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In Part 1 I introduced us to the New/Alt Right and some background on the Progressive Left. In part 2 I got through the first part of the article Confronting the New Right. In part 3 we’re going to talk about the “Pagan’s At Risk!” part.

Ye be warned, there be meme’s ahead.

What is the New Right’s influence on Paganism?

Before continuing, it is important to note that the presence of New Right ideas in any Pagan or Magical Tradition does not mean the tradition itself is part of the New Right. Often times the adoption of these ideas is unconscious, particularly since many advocates of New Right ideology do not present their ideas as part of a political stance. In fact, many ideas are presented as overtly ‘apolitical,’ deriving from common sense, tradition, lore, or the will of the gods.

“Just because it’s impure doesn’t mean it’s actually impure.”

one punch man okRemember kids, if the opinion or stance is “apolitical” it’s Fascist.

If it derives from “common sense” it’s fascist.

If it derives from “tradition” it is most certainly fascist.

If it derives from the lore it is probably fascist.

And if it is derived from the will of the gods (via direct quotes, divine revelation, or any other method of presentation) it is ermergerd so fascist.

feels good

Dianic and Goddess Spirituality: Most adherents of Dianic Witchcraft and goddess spirituality are fiercely feminist and egalitarian.  There is some danger of potential crossover with the New Right through ‘essentialist’ ideas of gender—and the ‘sacred’ right of people to exclude transpeople from their circles.’

That’s right people, the most hard core feminist pagan religion on the planet is…Alt Right Fascist Material. Because they might be the “wrong kind of feminist” and believe that “cis-women” are the “only women” and deserve a “Safe space” for themselves.

Honestly, if there are any Dianics out there I’m never going to be surprised if they go Alt Right. I mean, after spending two years in the spot light being literally beaten down worse than we heathens usually get, then expunged from public Paganism as a whole as best I can tell, they certainly have to reason to stay with Progressive Paganism. The hilarity that most “alt right” people are in fact pretty egalitarian in nature and have been driven to this point because they feel there is no equality left for their people without a serious fight for their collective rights, means that this is a pain the Dianics can well understand and could motivate them to join.

The fact too that the Pagan “trans” community showed no egalitarian will towards the Dianics, but rather a totalitarian violence worthy of Joseph Stalin himself, along with a whole hell of a lot of the Pagan community in general joining with the “Trans” community means that the Dianics have absolutely nothing to lose by joining the Fascists. If anything, early membership means they get a seat at the table and a voice in what the Pagan Alt-Right becomes. Mostly a win win for them

Remember that story I put in part 1? Yeah, The Progressives have created the Alt-Right through their actions, and have driven group after group towards the extreme as the only way to survive in the face of Progressive ideology and power. The Dianics are a perfect illustration of this.


Druidry: While groups such as the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids are fiercely egalitarian, smaller groups (including the ADF and AoDA) sometimes have overlaps with Traditionalist and Tribalist thought, particularly in ADF’s focus on Indo-European ‘hearth cultures.’  Also, the ideas of Oswald Spengler (a favorite amongst many New Right theorists) have gained popularity through some “Long Descent” druids.

Huh, isn’t Beckett a member of those Organizations? I’m pretty sure I’ve read him talking about going to the Order of the Bards and the ADF or something. Well, guess that means Beckett’s a fascist now. Might wanna make nice with Abell then, buddy. You’re in the same club. Guess you can never be Progressive enough as a Cis White Male Pagan Druid.

I love how any focus on “indo-European” culture at all automatically means “you could be a fascist.” Geez, T hit it on the head with his video. I can’t wait to see how the Druids react to this. In fact, I wonder how a lot of Paths are going to react to this and how they look at us Heathens in the future. We’ve been dealing with this shit for years, and now everyone is being thrown into the boat with us.

Reconstructionism: One of the more significant places where the New Right intersects with Pagan beliefs. Emphasis on returning to ‘reconstructed’ traditions, older (and poorly understood) social forms and hierarchical structures, as well as an emphasis on recovering European heritage are often problematic. Further, nationalistic and racial exclusionist tendencies are often justified as being part of ‘the lore.’

