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Once more into the breach, dear friends! Once more into the jaws of Hell!!!!!

Or at least, Chris Thompson trying to convince everyone how to be a warrior with: Strong Toward the Powerful: A Warrior Path for Radical Pagans

Onwards, Warriors!!!!!!

Martial Training

The primary advantage of tactical awareness is to get yourself ready, so you are in a better position to adapt to a chaotic situation as it develops. No one can say ahead of time what shape this will take. A good martial arts program can greatly improve your ability to maintain this level of alertness. It doesn’t particularly matter which martial art, as long as it is an art that encourages this type of alertness and allows you to practice it till it becomes habitual.

yes-this-is-sparta_o_216602Well, maybe some martial arts training would be good for him. It might teach him about meritocracies. Or maybe it will show him that sometimes there’s people who are better fighters than him, and they have power to make him do what they want through physical violence.

Frankly, I like Tai Chi. Or swords. I’m not picky.

The other advantage of practicing a martial art is that the training tends to strengthen your resolve and encourage you in the warrior role when needed. It doesn’t have to be a “street-realistic” art and it might even be preferable if it isn’t. If you’re committed to strategic nonviolence you aren’t going to be fighting anyone in the literal sense anyway. You need the inner strength and self-discipline to refuse to fight even when greatly provoked. Martial training can give you that.

And the self awareness slips away once again….

Honestly people, if you’re going to learn a martial art, do yourself a favor and learn a fucking martial art that actually will teach you how to “street fight.” I did. It was wonderful. I’m terrible at it because I never practice and I had a few injuries, but it was a wonderful experience which means that if I’m actually in a street fight, I have a much better chance of walking away alive. The other guy…eh?

Still, if you’re going to learn how to fight, please, have this attitude. I know I do.

Cf9DXDyUUAEqkRV.jpg large

Of course, some protest movements do escalate beyond that level. Antifascist streetfighters obviously expect to fight fascists in the literal sense, so they need to train in practical fighting techniques to do what they do effectively. You have to decide for yourself how you feel about that and what you would do in that situation, but tactical awareness is relevant in any scenario where you face the threat of physical attack by security forces or vigilantes.

Or actual cops.

Because, you know, you’re breaking the law. And assaulting people.

Because they’re “Fascists.”

By the way, has anyone heard anything about that little anti-fascist mob Smith from HUAR was leading? It sounded like they were going to go crash that private party the Soldiers of Odin were having and bust some heads. Just…wanna know how that went.

Also, I think at that point there wouldn’t be Vigilantes to worry about. It would either be people defending themselves or a straight up brawl. Unless some folks in costumes showed up. One never knows.

A Radical Pagan Warrior Code

Warrior codes of honorable behavior are as old as the concept of warriorship itself, but again we should not confuse a means with an end. The end is not to fantasize and obsess about following some ancient honor code. The end is to win, to create a world that works for everyone. A code of behavior is nothing more than a means, a tool to help us achieve that end.

You know, I recall something about me taking his words out of context when he said he would fight “only to defend himself or another.” Well…here we go with more “ends justify the means” talk.

In fact, and I’m amazed at this, Chris has literally just said that “honorable behavior” should not have a primacy of importance in war. No, victory should have primacy and if a dishonorable action needs to be taken, it should be taken rather than let honor blind you to the end goal and prevent you from reaching it.

Bloody Fucking Hela.

And he wonders why all the Marxist revolutions end up in blood drenched, mass murdering, totalitarian governments.

Look, I follow Bellona. I am all about the Patton style of “war is about making some other poor bastard die for his country.” I am perfectly fine with executing 3000 traitors by crusifixtion in a day. But bloody fucking Hel man, if you honestly want to be a warrior you have to maintain your honor!

If not…if there are not dishonorable actions, if there is no lines you will not cross, you’re not a warrior…you’re just a butcher. A base killer of things, no better than an animal. You can chant about your glorious revolution, but if your revolution is based around any action being acceptable, no matter how barbaric, inhumane, violent, and….evil….then the only glory you will have is the same glory of every other Marxist revolution.


There have been as many different warrior codes as there have been different types of warrior. The bushido code of the samurai was obviously a different thing from the medieval knight’s code of chivalry, which was a different thing from the code of an ancient Irish Fianna warrior.

Ends define means, so we would have little use for a warrior code based on upholding feudalism. As pagans, most of us would be inclined to look to the pagan past for examples of warrior codes, and such examples do exist. However, a code based on Iron Age pagan society is not going to work for a modern radical without substantial revision. The circumstances are different and the fight is different. The underlying values are not always compatible. Any code a pagan radical could adopt would have to reflect these differences.

Honor is honor.

What was honorable to the Norse thousands of years ago is still honorable by the Norse today. What was honorable to a Roman three thousand years ago is still honorable by Roman Gods today. What was honorable to a Celt has not changed, for men or Gods. No revisions need be made. If you wish to keep to a code, then keep it. Do not change it. Honor is eternal.

