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In Part 1, Beckett decided to forsake rationality, and possibly morality, for the sake of jumping on the Racism is Wrong bandwagon that has started up in the wake of McNallen saying “Rape is Wrong.”

Because it’s racist when you insist a group of people should stop and/or be prevented from raping another group of people, if those people are white. Apparently.

We’re diving right into Beckett as he finally gets to the man, rather than the myths. And oh boy, is it a doozy.

Let’s be clear about McNallen. He’s not your kindly old grandfather who just doesn’t get why he can’t tell racist jokes any more…

Nope, as I recall his a veteran of several wars from Eastern Europe to the Far East. Has championed indigenous rights, aided the Tibetans in their resistance to Chinese occupation, and founded one of the three largest Heathen organizations in the world.

And that’s just what I can recall off hand. His actual list of mighty (and not so mighty) deeds is much longer.

…He’s not a victim of corporate greed who’s been fooled into blaming it on immigrants, Muslims, and liberals…

Nope, in fact he seems a pretty rational fellow, all things considered. A bit odd, but when you strip away the awkward wording, some of his mentioned topics do show a certain understanding of the world, both mortal and spiritual. And of course, he can at least see that rape is rape, and that rape is wrong.

…Stephen A. McNallen a very intelligent, very well-educated, very articulate person who has the ability to take vile ideologies like racism, remove the visible hatred while leaving the xenophobic core, and present them to unsuspecting beginners who just want to explore their Norse and Germanic heritage or who feel the call of the Aesir and Vanir and are looking for a community. McNallen doesn’t look or sound like a klansman, which only makes him that much more insidious.

horrified-faceDid…did I just read that?

I just…holy shit.


Wow, in some ways I wish I was doing this as a video so I could convey just how this is making me feel. I mean….bloody Hela.

I’m shocked, horrified, and in a weird way…glad.

I’m shocked that Beckett, a man whom I have regarded with respect since I found his writings…would stoop to such low grade character assasination. I’m horrified even. I believed Beckett a rational man, above such things. Human, all to human. And I’m…kinda happy.

Because Beckett just had to Ad Hominem Steven McNallen.

I mean holy fucking shit.

Don’t get me wrong, this whole article so far seems to have been an ad hom on Heathenism, McNallen, Abell, and anyone else who didn’t instantly join in on Smith’s HUARian bandwagan. But I think, at this point, Beckett knows what he’s trying to argue. He’s trying to argue that being a “racist” who is protesting mass rape, is worse than the commission of mass rape itself. And the only way he can think to win this argument is by completely discrediting the man saying “Rape is Wrong.”

My Gods in Heaven, Beckett…know you not what you do?

Let me be really clear about something else: “folkishness” is just racism dressed up in nice clothes…

I’m…I’m just going to leave this here…

Apparently Beckett believes in a Monoculture and not Diversity.

…It’s the idea that certain spiritualities are transmitted from generation to generation not through culture (which is obviously true) but through “blood and soil.”…

wrongThat’s not folkism. Folkism is the belief that different peoples have different cultures, that these cultures should preserved, and that there is nothing wrong with people taking pride in their ancestral cultures, practicing them, and living as their people have lived. Folkism, as an idea, transendes races and says this of every ethnicity. You can be folkish and Native American, Native African, Native European, etc.

What Bechett here is adding in is a bit of McNallen’s “meta-genetics” theory which is  completely separate idea from folkism in and of itself. However, since it was brought up, the idea (as I understand it) behind Meta-genetics is that a people (blood/dna) and geography (land/soil) shapes how a people and their culture grow.

For example, a harsh, cold, rugged environment such as Norway is going to breed a people who value individual initiative, hospitality, and physical prowess. Where as a moderate, warm, gentle environment might breed people like the Greeks, who value philosophy, art, and higher cultural pursuits as their environment lends itself to an easier agriculture. And that the people would then choose individuals most successful to those cultural pursuits and breed them in larger numbers, as they were more successful.

Which, when you think about it…doesn’t sound that stupid or racist at all. It’s only when you say a group is defined by a “bad behavior” and that “must come from x and y” factors that it becomes anything close to racism. In fact, it sounds fairly reasonable. And a lot like Intersectionality, when you think about it. But I digress.

…It claims that only people with the “proper” racial makeup can worship certain Gods (the fact that Gods occasionally call people from other races seems completely lost on them)….

Uh…no it doesn’t.

It says that people with a certain ethnic make up will likely have a predisposition to worshiping certain Gods, and it does often lead to the question of “If you have your own Gods, why are you not worshiping them?”