Are you practicing historically researched Paganism rather than Progressively Educated Paganism? The you’re a fucking Fascist.

Also, I don’t know about you, but the “social forms and hierarchical structures of Greek and Roman society and Paganism are not “poorly understood” at all. And as much as I have issues with the lore hounds of Heathenism, they most certainly do not have a “poor understanding” of the social forms and hierarchical structures” of Norse and Germanic society.

Bah, who am I kidding, to a Progressive anyone who “understood” the world would automatically be a progressive, and failure to be a progressive means you have a poor understanding of the world.

Also, the word problematic. I love the word problematic. It means absolutely nothing except that the person saying it is uncomfortable but they have no rational explanation why. In this case, my experience is that it is because they are a racist who finds said culture degenerate and distasteful, worthy of being purged from the earth due to the origins of it and its people. But since the words “Worthy of genocide” tend to get bad looks, problematic is used instead.

That every culture on this planet has been rather “exclusionist” is a historical fact is of no value too, apparently.

Devotional Polytheism: Similar to the problems in Reconstructionism, but with an extra dimension. Because Devotional Polytheism places final authority in ‘the gods’ and emphasises hierarchical relationships (between human and god, priest and devotee), ethical questions cannot be challenged by concerned people because ‘the gods will it.’

Remember kids, if you put the teachings of a God or Goddess before the teachings of Marx, you are a fascist. How did I know this was coming? It’s like I talk to Gods or something.

I want us all to take a moment here to think about the site that published this. The site entitled: Gods and Radicals. Right here, right now, on a Pagan Blogsite, you just read the fully endorsed words that “Putting the Teachings of the Gods first is a sign of Fascism.”

If it is researched, historically accurate, divine revelation by any God or Goddess, and it does not agree with Progressive Ideology, then it is to be treated as fascist in nature, purged from our religions, it’s proponents labeled as fascists guilty of wrong think, and the gods are to be ignored on the matter in favor of “correct” progressive ideology.


Heathenism, Asatru, and ‘Northern Traditions’: while generally considered the most problematic, Heathenism is one of the few large Pagan traditions which also has a vibrant opposition against New Right ideology. Also, because of the constant media attention white nationalists within Heathenism garner, non-racist Heathens can draw on greater support from the communities around them.

chocolate-milk-illuminatiYeah really, I’m not even going to respond to this part. We’ve covered it so many time’s I’m sure everyone can quote my by heart now. But yeah. Illuminati Confirmed or something. Fascists everywhere.

Occult/Witch/High Magic Traditions: Because of their emphasis on obscurantism and secret mysteries, it is often difficult to discern the political leanings of leaders within occult traditions. Here, ‘association’ tends to be much more useful. Mentions of Evola or other ‘esoteric fascists’ should be considered warning signs.

At this point, is there a pagan path that hasn’t been mentioned and vilified as “potentially fascist?” Cause really, I can’t think of any. This post literally hit all traditional Pagan paths, at least from “Europe.” Especually this last group. It’s so broad and vague. I can’t even tell who wouldn’t fall into this? Voodoo Falls into this for the Gods Sake.

Congratz, it’s like that lego song, except instead of being awesome, everything is fascist. I mean, I’ve never even heard of Evola, but apparently it’s Fascist now. So, I guess if you guys wanna email me or something, be cool. I’m certain a Cultus Deorum like me is Fascist, seeing as the Romans invented the word Fascist or something like that. Guess all of the Roman Cultus is fascist now.

Again, it should be noted that none of these traditions are inherently aligned with the New Right. There are also many traditions which, because of their emphasis on egalitarianism and non-hierarchy (OBOD, Reclaiming, Feri, for instance) are much more immune to the New Right’s influence.


Yeah, sorry, but you assholes just spent an entire section of your post accusing anyone with the power to stand up to you (or have even spent time protesting you like we Devotionalists have) as Fascists, Proto-Fascists, and Crypto-Fascists. So fuck you on this whole “but we’re totally not saying their fascists,” thing. It’s like that “sorry, not sorry” business.

61371685This is you right now. ^

In Part 4 we’ll cover “Resisting the New Right.”

I’m sure it will be amazing.



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