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Sexual Assault is a serious topic. Many of the women I have dated have suffered from sexual assault or rape. It is a topic I try to be understanding about, and knowledgeable about at times. While I cannot claim absolute authority, I cannot also claim complete ignorance of the matters surrounding this.

But if I lose friends or followers over what is about to happen, fine.

This being said, I am also a man who prizes reason, logic, evidence, facts, and so forth. I seek to put my emotions to the side as needed, to rise above the desires of my heart to see the divine truths of the universe. Sometimes, this puts me at odds with people. The Article I’m looking at today is going to be one of those times. Honour Killings by Mainer75

You know, when I heard the term, I agreed with it, until I found out what people were doing and calling honour killings.  More honestly, most who use the term should be calling what they do “ego killings” or “possessive asshole killings”.  What I assumed people were calling for are actually still required.

If anyone is curious or ignorant, Honor Killings are when Muslim men butcher their womenfolk for the crime of being raped, assaulted, or otherwise bringing shame to their households.

Now, our author is a Heathen, much like myself. Honor means different things, and an honor killing would instead be enacted against the person who brought harm to say one of “our women.”

However, the idea of the honor killing is from another time, another place. The idea of putting it into practice brings with it a host of issues, problems, and complications, regardless of the justifications. As we’re about to see.

Honour killing; when I was a boy I absolutely understood what this meant, due to the instruction I received from my own father and grandfather about a man’s duties, in preparation for the day that I had both a man’s power, and drives.  As simply as I can put it, for every woman raped, there should be a rapist’s corpse hanging from a tree.  Now I will grant you that we won’t catch all of them, but to hear that a man has multiple rape convictions and not only lives, but is free to walk our streets makes me wonder what happened to the honour of men.

Oh boy.

We’ll get to some of this later, but to answer Mainer’s pondering of what happened to the “honor of men,” the answer is simple. We put an insistence of obeying the law over personal satisfactions of honor. This is why Dueling is illegal, for example. As much as we might all wish for it to still be about.

I would ask mainer, however, if for every male raped by a woman, should we also hang her in the tree as well? I’m just interested in equality here. Also, what about women raped by women? Tree? I just want to be sure.

When a man rapes a woman, a child, or any other he has power over, he is defecating on the honour of men.  This is my honour, and I treasure it.  I have loved hundreds of women, perhaps not always wisely, but never has a woman gone to my bed other than willingly, nor left other than happily.  I am a large man, skilled in violence, and with a face that is known by many for laughter and smiles, but can just as easily be seen as harsh or brutal.  Women who do not know me, frequently keep their physical distance for the very simple reason that they have learned to equate men with predator, and that immediately puts me into the predator, large, dangerous, category in their eyes.

“He is defecating on the honor of men.”

Okay, I’m not one for using social justice words like “problematic,” but…yeah. If you’re primary concern about what a rapist does is that he is dishonoring man as a gender, as a whole…Gods, where do I even start?

First of, every man is responsible for his own actions, and his alone. I really wish people would get this idea into their heads. I mean, one man rapes, and now all men are to be tarnished with this brush? So if a black man rapes, are all black men to be viewed with suspicion of being a rapist then? Shall we judge the whole over some superficial detail like gender, race, orientation, etc?

So I’m not going to buy into the basis that one rapist shits on the honor of all men. Most rapists have no concept of honor, nor care for the honor of other men enough to target it even negligently.

Now, I’m not going to comment on how our author has loved hundreds of women, the wisdom of this love, or anything like that. He clearly though, finds himself (despite these hundred of beloved women) in the position of being viewed as a threat…for the actions of other men.


This is called paying attention.  They are right.

Sooo, these women are right to be making a decision to distrust you and view you as an evil person…because of your gender, due to the actions of certain individuals who bear a passing trait that you possess? Good to know that sexism is alive and well. I hate to be flippant here, but does this mean it is socially acceptable if I now panic ever time I see a female driver because some female drivers cause lethal accidents while putting on make up, talking on their cell phones, and eating all at the same time?

driving-with-a-woman-memeGood to know then. I guess all this equality stuff is just so much bullshit upon the wind.

