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We will begin with a story.

Once, there was a person. Who they were, doesn’t really matter. But they looked at their life and their people and they saw that they were oppressed by another peoples. Their villages laid siege, their people killed and enslaved.

“This will not do,” said the person. So they stood up, and threw off their oppressor, and turned to their people and said. “We shall no longer be oppressed. Fight beside me, and I shall lead you to freedom!”

And the people cheered, and they rose up. And they threw off their oppressors. But they were one village, and those that oppressed them were an entire kingdom. They knew that this kingdom would come for them, for they had defied it, and thrown off its oppression. So they decided to build an army.

The warrior led his people to other peoples and told these peoples, “you are oppressed by these evil men. But follow me and I shall free you from these evil oppressors.” And so other people joined the first and said, “we are with you.”

Years pass, and the warrior leads their followers to victory after victory. But for each victory, there is always more to be done, the enemy still remains, still has strong holds, and from these strong holds could fight back and renew the oppression that once was. The enemy still has its native land as well, from which they could come forth to oppress. To the warrior and their followers, there is only one solution. They must strike to the strong holds, to the home land of their enemy.

And as they strike, their language changes. Where once the warrior cried “we wish to be free!” now the warrior cries “look to their evil? By their birth they are different from us, they are not like us. The oppression they bring is part of their blood. They can no more exist but to oppress us! Their very existence is our oppression. And we will not be oppressed. They have no culture, unlike we who are cultured. They have no learning, like we who are learned. What culture they have is of violence and oppression and it must be stopped!”

So the warriors fought to the strong holds and took them. They fought into the homeland and took much of it as well. “For Justice!” cried the warriors.

But then rumblings came. New fighters had come. Not from the oppressor before them, but from the vanquished behind.

Worse, it was said that these new fighters used the same tactics which had brought victory to the warriors. So the warrior who started it all road out to meet these fighters. “How dare you stand against justice?” The warrior asked, “How dare you attack our noble selves, we who fight to end oppresson!”

“Justice?”  cried the fighters, “What justice? You have attacked our people, slaughtered our kin, burned our homes, ravaged our lands. You have oppressed us!”

“You cannot be oppressed,” mocked the warrior, “you are born of the oppressors. Your oppression is not oppression at all, but a cleansing of your degenerate and decadent society!”

The fighters jeered. “Was not the same once said of you? That your decadence and degeneracy must be suppressed for the good of all?”

“Those were lies!” screamed the warrior, “our ways are good and noble, yours are evil!”

“To us you are evil, and our ways are good!” shouted the fighters. “Why should we not do as you do, and defend ourselves and our culture?”

“Because you are evil!” screamed the warrior with great rage. “Can you not see that?”

“We are good!” screamed the fighers, “It is you who are evil!”

And so, the two sides fell to fighting each other. Monsters and men, created by monsters and men. Each man creates his own enemies by his own hand. Each man is mirrored by his enemies

I was recently sent a link by an source to an article about how there is the rise of the New Right and how Paganism is in danger of being infiltrated and even drawn into this New Right. In the next few parts, I am going to go over that article and possibly another related to it.

This is a set of posts that really has been coming for a while now. But it’s also a complicated set of posts. A lot of education and background is needed outside of the pagan sphere of matters. Now, I’m going to give some of that background on this myself, but I am going to post here a couple videos which will give more information in a clearer format that I could, while allowing people to catch up on something quickly.

The first is of course, the state of the modern political left, i.e. Liberals. Most Pagans to my knowledge identify as some form of liberal. There is not surprise there, the conservative right has generally been the domain of the Christians, long enemies of all things Pagan. The left offered us a place where we were not judged for our differing morals. Even a more “libertarian” person such as myself found as much in common with the political left as i did the political right. For a time at least. But as of late, and we’ve seen this in our own sphere with people like Halstead, Beckett, Pitzl-Water, and Rhyd, that what was once a domain of diverse political opinions and opportunities has….greatly narrowed.

I’ll hand you over to “That Guy T” for more.


So that will give you a bit of an idea of some larger issues in which what we will call for the sake of reality “Progressive Liberalism.” Now, as he points out it’s all about “race,” “gender,” “sex,” “class,” etc.

Now, one of the things that the “progressive” left has been very good at is pointing out the “oppressors” people face due to race, sex, gender, class, so on and so forth. Now, it used to be as T says, that the Left fought for individual merit, not collective merit. However, it is fair to say that large portions of both the populace and Paganism in particular have decided to cleave to the ideas that “what” you are in terms of race/gender/sex/class/etc is the most important thing rather than “who” you are as an individual.

But there’s two sides to that coin. As a rule we’ve seen the progressive side of this for the last couple decades, getting stronger and stronger, as well as more vocal. The progressive side of this could best be defined as “anti-group” bias when it comes to the culture we live in. Are you white/male/cis/etc? Then you have been the privileged class which has oppressed those who are non-white/non-male/non-cis/etc. Those who oppress are evil, and their actions are evil, their culture and the systems in that culture are evil and oppressive.

As anyone who has read my blog for a length of time may no doubt recall, I have been dealing with this view inside paganism for a while and have repeatedly said “do not play this game, you will not like where it goes.” Because something inevitably will happen which you play the race/sex/gender/etc game. Eventually the people you call evil for being a different race/sex/gender/etc are going to get tired of being called evil and insist that no, they are good and it is you who is evil.

This idea is going to be important, so hang on to it.

Which brings us to the New Right, or as they seem to be prefer being called, the Alt Right.  I will had you now over to Sargon of Akkad. He made a very good video about the New/Alt Right, it’s positions, philosophy, and why they presently feel the way they do.


What this shows is that in a lot of ways, the “Fascists” of the New/Alr Right are in fact not very different at all in function to the “Progressive” Left. The game is still about race/gender/sex/etc. the only difference where the Progressives have an inherent anti-group bias, the New/Alt have an inherent pro-group bias.

This is going to be important as we go along.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m using terms “anti-group” and “pro-group” in this context. The truth is that progressives can be classified into two groups of people who are white and non-white. In this case the “group” that is being for or against is “White” European Culture (proven by the use of the term “Anglo-European” both in the article in question and in other materials related to it) in which case those of non-white origination are against a “white” culture and those of “white” origination are…against a “white” culture. Hence “anti-group” bias, as they are defined not so much by who they are, but by what their opponent is.

In part 2, we will begin looking at the first article in question: Confronting the New Right


Bellona Invicta