Which is completley understandable as a question from a folkish mindset. After all, we all  have our ancestral cultures. As a rule, these ancestral cultures are really, really awesome. So why would you not go with your own super awesome culture, why are you wanting in on mine? Do you feel there is something wrong with yours?

So…it’s actually kind of the opposite of racism. It’s not saying “A Black man can’t worship Odin.” It’s more often saying “You’re a black man, why aren’t you worshiping Baron Saturday, that dude is fucking rad, man!!!! He’ll probably speak to the things you lived way better than Thor ever could.”

But apparently acknowledging the awesomeness of other cultures is…racist.

Starting to wonder if Beckett did any research on this or if he only listened to Smith…

…It encourages its followers not just to have pride in their heritage (which is a good thing) but to favor their own race over all others and to work to maintain its purity (which never ends well).

You say it’s a good thing…and then you turn around and talk about it like it’s a bad thing.

After spending an entire article talking about how it’s a bad thing.

Beckett…are you okay? Do you need to lie down or something. I don’t think this level of double think is good for you man.

And sure, does folkism encourage pride in one’s heritage? Yeah. But it also encourages everyone else to take pride in their heritage as well. It’s not saying “you’re not worthy of my Gods,” so much as it is, to use a car metaphore saying “Dude, I got a WRX, and you have an EVO, and this shit is all rad!!!!!”

And before you ask, no, I have no idea why my inner folkish voice sounds like a kid from the 90’s.

I’m proud of my Southern heritage, even with all the baggage that comes with it….

Congrats, Beckett. You’re now a racist like the rest of us. Well, at least you made it this far. After they burn you on that cross, we’ll accept your apology and have horn of mead for you.

…I’ve called for Pagans and others to start building a deep relationship with the land and the spirits of the land where they are…

Sooo, the “Soil” part of “Blood and Soil.”

Didn’t you say something about not rocking the boat? You’re rocking your boat….

…But for anyone in North America who isn’t a member of a Native American tribe to espouse “blood and soil” is lunacy…

Eh, not really. Hispanic peoples came over about 1500, Everyone else was there shortly thereafter. The original colonies all had settlements by the 1600’s, which given the massive expenses, long travel times, and so forth involved is impressive. Europeans have been on the Americas for over 400 years. Hundreds and Hundreds of Europeans have been Born and Died here.

So how long does it take to build a connection of blood and soil. Are the Amish not a part of their lands? Are they still “immigrants” despite the fact that they have sweated and bled for their lives for hundreds of years? What about the rest of us? Is the third, fourth generation rancher not as tied to his land as any Native American was? Really, Beckett, how long does it take? One generation, two, three, five, ten? Give me a number, before you would consider a people part of their land. Is there some cultural mark? Is it Government is Founded? How about when Millions upon Millions Die in a Civil War?

That certainly seemed pretty “blood and soil” to me. You talk about having pride in your Southern Heritage, were those “southerners” not really southerners? Did they have no ties to the land? I know people where I live whose families were on this land before the USA even existed as a thought esperiment, were on the land before it was even part of some European Territory. Over three hundred years, some nearly four hundred, who were born, lived, and died here.


What does it take for a people to earn a home to you?

…We haven’t been here long enough, we’ve moved around too much, and we’ve intermingled too much. We’re not purebloods and that’s a good thing.

Does the double think hurt?

Okay, so “moved around too much” some how invalidates claims…but the Native Americans were a largely migrant people so…well then tehy can’t claim a particular place either. At least, not by Beckett’s logic. And I mean, if 500 years on the continent isn’t long enough, I really can’t imagine what would be. I mean, by that logic, Rome didn’t belong to the Romans until at least into their first century as an Empire or something.

And yet, despite the fact that we have “mixed our blood” with the native peoples…that means we don’t have native blood with the native soil? So I have native blood, but that doesn’t count to me being part of the land, even though I have ancestors native to it…Okay, I could follow that loop for an hour and it still would come out to bullshit.

No one is calling for Stephen McNallen to be executed or imprisoned for promoting racist ideology….

Publicly tarred, feathered, and excommunicated for protesting mass rape however is completely on the table.

…No one is calling for him to be deprived of employment, denied housing, or refused service in public accommodations….

We just expect that to happen by unspoken agreement that this racist prick needs to be removed from society. But we’re not going to say that out loud. We’re just shouting it in our minds.

…He’s free to be a racist. But his ideology is harmful to individuals, to Heathenry, and to the entire Pagan movement(1) – it cannot be tolerated.