I’m going to skip past the numbers and stuff he presents. I could debunk some, question others, but the truth is that those aren’t what I want to talk about today. No, it is something else I wish to discuss about this post.

That last one really says it all.  80% of the rapists held positions of trust.  Women have to learn that even the men they have the most reason to trust may well be the rapist they need protection from.

You know who is shitting on the honor of all men? Mainer. And he may very well get mad at me for saying this. But of the people who are saying an entire gender must be viewed with suspicion and hatred simply because some individuals in that gender do misdeeds…that is impugning the honor of every man of that gender.

And he can dress it up in moral justifications, righteous dialogue, and noble motives…but it is still preaching hate. It is still saying “all of these people are like the worst of these people, and should be treated as such.”

All men are rapists. Or potential rapists. Every walking penis is the potential destruction of your sacred person.

Sounds like shitting upon the honor of all men to me.

Skipping forwards a bit more.

Rapists do not violate the honour of women, they abuse women.  There is no honour lost to those who are attacked, the honour of men is what is lost, and it can only be restored when we have washed our steel or decorated trees with the worthless crow fodder who have taken the honour of all men and dragged it through the sewers with their abuse of women, especially those who trusted them.

Actually, rapists do violate the honor of women. A rapist has defeated a woman, giving unto her the dishonor of defeat if you want to get technical. In historical cases a woman was dishonored if she was raped, both because of her “Defeat” and more importantly, because her honor was not respected. She was “dis” honored. Now, perhaps this is not a fair thing, but it is a true thing. To claim otherwise is to trivialize the rape that has happened.

I hate to say this, but Mainer’s view on this is very man-centric. Men are the ones dishonored by a rapist, not women. So it is men’s honor that must be cleansed by blood.

But we finally come to what bothered me the most about this article. It’s not the crappy numbers game. It’s not even the complete misandry of the post which suggests we should treat an entire gender as criminals even when they are, as a near complete majority, innocent.

No, it is this part right here:

the honour of men is what is lost, and it can only be restored when we have washed our steel or decorated trees with the worthless crow fodder who have taken the honour of all men

Those of you who have read me for a while should know where I’m going with this. For those who are new, the Law and Justice is very important to me. It is the type of divine magic/power to which I am most closely tied, use most often, embody to my fullest extent.

And I know what this man is calling for.

98% of rapists will never do a day in jail.  I get this, I really do.  I have helped women who have been attacked go through the reporting to police and through the emergency rooms to get the rape kit collected.  At every stage, EVERY SINGLE PROFESSIONAL took pains to explain to each of the raped women how much inconvenience her report was going to cause for each of them, how little chance it was going to lead to anything, and did she still want to waste everyones time?  The police, the nursing staff, every single level seemed to make it clear that she was really making a big fuss about this and wasting time that ought to be spent on more worthy pursuits.

You know what? I call bullshit on this story. With all the work is there to get rapes reported, to get convictions, I call bullshit that every single professional said this stuff. You want to know why? because this is their jobs. There are police tasked with these kinds of crimes. They do their duty. Nurses do their duty. You are slandering the entirety of several professions, slandering their honor, and I do not believe you.

You know what I do believe? Evidence. Time and time again I have heard people whine about how “rapists aren’t convicted,” but you know what they always tend to gloss over? Lack of evidence. Despite the fact that we’ve got tv shows dedicated to this topic, that we’ve got classes upon classes for women about what to do in this situation, about how important it is to preserve the evidence of the attack, you know what happens time and time again?

There is no evidence. It gets “washed away” or “cleaned up” or “discarded.” You want to know why there are not more rapists convicted? Because we in this country, by the wisdom of our ancestors, decided that you had to prove someone had done something wrong before you punished them.

But evidence does funny things.

There is a story I heard a really long time ago. A dude got a new phone and was messing around with the recording functions (this was back when such things were new to phones). An his ex girlfriend shows up, sweet talks her way in the house, and end up giving him a blow job. Halfway through, he realizes his phone is still recording and lets it run, but doesn’t tell her. About a week or so later the police arrive and arrest him.

