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So I’m dipping into the comments to bring you this post because there are some issues that need to be addressed (Yes, I will admit this) with my Priorities, I Think You Might Have Missed Them… Post. These were brought up by Ezirkara in their comment.

ezirkaraSo it’s a bit dense, I’m going to take it apart. I want to give this the respect due (being honest here). Let’s get started.

Actually, fact-checking here, the issue is with REFUGEE women in refugee camps and shelters being raped. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe-migrants-germany-idUSKCN0S02N220151006

Ezirkara’s link takes us to a story about German authorities hushing up rapes of refugee women by…refugee men.

imageIn all seriousness though, Ezrikara, a bit more fact checking would have revealed that McNallen, Ryan, and Jo (and myself) were talking about was the massive, cross European gang rapes, assaults, and thefts that happened on New Years Day. To European women. At the hands of refugee men.

I’m seeing a pattern here.

Now, I am not going to deny on any level that refugee women are being massively assaulted by refugee men. I’m not even going to deny that the German and other governments are covering it up as best they possibly can. I mean, they tried it for the #Cologne and other cities. They tried it with the rape gang in Rotherham, and they’re still largely succeeding in all the other cities effected by that same problem. There is a massive cover up on this stuff. The only reason we found out about Cologne was an accident, and that popped the lid on the other cover ups from New Years, and another from Sweden back in the summer where the same thing had happened.

Why cover it up? Because the refugee crisis is at this point a product that has been sold to the Citizens of Europe and if they found out that all these Muslim men were running around raping Muslim and Non-Muslim women well…you think the current outcry about the refugee issue is bad now, it could get a whole lot worse. It is an issue that needs to be addressed (both economically and in terms of the sexual violence going on for all the women involved as victims).

So let’s send them all back so ISIS can rape them. (sarcasm, BTW) Seriously, fact-check your stuff before you use it as an excuse to allow racist gangs to wander the streets.

Look, I don’t want to send anyone back to ISIS except for those who support them. And I want ISIS destroyed with all the ruthlessness of the Roman Empire, Vlad Dracula, and the Crusades rolled into one.

deus vult

That being said, there’s a lot of evidence to show that a large (and growing) number of these refugees (especially the men doing the sexual violence) are not even from Syria. I’m sure Ezrikara isn’t going to believe it, but…sadly it’s true.

Still, as I’ve shown with the fact checking thing, my facts are right and four of us five are all talking about the same subject. All five of us, on the larger topic, really. So as far as it being an “excuse to allow racist gangs to wander the streets,” well…at this point it’s less of an excuse, and more of a reality.

As for the gangs being racist…that’s mostly going to depend on one’s point of view. We’ll address that in a bit.

If you are not a racist, then why are you so willing to buy into false information put out by anti-Muslim news outlets?

Because the info I have gotten about the European Mass Rape Fest…didn’t come from anti-Muslim news outlets. I mean, I have those (I have all kinds of places I go for news), and they can be useful for finding things. But…I haven’t visited any of them for anything regarding Cologne or the other cities.

I haven’t needed to. That’s just it, this has blown up so big that even places that are pro-Muslim have talked about this. The police documents, witness testimony, and so many other “primary sources” (i.e. first hand accounts, not commentary which is secondary sources) are so prevalent post the revelation that there’s not only no need there’s no point to go to the “anti-muslim” sources for those primary documents and evidence.

Also, Islam isn’t a race…it’s an ideology. I really wish people would get this through their heads and stop making excuses to justify calling people against Islamic ideology racists. You’re not stopping violence or bigotry, you’re only preventing us from talking about actual misogyny and racism.

Seriously, you are willing to research what McNallen says to find out the Freikorps history, but you can’t take the time to find out if the accusations you are making against an entire ethnic/ religious group are true?

Uh I did. Everyone has (well, at least McNallen, Jo, Sargon of Akkad, hundreds of others in both professional and non-professional journalism. These accusations are true. These events are real. They happened. The cops could do nothing while it happened, they did little after it happened, and the governments of the various nations tried to cover it up. This has all been proven.

That billboard you posted is in ENGLISH. Which what percentage of the North African/ Middle Eastern population speaks? This wasn’t a red flag for you? If it were real, it would be in ARABIC.

Look, I put a qualifier on that picture when I posted it. Yes, it’s in English. Honestly, I think the English is there as a translation. Yes, it seems really hard to believe that would be a real billboard. Honestly, I would question it more heavily myself except for some things I’ve heard.

Like one of those actually arrested during the NYE assaults saying something along the lines of “you cannot do this to me, i was invited by Ms Merkel, You have to be nice to me.” As well as well documented pamphlets with translations from Arabic to German of things to say to a woman while raping her. Clearly, there is an epidemic of sexual violence here, it is documented, and it’s growing.

So while I’m not entirely sure about the authenticity of the billboard…there’s enough other stuff like it out there to the point where it is at least believable.

Your whole post reeks of racism. “Foreign” men are raping “white” women. That is the holy grail of the KKK, the immigrant bashing fools, and every other racist organization. Add in the white-washing of racist vigilante gangs, and you’ve gone straight into “white power” territory.

So…if I was being ungenerous I would accuse Ezirkara of trying to make an ad hom and shut down my position with claims of racism. But I’m not going to be like that and assume that this is instead intended as friendly warning.

So I say this with all kindness. The reason my post “reeks of racism” to you, Ezirkara, is…because you’re making a racist judgement.

You’re seeing “white people” claiming that “foreign men” are raping “White women.” And this is making you say that because other people who were racist said these things, therefore anyone who says these things is a racist.

But let’s break this down mathematically. X group is saying that Y group is attacking members of X group.

Now, if X group was Black people, and Y group was Cops…would you then say this a racist statement?

“Black people are saying that ‘White’ Cops are killing young black men.”

Are these black people then racists? By Ezirkara’s logic, yes. Yes they are.

So, we have one group accusing a foreign group of people of attacking them. This then is used as justification for the first group to defend themselves against the second group (presumably by ever escalating means should the violence continue). We even have an exiting group saying these things, Black Lives Matter, a group which has been taking increasingly violent actions in the pursuit to “Defend their group” from the hands of a “foreign” group doing them harm.

So we have two options here. Either the argument is inherently an example of racism and thus an invalid argument (regardless of the factual nature of the attacked groups claims) and any group regardless of classification may not use it, or the argument is not racist, in which case it can stand or fall based on if it is a factual argument.

Even the worst monsters can use a logical and valid argument for their own end. The problems truly arise when they continue to use the argument long after it is valid to retain their power and violence.

But, at it’s basic level, at this moment, the argument is factual. The factual evidence is overwhelming, not just about Cologne and the other cities for the New Years Eve incident, but so many other incidents of Muslim Men sexual assaulting European Women. Y groups is attacking X group. Faced with governments that (again, overwhelming factual evidence here) are not only doing nothing to prevent this, but are actively covering up incidents and even abetting the perpetrators, they are speaking out. X group is saying that Y group is attacking X people.

The facts fit the formula.

The argument is valid.

Now, can the solutions to this formula go to far? Yes. Will they go to far? Maybe. We don’t know. But saying “racist white people will use this to murder brown people means we should ban all white people from defending themselves from brown people” is not a valid position because it then becomes the same justification that the European Governments are using to cover up the violence!

Either all groups have the right to  defend themselves from legitimate attacks or no groups do.

If that reeks of racism…then I’m afraid the problem is not in my position.

I would like to thank Ezirkara for their wonderful comment, as it helped me flesh out some parts of my post that might have gotten missed. Feel free to check out their blog. And as always people.


Hela Bless