The mass rapes of English, Swedish, German, Belgian, and other European women, however, is perfectly okay, we don’t need to talk about it, and it isn’t hurting anyone and should be tolerated. Including the rape victims and by the rape victims. They’re more harmed by racists anyways. Why, if it wasn’t for racists, those women probably never would have had their rapes acknowledged, and that’s terrible. Their trauma could have been kept private and never troubled anyone else.

It can’t be eliminated (not immediately, anyway) but it can be identified and quarantined like the virus it is.

You mean like the years long run of mass rapes by Islamic Men on European women. Which McNallen was identifying and calling to be quarantined like the virus it is?

Huh, how does it feel to be exactly  like your enemy, I wonder?

Well, except for the fact that McNallen has the moral high ground as he’s actually protesting real, physical violence against women and you’re part of a protest over…protesting real, physical violence against women.

burn picard

So, when Steven T. Abell attacks anti-racist efforts in Heathenry but says “Steve [McNallen] and I talk now and then. It angers some to learn that these talks are not acrimonious” he makes his position very clear: he’s perfectly willing to tolerate racism.

And you are apparently willing to tolerate Rape if it means taking the opposing position to a “racist.”

You know what, if this article has done anything, it is seriously raise my personal impression of Abell. It is a rare man that can put aside his ideology and recognize the humanity of someone who believes differently than him. Recognize it enough, even, to support said person when they are in the right, despite the slurs and defamation taken by that person’s opponents. I have no doubt Abell knows what he is getting himself, and the Troth into here, and yet…I admire his courage. This is what I would see more of in Heathenism.

Taking a stand you know is right, regardless of the prevailing political opinions, because sometimes “the villain has a point.”

So yeah, I can admire Abell for “tolerating racism” since he’s doing so to stand with McNallen in saying RAPE IS WRONG.

As for Beckett, on the other hand…

And I can’t tolerate that.

Congratulations Beckett, you have gained the achievement: Bigot.

In other words, you are so unwilling to compromise  your ideological stance, that you are tacitly approving of mass rape. Actually, not even tacitly. Fully. You are fully supporting the mass rape at this point. No where in this entire article, despite it’s relevancy, have you condemned the hundreds, (Thousands, Millions, if we wish to be honest and go back several decades) of attacks to which McNallen was referencing.

No where have you said “these allegations should be lawfully investigated and the guilty punished.” No. You have said not, one, word, to condemn these attacks. Instead, you have spent on of the longest posts by you I have ever read attacking Heathenism, Folkism, the AFA, the Troth, Abell, and anyone who did not instantly jump on Smith’s SocJus anti-racist bandwagon.

So clearly, you’re fine with mass rape. In fact, I will even go so far as to say that by your words, you are perfectly okay with this mass rape based on Racial Grounds. Brown men raping white women? It’s all good. We need to protest these racists who dare say that white women should not be raped en mass by these men, because hell, those men are brown, and it’s racist to say anything bad about non-white people.

And mom said DBZ would never be useful in your adult life.

It annoys me when people say “Patheos shouldn’t have published this.” Patheos didn’t publish this essay. Patheos hosts blogs and the content of blogs are the responsibility of the blog writers. Unless material is libelous or in violation of copyright laws, neither the Pagan Channel editor nor Patheos management ever edits for content. As a blogger who wants to say exactly what I want to say, I support this arrangement.

Given the massive character assasination Smith attempted and you just fired, Beckett…

I think there’s a serious case for libel here. By both McNallen and Abell. Possibly the AFA and Troth as well. I mean, you said McNallen was worse than a Klansman, and that Abell was just as evil because he tolerates McNallen and can even be friendly with him, rather than turning into a rabid honey badger.


So I can see why people said Patheos shouldn’t have published it. I mean, a massive, libelous, rape apologetic, hit piece against McNallen? Oh yeah. Heck, I’ll publish just about anything on my blog, and I’m not sure I’d have allowed that to go live if I was an editor of a pagan blog hub. And even if I did…shit Beckett…you’re kinda goes even farther than that. You piece is Libel. It makes demonstrably false claims, misleading arguments, and the worst case of character assassination I’ve ever seen.

And that includes when someone (not naming names) recently tried to assassinate mine.

During my three years here I’ve found myself defending unpopular bloggers and blog posts from those who want them shut down. I’ve defended bloggers’ rights even as I’ve written scathing rebuttals to offensive posts. In the words of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis (1856 – 1941), the remedy for offensive speech is more speech. I do not call for Stephen McNallen or Steven Abell to be forcibly silenced.

Really? Cause it kinda feels like you are. I mean, good on you for defending freedom of speech. It’s one of the things I respected about you.

