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I promise, I’m going to not go too crazy with the comment section stuff. After all, Halstead posted two articles before Halloween and I’m sure there will be laughs had at both, plus we have the reveal of Halstead’s creation of the Three Pillars of Paganism, which I kinda want to go over too (though if anyone beats me to it, please link so I may read). And there’s even more things outside of Halstead, for Salon.com has posted more pro-pedophile stuff, so I will need to once again dive into that horrific night of people who think it is okay to fuck children.

Or if the audience asks, we can skip pedoes and just keep ripping apart people who think polytheists are delusional crazy people. But wait, Halstead has apologized about that!

halstead nox 2 apologyTo anyone who interpreted my telling this person that he was a “sad little person with sad little gods” as referring to their belief in their gods, I apologize. It’s not an excuse, but the spiteful comment by me was made in response to a series of posts where this individual has (among other things) called my children trolls. The comment was not intended to refer to any one else’s belief in their gods. But unfortunately it seems this “sound bite” is now being waved like flag by certain attention-seeking and drama-mongering polytheists in the blogging world as proof of their persecution. The lesson to be learned is that when arguing with (self-described) trolls, the trolls always win.

I like how I am just “this person.” Way to otherize and dehumanize there Halstead. Wasn’t there some post of yours about how we’re all connected and there doesn’t have to be an “other?” Bah, probably just not remembering right.

Still, I think it had something do with participation enchantment…If anyone can remember, please mention it below.

Yeah, I said his kids were trolls. I mean, they totally tricked him into letting them constantly fight and bicker despite his apparent love of silence. With an argument that he then went on to use to justify continually harshing on polytheists. Clearly, I was wrong and there was nothing trollish at all in said behavior or achievement. I also love this “among other things” that I’ve done. Like prove he missuses words, misrepresent concepts, makes up things whole cloth, and has consistently attempted to belittle polytheists and the importance of their beliefs and history of practice within Paganism. But that’s just “other stuff.”

It not like I did something along the lines of making his arguments a complete failure and then showing that his own kids were doing the same to him. Naaaaaah. It was because I said they were trolls. That’s why it was justified to call me a sad little man with sad little gods.

So maybe I was wrong to call his kids trolls. On the other hand…

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Because I am not a man, am I? I am a Troll.

But of course Halstead has to apologize to everyone else because, gee, in a religion everyone thinks they’re worshiping the same Gods. But to an Atheist like Halstead the Gods only live inside our heads, so they’re all separate Gods. And since clearly Halstead is correct about all the world, he never realized what that would do until it blew up in his face. So now he’s sorry. But still not wrong about everyone’s gods being the same gods/different gods and not little things inside their heads. Oh no.

Sorry that a bunch of people are running around claiming they’re victims by using his own words against him. Silly polytheists, with their attention seeking and drama mongering. They didn’t realize Halstead didn’t mean they were small and sad, with small and sad gods. They need to get over it. Because he didn’t mean to offend them. No, not at all. Just this one dude over here who’s a troll, but not a person. And now the silly things are running around claiming to be persecuted with this “sound bite.”

But you be right, Johnie, aboot feeding dah trolls. Dah trolls gonna win dis fight. 'Cause dah Trolls believe in dah Troll Guds, and dah Troll Guds be Many and Strong!

But you be right, Johnie, aboot feeding dah trolls. Dah trolls gonna win dis fight. ‘Cause dah Trolls believe in dah Troll Guds, and dah Troll Guds be Many and Strong, just like dah Troll Peoples!


So let us be trolls, brothers and sisters, Gods and Mortals alike. And let us fight for what we believe, no matter what the slings and arrows of our foes be.

Or you could accept his apology. That’s fine too. He did say he was “sorry.”*


Hela Bless

*Although the word sorry doesn’t actually appear in the apology.


Meh, that probably doesn’t mean anything.