For raping her at the date and time of the blow job. It goes to trial, and he lets it, doesn’t say anything, doesn’t offer a defense. His lawyer starts to panic, but he lets him in on a little secret. She gets up on the stand, paints a picture of her rape, terrible, horrifying, and the jury wants to murder this man. They get right up to the final arguments, and he and his lawyer say nothing until it is their turn. And they play the tape.

Everyone believed her. Everyone went forwards without evidence. This young man would have gone to prison over a false accusation if it hadn’t been for one little phone.

Time and time again, the innocent have been punished because we throw away the rule of evidence, because we let feelings over ride facts.

But apparently, for Mainer, we don’t need shit like proof and evidence. Let’s just bath our blades in blood or hang men from trees! Police fail to arrest, Lawyers fail to convict, regardless of the reason, let’s hang them high! Fuck cares if they were innocent, fuck cares if she might have been lying for the sake of power, revenge, or any other reason, hang them dead because “they raped a woman.”

But I wonder if Mainer would be so zealous about hanging a woman who bangs a 15 year old boy? Would he bath his blade in her blood? She raped someone, broke the trust, and even Mainer throws a passing nod in his article that there is no safe space for men to talk about when they’ve been raped, and even less justice for them than there is for women.

but then he goes on to say this:

So, the honour killing concept.  My honour as a man is besmirched when a man chooses to rape.  My honour would be cleaned if we washed it in the blood of the rapist.

Frankly this makes me sick. As a man, as a deus of law and justice, as a sentient being. Mainer’s honor is besmirched and can only be cleaned by the blood of the one who did it. Mainer strikes not for law, he has no care of evidence which might lead to exoneration because that means there has failed to have been a conviction. He strikes not for justice, he blade falls not for the sake of the woman wronged. No, he strikes because he is injured by the rapist, because a woman might not trust him because she was raped by another. Mainer strikes for himself, and his honor, alone.

Now some of you are going to argue about the intrinsic worth of all human beings, and I am going to laugh at you.  We are our deeds.  Those who have been raped have had their worth stolen, and those who have chosen to rape have no worth at all.

Yeah, I’m not going to argue about the value of human life. I’m of Helheim, fuck the worth of the living, you all get tried at the end. But I will argue about the intrinsic worth of the Law, of the intrinsic worth of Due Process. Of the intrinsic value of Evidence, Facts, and Proof.

If you wish to end the life of a man because you think he has done something wrong, but you cannot prove he has done something wrong, then by what right do you have to end his life? How then, are you any better? You do not follow law, you do not abide by law, so you cannot be acting within the law as a punisher of wrongs.

You are a base murderer.

At which point, really, how are you better than a rapist? At least a rapist leaves his victim alive. Alive to suffer, to grow, to heal.  A murderer takes away everything. A murder doesn’t just rape the body, he rapes the soul, the mind, he rapes the lives of everyone attacked to the person he’s killed.

If Mainer wants to laugh at the “intrinsic value of all life” that is his business. However, it is my business when someone decides that they have the right to murder someone simply because they think they did something bad and didn’t get the proper punishment for it. Even criminals deserve due process, for that is the Sacredness of the Law.

Killing the rapist will not fix the victims.  Well of course it won’t.  It will do precisely three things

Of course not, but if I have learned anything in this article, it is that Mainer is more interested in salving his own wounded ego and vaunted honor than it is helping the victim of rape…who apparently has suffered no loss of honor, unlike Mainer here.

Stop that person from ever raping anyone else. Recidivism rate among the dead is 0%

Brilliant. And what pray tell shall be the recidivism rate of Mainer killing men found not guilty of a crime in this case? I doubt he would stop at one.

It will show those who were raped that we as a society really do feel what was done to them was serious, was wrong, and was so deeply abhorrent to us that we will not permit the scum who did this to breath the same air as those they chose to hurt

Behold m’lady, I have slain the dread beast that soiled thy sacred loins, shall you look upon me with thy favor now?

I swear mommy, I was a good boy. I punished the bad man. Oh sure, we couldn’t prove he did anything beyond your word, but I listened and believed and now that man is dead! Look at how much society cherishes you! Can you feel the love of our blood drenched hands?

The honour of men that was dragged through the sewers by this rapist in life will be washed clean of his particular filth with his death. We are our deeds, but our worth as a society, and as a gender is also shaped by the deeds of others we permit.