But you can’t do that…can you Chris. You cannot keep to the ancient honor codes of Bridged, even if she is your Goddess. You cannot abide by the laws of her people, their codes of conduct. Because your fundamental desires run counter to those codes. They teach you a different life from the desires of your heart. And you cannot give up those desires, those desires of wreck and ruin and destruction, where you can perform any action you please so long as it it furthers the ends, and helps you obtain your goal.

You call for a fight without honor or humanity. A fight were any means is justified for the ends. Oh sure, you can waffle about how you find physical violence “morally problematic” but the simple truth is that you are a coward, eager for blood, but to scared to pick up the sword, because some base, animal part of you knows the instant you do, a real warrior would show up and slaughter you like a pathetic, mewling sheep.

Your words dishonor your Goddess. Your words dishonor her people and their ways. You cannot have a code of honor from the past because every code of honor laughs in your face and mocks you for what you are. So like everything, you must butcher a code, and sew it back together, to make some monstrosity that will excuse your actions rather than hinder them.

You desire a code that allows you to slaughter when by rights you should stay your hand.

Here’s one example of what can be done to bridge the gap between ourselves and the warriors of the past. I have taken the Maxims of the Fianna and rewritten them for a modern context. If you compare them to the original version you’ll find many differences – but I think I’ve kept everything from the original that can be readily applied in our circumstances and with our values.

Come….let us see this barbarism you call a “code.”

I’m going to go line by line, following each of his points with the Maxim in order, since I think that’s what he’s done.

1- Save your courage for when you need it- don’t boast or bluster.

” Son of Luga, if armed service be thy design, in a great man’s household be quiet, be surly in the narrow pass.”

Too late Chris…too late. This entire post has been bluster about how you are a warrior for your ideals, while both excusing your own inaction and excusing any potential actions you might take. You have blustered in one breath and spoken a coward’s words in the next, only to bluster again.

2- Never accuse anyone of anything without strong reasons.

“Without a fault of his beat not thy hound: until thou ascertain her guilt, bring not a charge against thy wife.”

Well, the Maxim is about “don’t make charges without evidence.”

Chris seems to say “don’t make charges without a strong reason.”

See, in part 1 I posted some pics of Chris calling me a racist because I called BLM a “racist hate group.”

Chris made this accusation not with evidence, but by “strong reason.” He has no evidence that I am a racist, or that I have committed actions based on racism (I haven’t either). But because I insulted something he likes and admires, he had “reason” to call me a racist (because they were black marxists).

I on the other hand made that statement because I have seen the proof, via news stories and actual video footage, i.e. by Evidence. I have facts, I make the accusation based on facts.

This is a perfect example of “butchery” to suit his own ends. Chris has changed “Facts” to “Feelings.” It then permits him to act on those feelings as if they were justification, rather than and in spite of any facts that might prove him wrong.

3- Don’t get caught up in pointless arguments.

“In battle meddle not with a buffoon, for, O mac Luga, he is but a fool.”

In the wise words of Obi-wan. “Who is more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?”

Chris, you were stuck in a foolish argument the instant you decided to follow Marx’s drunken bender book. Or maybe when you decided to follow Rhyd when he decided to call everyone a Fascist.

If anything, I’m fighting the fools. But the fools just won’t stop fighting.

4- Don’t associate with anyone destructive or harmful.

“Censure not any if he be of grave repute; stand not up to take part in a brawl; have naught to do with a madman or a wicked one.”

Marxist anti-capitalists desire the destruction of “systems of oppression,” the destruction of law, government, and the economy. Chris, you’re breaking your own maxim here. You desire to be a destructive person, harmful to the things millions of people rely on to live.

5- Never bully.

“Two-thirds of thy gentleness be shown to women and to those that creep on the floor (little children) and to poets, and be not violent to the common people”

Might I remind everyone that Chris has apparently been running around places calling me and Jo from Upsal’s Guarden racists and white supremacists? And I think he called Krasskova one too, because she was reposting our stuff. Because we both support western “white” culture and it’s freedom to exist without harming anyone else, in the face of Marxist aggression.

Oh, and advocates violence without limits via honor because that would get in the way of achieving utopia.

I’d call that bullying.

6- Don’t exaggerate accomplishments or feed your ego through false bravado.

“Utter not swaggering speech, nor say thou wilt not yeild what is right; it is a shameful thing to speak too stiffly unless that it be feasible to cary out thy words”

Well, that’s pretty different.

At least Chris doesn’t seem to have been making false bravado. Well, unless you count him calling himself a warrior when he refuses to fight. And expects everyone else to do the fighting for him. Or just hand him stuff because “it’s right.”


7- Never abandon your cause or your comrades.

“So long as thou shalt live, thy lord (meaning king or captain) forsake not; neither for gold nor for other reward in the world abandon one whom thou art pledged to protect.”

Well, I can see why he’d change this one. It’s mostly about respecting the authority of laws, oaths, and leaders you’re sworn to. And we just can’t have that. Gotta change it, for the glorious revolution.

Also, I kinda pointed out where Chris already threw a bunch of his anti-fascist friends under the proverbial bus. Oh, and Rhyd, with that whole “don’t whine about your poor childhood, we need to make this about the group.”

