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This is a post that was very easy to write, but very hard to say. Words spoken in anger are spoken in truth, but bitter tasting. I stand by my words.

I just wish I didn’t have to say them.

What follows is going to be hard to read for some people. Personal biases can cloud words. The desire to be a good and acceptable member of society who doesn’t commit “social crimes” and the like.

No doubt this post may tarnish what reputation I have. I could easily keep my words to myself and not lose that which I may have gained. But I am Svartwulf, of Hela, to the Queen of the Dishonored I am bound, so my honor, my reputation, are not of import.

Truth, however, is. Accountability, is. Hela will judge my actions, and her’s is the only voice that I will care to answer to. It is by her teachings that I speak now, as I ever do, it is by her will I will call out bad, cowardly, and harmful deeds and lack of deeds.

If you wish not to see the darkness of the world that I have glimpsed, please leave now. If you do not wish to see this truth of my mandated tasks by Her hand, I will not think less of you. Indeed, I wish I could be as you, without such grim things.

So there you go. Fair warning. Please know I only do as I must, bid by Hela. Let us hope the best of what comes, in all ways.




Bella suscipienda sunt ob eam causam, ut sine injuria in pace vivatur.”

Wars are to be undertaken in order that it may be possible to live in peace without molestation.

Cicero, De Officiis



This is not going to be a post that wins me friends.

The night I heard of the attacks in Paris attacks, I spoke of mourning. I spoke as Hela’s husband, guardian of Helheim, lover of the Dead Queen, to give comfort to the dead and their families. These were words deep to my heart, my faith, my life.

On Nov. 13, 2015, six places were attacked in Paris in a coordinated attack by men proclaiming they were part of ISIS. Nearly 160 or more dead. Blood flowed upon the streets of Paris for the sake of one thing and one thing only.


For the sake of one God, and one God only.


Today I speak as Heathen and Roman. My words are not words of mourning nor comfort. My words are warnings  of War and Retribution.

This is not the first terrorist attack in Paris, or Europe, or the world. This is not the worst, physically. Though it is certainly the most complex in much time.

And that is a problem. It is not the first, many have happened. These attacks are not decreasing, they are increasing in scale. By those men who have done this, the claim lies upon ISIL. But the claim is not as important as the why this was done and what it means.

This is clearly a declaration of war. No, this is a continued war, long declared. The killers are Muslims. Their victims are made so because they are not Muslims.

Already, first thing, I heard the pitiful mewling of “not all Muslims” and “this is not Islam!” Well upon such weakling double-speak I pronounce bullshit! I have read from the Koran, I have studied the centuries of Islamic history and I say unto you that this is no different from any other time of Allah’s Submission.

And I have no patience for such talk. A man’s faith is a man’s faith, no matter how much it displeases his fellow practitioners. That God’s name is upon their lips and their reason for action comes from that book. Proclaim all you like that they are ignorant or hijacking, but I will buy not your lies.

I buy them not from my fellow Heathens, I will buy them not from Muslim merchants either.

And if I, as a Heathen, have had to repeatedly stamp down upon members of my own faith who act badly, then I see no reason why not the Muslims should also be so fairly judged. For I have seen often enough that one “Racist” Heathen makes all Heathens racist passed about as if it were fact. So I feel no hypocrisy in holding Muslims to the same standards that my people are held to.

But the truth of Islamic violence spreads far beyond one day in Paris. Grooming gangs across Europe rape millions of girls repeatedly. Sweden is the rape capital of the world. Artists are murdered in the streets, and far more crimes. All of which are done at the hands of Islamists.

And what pathetic prattle I hear from the Imams is always “this is not Islam, but if you didn’t insult Islam this wouldn’t happen.”

Well Enough.

It’s time to step up. No more words, empty and prattling. Only deeds.

This is my demand of every Muslim out there. You step up, now. You put an end to this, now. You find a member of your “community” engaging in any criminal, violent, or extremist action, you end it. I don’t care if you go to the police. I don’t care if you “Take care” of it yourself. In fact, based on the facts of Rotterham, England, the police will do little or nothing. But you better.


But this kind of behavior and belief gets handled and stopped, now, by you. No more rapes, no more murders, no more terrorist attacks. You fucking grow up and join the big kids of the rest of the world and either learn to control your actions or get rid of the people who can’t, permanently.

Because if you don’t.

There are people out there getting sick of this shit. Tired of watching our peoples, our cultures, our homes and lives, be destroyed in the name of Islam and Allah. Tired of watching sons be murdered and daughters raped. Tired of being driven from our homes. Tired of being called racists, bigots, islamophobes, etc because we stand up and say “this is not acceptable behavior!”

Those words are losing their power. Those words are becoming empty. Because when a Father is labeled a racist because he will not shut up as his daughter’s rapist is not even charged, he stops caring and everyone around him sees the truth of what that word means anymore. When a woman is called a bigot because she thinks a cartoon is protected, free speech regardless of who it insults, people stop caring about that too.

And the number of people who are no longer caring about labels, only about foul deeds committed by thy kinsmen, is growing. They are banding together. And they are fueled by the bad actions of people under your banner, even if you deny them their “place in Islam.”

Half measures are over.

It is time to stand up and stop this yourselves, or we will stop all of you.

And I will point to you how Rome deals with those who will not accept the peace.

Peace was offered in these lands. Your kinsmen, though perhaps hated by you, have brought only war, deprivation, and horror. Restore the peace, or face war yourselves.

