to many, Social Justice proponents, Shariah law proponents, Fundamentalist Christians, etc. And anyone who disagrees with them becomes not just “wrong” but a criminal. Thoughts become criminalized, words become criminalized, and people become criminals simply because of who they are and what they believe. That we punish people not for the wrongs they do their neighbor, but for the crimes their neighbor feels they should be punished for.

How could a God of Law justify that?