Chris, you’re doing a terrible job keeping to this code. No wonder you wanna live without one.

8- If you are in a leadership role, do not abuse the trust placed in you.

“To a chief do not abuse his people, for that is no work for a man of gentle blood.”

But I thought in our glorious anarchic revolution, there would be no leaders. Because leaders inherently oppress the people. By leading them. With power. Which is oppressive. Always.

Is it too much to ask for some damn consistency here?!?!

9- Spread no rumors and start no trouble.

“Be no tale-bearer, nor utterer of falsehoods; be not talkative nor rashly cesorious. Stri not up strife against thee, however good a man thou be.”

Well, you dun fucked that one hard.

dun fucked up

10- Don’t drink too much or abuse other substances that might cloud your judgment.

Be no frequenter of the drinking house, nor given to carping the old; meddle not with a man of mean estate.”

One, don’t tell me how to live my life.

Two, don’t tell me how to live my life.

Three, you can drink and smoke and do drugs as much as you want Chris. Yo judgement is so clouded, Thor thought there was an unscheduled thunderstorm in your area. It honestly ain’t gonna hurt you at all.

11- Be more inclined to give than to deny.

“Dispense thy meat freely; have no niggard for thy familiar.”



Chris, please be inclined to give me the silence of your voice, do not deny me the birdsong for your weak mettled words of excused violence.

12- Don’t force other people to pay attention to you.

“Force not thyself upon a chief, nor give him cause to speak ill of thee.”

too late

13- Never stop fighting until the struggle is over.

“Stick to thy gear; hold fast to thy arms till the stern fight with its weapon-glitter be ended.”

Doesn’t this violate number 12? I feel like this violates number 12.

Oh well, if you want a fight with no surrender, no quarter, and no mercy…Okay. I don’t think you know what that means, but at this point you’ve got a zealot’s bloodlust in your soul and none of us are going to be safe until you’re exterminated. By your own words. Just so you know, you did set the rules, not my fault if  you’re going to have to play by them later. If things actually get violent.

14- Always strive to be gentle.

“Be more apt to give than to deny, and follow after gentleness, O son of Luga.”

well, 14 certainly contradicts 13.

Also, you dun fucked up 14 too. Just saying. I lost count of how much of your own code you’ve already broken or argued for the breaking of. I’m pretty sure it was about three-fourths of it.

So, well done Chris…well done.

This code puts the emphasis on behaviors that build and maintain solidarity and contribute to eventual victory. That is its only purpose. There are other examples of wisdom-literature associated with ancient pagan warriors, and I’d encourage anyone interested in radical pagan warriorship to create their own interpretations. One line I particularly like comes from the Counsels of Cormac, an ancient Irish warrior king:

I was weak toward the feeble, I was strong toward the powerful.

You know, that’s not a bad quote. But then, I am going to answer you with my own quote from a man whose example guides me. Lucius Sulla:

“No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.”

Or perhaps this one, from Manowar’s King of Kings:

“Just as he returned goodness with good, so too, his justice and retribution were unfailing.”

I live by these quotes. Just as you claim to live by the one from Cormac.

As I interpret this, “feeble” is not an essential state. It simply refers to relative power in any given situation. If I have any strength or any courage, let me direct it only against the powerful. That’s the warrior path, and it stands in direct opposition to the cowardly and vicious tactics of terrorism. Terrorists deliberately avoid targeting the powerful and instead direct their violence against people who have no effective means of resisting them. This is true of all kinds of terrorists, including some who wear police or military uniforms.

Whatever strength we possess, let us use it only to resist unjust power.

You claim to desire to fight the strong.

So be it. The Strong will fight you.

You say that you wish to resist unjust power with all your strength?

The power you face is a Just Power.

You desire the destruction of Law. Of Order. Of Governments chosen by the people for themselves. You desire the destruction of economies made of free peoples acting freely. You desire to destroy that which others have built, take from them that which they own, to use any tactic, any means, you feel is needed to accomplish your destructive goals, fueled by your petty desires and pathetic envy.

You call for an unjust war, you call for unjust actions, you call for injustice upon people simply because they possess things and live by rules you find abhorrent…


You are injustice. You are terrorism. You infiltrate, oppress, terrorize, and pollute. You fill people’s hearts with envy, greed, and fear. You tell them to take from others what those people have lawfully gained. You tell them that any means, including murder, rape, and butchery will be acceptable as long as they build solidarity for the group and end with the destruction of your foes.

You are no warrior.

You have no justice.

You are a cowardly dog, who desires the blood of others, but is too frightened to do more than growls and whimper.

Call me any names you like, worm. All your insults will mean nothing in the face of what you truly are. Old women have more strength in their sinews than you do. Babies speak wiser words than yours. And the dishonored dead have far more honor than you could possess in a thousand lifetimes.

Cling to your Goddess Bridged, for as long as she will have you, and your cowardly, honorless, blood thirst. Pray you do not meet Bellona, Mars, Thor, Odin or any other God of War on the road. Pray that true warriors never find you on a field of battle. Pray you do not find yourself in Hela’s halls.

Because they will not be so kind to you as I have been this day.


Bellona Invicta