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Before I get to Nickerson’s second article, I needed to take a break. I wrote the intro and then “Not a Monster” parts 1-3 in a single night. It was rough, as anyone reading it can probably tell. Most people would have cherry picked and dealt with the little bits they could, but my stupid self had to dive through the full article.

Frankly, after a night’s sleep, I still feel sickened. Because it’s one thing to read something like that, it’s another to actually sit here and formulate responses. Honestly, not sure why I did, except I felt compelled. Someone has to say something, and while a number of other people have said things, that didn’t absolve me of my need to say something too.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well. My dreams were of Lovecraftian monsters and battling them on the fields and cities of Afghanistan. Yeah, my mind found that more comforting than pedos, go figure. Or maybe I really was fighting such things in the aether and dreamscapes. Don’t know. Frankly, don’t want to know. All I do know is I feel like shit, and something tells me that until I deal with this Nickerson’s posts, it’s not going to stop.

Now, I found this thanks to twitter. Not sure if it is confirmed, but it does apear to be. Still, I’m not claiming this is the Gods Truth, because, well, internet. If someone reading this can get me a source, I’ll take it and try to link it.

pedo wouldHeck, the source might be the second article. We’ll find out. Still, yeah. The guy who supposedly tried to claim that virtuous pedoes were okay because they wouldn’t have sex with children, and that he was just such a person, would in fact have sex with a child if society would let him get away with it.


I was going to write about some other stuff here, about ancient Rome and it’s views of pedophilia. My own musings about the whole “Age of consent” and the laws there unto. But I think I may save that for after Nickerson’s second article.

Because he’s not the monster. We are.