Yes, the honor or men would be washed clean with blood.

And we would stain it a thousand times over with witch hunts, kangaroo courts, and the deaths of thousands of innocents. To kill one guilty we would slay a hundred innocent. To purge a gender of evil we would slaughter than gender left and right, we would blame all men for the deeds of one.

Until, drunk on power, those who held themselves up as the executioners would take their “righteous” power and turn it upon their enemies, they would bath the world in blood to make it in their image. A man rapes, kill him. A man touches, kill him. A man cat calls, kill him. Any crime, what need of evidence, the victim has spoken, and so our blades must wash with blood to clean our honor.

Women who have been raped, and indeed men who have been raped (the latter category learn quickly there is NO safe space to talk about it) will continue to deal, or not deal, with the wounds inflicted upon them based on their own internal resources, community resources, and individual nature.  There are way too many of them, and there are more every day.  That is not good enough.  We need to do better.

If your deeds do not heal, then how are they made more noble in this situation? You wash your hands in blood for the sake of your honor, to feel like you’re doing something, because you know in your heart you are powerless, and your deeds meaningless.

Only the victim can heal themselves. You blade has no power to do that. You tree can not staunch their wounds.

You wish to use education to stop this?  I agree, but not when they have raped.  I want to see the line drawn against the abuse of women with zero tolerance.  You don’t get to run your mouth, as long as you don’t touch her.  You don’t get to play grab ass while you have her trapped and then laugh it off and say you were just playing around.  You want to stop rape, how about letting the police deal with this level, let education have its day now, while all they have done is terrify.  If they cross the line and rape a woman, let them hang by the neck until dead, let the crows feast on their corpse and dump it into the next outhouse you need to fill in.

For those of you who think I’m taking it too far with the above point about how the killing line would sink in, well here you go:

You don’t get to run your mouth, as long as you don’t touch her.  You don’t get to play grab ass while you have her trapped and then laugh it off and say you were just playing around. 

Touch her, you die. Say anything, you die. This is where Mainer stands. Catcalls, getting too close, touching. A sword or a tree, killer’s choice.

No law.

No freedom.

No mistakes.

No second chances.

Just death.

This is my personal opinion and not the policy of any organization or group of which I am now or have ever been a member of.  I am not advocating extra judicial killing, as I really do believe the state alone has that power, they just fail to use it to protect their own citizens.

Bullshit Mainer, that is exactly what you’re advocating. That is what your entire post has been. We are Men, it is our duty as Men to clean the honor of Men, and do so by purging those who commit rape and sexual assault. If you truly believed that only the state has the power to kill and punish, then you would abide by the fact that the state has only punished an apparent 2% because that is who they could prove had done the crime.

It is easy to speak from a place of emotion. It is easy to pound your chest and scream “muh honor!!!!” But there is more to life than honor. There is the Law, and the Law is sacred. The law has limits, it has rules, because there has to be. We do not punish people for what we cannot prove them having done. To claim that mob justice, that putting people to death simply because the state failed to convict them of the crime but someone says they did it, to criminalize and then put to death a man simply because he makes an unwanted cat call, an off color remark, or let his hand simply slide where it did not belong…is as great a crime as anything that the rapist has done.

Mainer advocates viewing an entire gender as criminal. He advocates punishment without due process. He advocates murder. Do not let the topic persuade you that he is in the right. And he does it all because his honor as offended. He stated at the start that so much of what he found as “honor killings” was in fact more “ego killings.”

Well, he just wrote an entire post advocating why he should be allowed to “Ego kill” for his honor.


Is this Heathenism now? Is this what is supposed to be pleasing to the Gods? I know Mainer supposedly speaks for no one but himself, but even so, he speaks as a heathen. He invokes sacred heathen rites and practices in his post.

More and more I’m having issues with Heathenism. More and more, I see it growing into something that it wasn’t just a decade ago. I’m writing a post about it, but this post by Mainer…it saps what hope I had. We as Heathens were supposed to step up, to rise above. Honor was about who you were, that you kept your oaths, not an excuse to murder people because you felt they had some how “dishonored you.” This is just one example. There are more.

Is this truly Heathenism?


Hela Bless