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So I’m writing this having just come across what happened in Paris. A random channel change landed me on a news station as live coverage was happening. What I have as of 8 pm is…not hopeful.

140+ dead, 7 coordinated attacks, and of course still concern about further attacks potentially happening. Of those responsible, supposedly 4 are dead. The rest are alive, and possibly loose.

Word on twitter has it that ISIS is not only claimed responsibility, both by those there and elsewhere, but that further attacks will be happening tomorrow or so in England and other nations. Only time will tell what will happen.

The French President was at one of the attacked locations, so I wouldn’t be surprised if an assassination attempt might have been desired. But that is my own speculation. Word is also about that Parisians were sending out word on social media, but the Cops still took about 2 hours to arrive from the first messages.

159 people dead as of 8:07.

My heart, and the well wishes of the Queen and Realm of Helheim go out to these dead. Many will be sent to Heaven, many likely to come to our own gates. Let their souls rest, knowing they are safe now. May their families know too, that their loved ones shall not know suffering in the care of the Gods.

Questions will be raised, anger shall burn, but for this evening, let us morn our dead.



Tomorrow, will be time enough for War.


Hela Bless, for Helheim weeps.