Because as far as I’m concerned, there are no “innocent” Muslims now. They have fluttered their hands, they have protested, they have explained away. And they let this happen with their weak wills and paltry words.

I am a Heathen, I value deeds, not words. The deeds speak for themselves, their words are empty.

I am a Roman, I value the peace, not war. But for a Just War, to restore the peace, I will commit any action needed.

Bellum autem ita suscipiatur, ut nihil aliud, nisi pax, quæsita videatur.

Let war be so carried on that no other object may seem to be sought but the acquisition of peace.

 – Cicero, De Officiis (44 B.C.), I, 23.


So choose, Muslims, Infidels, and World! Hear now this last warning, before Bellum Iustum is declared by the victims of Islam’s Extremes!

Pax or Exterminatus!



To my fellow Pagans, Heathens, and Cultii, who may be upset by my words, I give you this food for thought.

Under Islamic law, even in the moderate nations, our worship and practices earn us only death. ISIL has sold thousands of Pagan women in Iraq and the surrounding area into sexual slavery, rape, and death. They have murdered as many Pagan men. By the words of their God, we are to convert or die.

We do not tolerate even the preaching of Christians against our Gods and our Faiths. But Muslims go beyond words and into deeds. All the crimes I have listed are facts, seen by my own eyes and many others as police reports and eye witness testimony. By my Troth, my words are the truth, the factual truth, and only the truth, so help me unto Hela.

Sacred history has been destroyed. The bodies and souls of the innocent have been repeatedly violated over and over and over. In every land we are found, so too now are found these “extremists” of Islam.

We have offered peace, we have offered tolerance, we sought no wars nor violence. But War and Violence is now upon us. We must choose what we will do, how we will act, and when. What actions we demand of others, and what we demand of ourselves.

If you are offended by my insisting that Muslims begin to actively and strongly police their own people, remember my words about how we Heathens have acted. I ask nothing of them that my own people do not do ourselves.

Paganism returns, thanks to peace, tolerance, and freedom of faith. These things do not exist for us in Muslim nations. Only death exists in lands owned by Extremists and Moderates.

When the Nazis came to power and began the Holocaust, there was a choice. Worry about the taking of innocent German lives as war was made to stop the horrors the Nazis were committing, or act with determination to end the war as quickly as possible, even if it meant brutal means, because it would save the most lives on both sides.

If you wish to spare “innocent” Muslim lives then the only answer is complete and total Bellum Iustum. The Rules of War should be followed, but the reality is that an Army’s will is grounded in its civilian population. An army only stops when it’s people can no longer endure the suffering and effects caused as a result of their Army’s war. ISIS and other factions like that are the army, but they fight, rightfully or wrongfully, for the power, growth, and supremacy of all Islamic peoples. As long as their people do not suffer, they have no reason to back down, and their people have no cause to call for their “armies” to back down.

This is the truth of Bellona.

So choose, followers of the Ancient Gods and Ancient Ways, will you accept the same truths as your ancestors, or will you accept the words of those whose even moderate religion calls for your deaths? And if you will not choose, then there is but one thing for you to do, especially for us polytheists.

At least make as many offerings and prayers unto the Gods. Give them every ounce of the faith you possess, and let them choose how they will act and if they will protect you if you will not protect yourselves. Give them the power you would not use.

For Allah fights with his people’s armies.

The least you can do is support your Gods as they fight for you.

The truth is, I desire no wars. Though bellicose in my youth perhaps, filled with bloodlust and such, I have grown old, and tired. Cicero is quoted as saying that as long as a man has a library and a garden, he has all he needs. I find wisdom in these words. I desire only to read and think of my reading, and to tend such “gardens” as I have.

But peace is the choice of more than one man, and if a zealot thinks he has more to gain by war, then he will wage war regardless of the desires of peaceful men. In Islam, there is a grand surplus of zealots. From the Armies who wage war, to the terrorists who kill the innocent, to the girlfriend who shoots at her boyfriend because he denies the supremacy of Allah (and that’s a true story, happened to a friend of mine. Thankfully, he survived). We have heard of the violence of believing Muslims over and over again in all of our nations. Be it an act of faith, or an excuse, it matters not to those who have died at their hands, or those who will die if such things are not stopped.

I will quote again from Cicero:

Nam cum sint duo genera decertandi, unum per disceptationem, alterum per vim, cumque illud proprium sit hominis, hoc beluarum, confugiendum est ad posterius, si uti non licet superiore.

While there are two ways of contending, one by discussion, the other by force, the former belonging properly to man, the latter to beasts, recourse must be had to the latter if there be no opportunity for employing the former.

Book I, section 34.


Reason and peace are always best. But reason and peace are not always possible. This is why every Pagan religion has always had Gods of War. Because they are needed, even in our most modern and enlightened times. They are needed again, now. To teach us the value of peace, and to give us the strength to fight those who would deny us a peaceful existence.

These are my humble words, given to you all. I hope my measure has been taken over these last few months and years, that I am a man who values not open bloodshed, but rational thought. But sometimes, the only rational choice is to put on one’s sword, and be ready.

It is my deepest hope that the Muslim community finally, truly, steps up and ends this violence, bigotry, and supremacy that has flooded their religion. It is my knowledge that such bigotry, violence, and supremacy has been the nature of Islam since its inception. It is my reality, that I must be prepared for the war that finds me, not the peace I dream of.

[1] Within the gates | ere a man shall go,

(Full warily let him watch,)

Full long let him look about him;

For little he knows | where a foe may lurk,

And sit in the seats within.

– Havamal, Sayings of Odin.


Hail to the Gods.