But you are literally calling McNallen the worst kind of racist, and saying Abell is no better. By extention, you’re saying the two organizations they lead, the AFA and the Troth, are organizations run by racists, with racist motivations. You haven’t just painted with a broad brush, you loaded the paint cans into cannons and fired like it was Gettysburg or something.

You’re saying “their speech is dangerous” and “their speech is evil” and “their speech is everything we need to stop.” When, ultimately, and I cannot believe how many times I have said this…their speech right now is “rape is bad and needs to be prevented.”

But the ideologies they are promoting are harmful to individuals, to Heathenry, to the Pagan movement, and to society at large, and they are at odds with the goals of Patheos. I believe neither Patheos senior management nor the overwhelming majority of Patheos bloggers want to give a platform to racist ideologies or their apologists – nor do I.

“I don’t want them silenced, but…they should be silenced.”

Okay, so the ideolgy of McNallen is…everyone’s heritage is awesome, you should take pride in your heritage, and rape is bad and you should do something to stop it if your government wont.

So, is this harmful to individuals? Sure…if that individual is a rapist. Probably very harmful to that individual. To the woman who would have otherwise been raped? Less harmful. In fact, the opposite of harm. Safe. Very safe for that individual.

Is this harmful to Heathenry? Well, given how harshly historical Heathens punished rape, armed gangs of men patrolling the streets to deter rape is…actually the nice, friendly way of doing it. I mean, given the scale of everything, burning down the villages, killing all the men, taking all their valuables, and then taking their women as slaves would have been standard operating procedure so…I’d say McNallen’s position is…over all less harmful. I mean, he’s not calling for an ethnic cleansing or anything. Unlike certain Imams.

Is this harmful to the Pagan movement? Well…I would hope the Pagan Movement is against rape. If it is against rape, then no, it is not harmful. I mean, sure, it’s one more thing people are going to complain about Paganism, along with the nude dancing, the sex positivity, gender equalty, oh, and multiplicity of gods, then no…can’t say it will really be harmful. The oppinions of the anti-racists aren’t going to change, they’ll hate us anyways. However, if the Pagan Movement is not against Rape, as so many leading figures are throwing their voices behind condemning “racists” rather than actual rapes…yes, McNallen’s position is harmful. Because he shows they are more interested in politics than individual’s well being, that they are more interested in denouncing those with different views than they are with keeping women safe.

And yes, it is completely harmful with the very apparent SocJus motivations of Patheos. Who is giving a massive plat form to rape apologists that are spending their time condemning a man and his supporters for saying “we should stop mass rape.”

All because of the race of the victims, and the race of the attackers. So really, who is the racist here?

Therefore, for the first time I am calling for a blogger to be removed from Patheos. Let Abell post his attacks on those trying to clean up Heathenry somewhere else.

wait whatWHAT!!!!!?

Okay, apparently, Beckett is happy to throw away everything he has ever stood for in terms of freedom of speech. He is willing to reject all his principles. He is standing up for censorship.

How the mighty have fallen.

Mar’s beard, I’m not even being sarcastic. I’m…actually really saddened by this. Beckett has let his ignorance of Heathenism, his ideology, and the political motivated character assassination attempt of Ryan Smith…to lead him to this path. He is supporting censorship, blind hatred, and mass rape…all in the name of fighting racism.

The racism of a man who has probably done more to help other minority religions and peoples than Beckett ever has. The racism of a man who looks at a massive crime wave, covered up and abetted by a people’s own government against its people, and dared to say “enough, this needs to stop, defend yourselves like your ancestors did.”

Bloody Hela. I honestly never thought I would see this. I feel like Obi-wan yelling at Anakin that “he was the chosen one, supposed to bring balance, not destroy it all.”

Racism is toxic to our religions and to our wider society. It cannot be tolerated.

And now, Beckett? How are you any different? How are you any better? You have declaired an entire group of people, their leaders, their elders, their speakers, their voice, to be something that is an unperson, to be silenced, to be hated, marginalized, and destroyed.

All because they are different from you. Because their culture is different from your culture. Because they chose to say that rape was wrong, and people should defend themselves when their governments won’t.

McNallen might be a racist, because he says Europeans should give armed resistance to Muslim Rape.

But what are you, then, who says that they should allow themselves to be raped, simply because their defender, no, their defense is “Racist.” And that those who defend, and argue for a defense, are racist by default for doing so.



Anyways, I know I’m a fairly small fish in this pond, but here goes. Abell, if this ever makes it’s way to you, and you want to publish something and Patheos won’t, hit me up. By your deeds here today, I can at least give you some space to post an article at least. May the Gods bless you for your honor and know your bravery this day does not go unmarked in Hela’s Halls.




Hela Bless