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You know when you say something and someone decides to take it completely out of context so as to prove the validity of their point…only to really prove the validity of yours instead? Yeah, I didn’t think that happened all that much either, but apparently I’m dealing with a man whose madness doesn’t just lie in his eyes.

The Face of Reason, apparently

The Face of Reason, apparently

Now, I am all for rocking the mad wizard look if you can get away with it, but seeing as Wizard is linked to Wise linguistically, I think Chris has officially gone for just the “mad” part and sacrificed the wise. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s sacrficed the warrior to merely run around like a whining child pitching a fit. I am of course, speaking of his response to my response to his response of my response to his orignial post about going to some anti-Trump protest with the desire to “shut it down.

mother-of-god-super-troopersYeah, I know, we’re getting mother fucking Inception here. So let’s get deeper into: “None of us are going to be safe until you’re exterminated…”

And…we’re already into problems. See, Chrissy boy here is refering to something I said in my Warrior’s Will Part 4. Except that, if you follow punctuation rules, he has put the “…” at the wrong end. See, what he should have put is”…none of us are going to be safe until you’re exterminated.”

“Lucius!” you might ask, “why would you say such a violent and horrible thing!?”

Well, mostly because I was responding to Chris calling for a total war without surrender, mercy, or quarter.

chris scott thompson never stop fightingI’m sorry, but when you say “I will never stop fighting until the struggle is over,” and that struggle is the complete destruction of government, rule of law, and capitalism to be replaced with a radical marxist government…you’re basically saying “I’m not going to stop until these things are completely destroyed.” At which point, anyone who is standing and even fighting in support of those things cannot expect any essence of safety in their lives at all until that threat to their way of life is completely gone.

As you can see, I’m not making any threat. I’m stating a simple fact. If Chris and his friends will not stop fighting as long as they live to accomplish their goal of complete societal destruction, than as long as they live they will fight to destroy everything they find offensive. The only way to end the destruction is…you guessed it. Their non-existance.

It’s a bit like a rapist telling a woman “I will never stop hunting you down and raping you,” and the claiming the woman threatened his life because she says “then i will never be safe as long as you life.”

burn picardSo, you know, well done there Chris. Damn Crybully.

Now just to be clear, I am not advocating anyone go out and kill Chris. Because that would be pointless. At this point he’s all talk, no bite, and his “fight to the bitter end” appears to be hiding behind his children while he pounds away furiously at his computer.

6et1opSo let’s carry on to the actual piece.

“None of us are going to be safe until you’re exterminated.”

That’s a line from a four-part blog post written entirely about me and the writing I do for Gods and Radicals.
I’m going to be talking about violence in this article, so if that’s likely to be difficult for you I would just like you to know ahead of time.

Actually, it was a four part piece about his ideology and reasoning for the “moral” use of violence to bring about the Revolution. Oh, and how the ends justified the means, so any tactic and strategy was morally good so long as it brought about said Revolution and the destruction of Government, Rule of Law, and Capitalism.

So…I see we’re just making more shit up here Chris. It wasn’t about you, it wasn’t ever about you (except for you calling for basically murder and treason). In fact, the only one who made this about you is you, because apparently you are your ideology and any attack on a treasonous, murderous, destructive ideology is an attack on you.

Also, I love the fact that he has to put a “Trigger Warning” on a post to a bunch of radicals wanting to overthrow all of civilization.

See, this is why I don’t make threats. They fucking trigger themselves! It’s hilarious! The instant anyone calls them on anything, hell, the instant even one of their own talks about something “problematic” they all shut down and start screaming for help. XD

And these are the warriors of Marx?

I’m sure most of you are aware that Gods and Radicals has been getting a lot of criticism ever since we posted that article on the New Right. Some of that criticism has been intense, but that’s not a problem. Readers  have every right to call us out if they have an issue with something we’ve done.

Oh yeah, that’s why you’re writing this massive fap piece to try and regain your manhood after threatening Krasskova and hiding behind your kids didn’t work. Oh, and the gross use of an out of context quote that was calling you out on your advocation of unlimited violence to support your glorious revolution.

badass facebook

I hope you’ll agree with me that calling for the “extermination” of our writers is a very different matter.

How was It I put it a second ago, oh yeah:

It’s a bit like a rapist telling a woman “I will never stop hunting you down and raping you,” and the claiming the woman threatened his life because she says “then i will never be safe as long as you live.”

Gods & Radicals advocates for the complete destruction of our Government, our Economic System, our Rule of Law, and for the examination and purging of Ancestral Pagan Religions of anything they deem “harmful, exploitative, hierarchical, or otherwise inegalitarian, including any sacred system and deity that does not agree with Marxist teachings,” and Chris states that he (and advocates for others to follow him) is never stopping the fight until their goals are accomplished in this regard.

But I’m the monster here. Because I’m stating a fact based on his own words and position.

resting bitch face

One of the things that drew me toward Gods and Radicals in the first place was that Rhyd Wildermuth and I have similar backgrounds. We both know what government cheese tastes like, we’ve both struggled with a lot of the same issues and we’ve come to similar conclusions about what’s wrong with this society. I’ve always thought of Rhyd as a person I could trust, because he’s seen what I’ve seen and he knows what I know.

Oh boy. Then you are not going to like it if I publish a little bit of research I did about your Glorious Leader.

Also, you should check your privilege. I didn’t even get to eat cheese growing up, governmental or otherwise. And I’m sorry, but do you think your childhoods of governmental cheese would have been improved if you had no government to provide you with said cheese? The logic here is baffling. “I had to rely on the government to help me survive my childhood, so I’m going to grow up and destroy the government.”

Talk about literally biting the hand that fed you.


Rhyd’s a better person than I am, though. As far as I can tell, he never lost his ethical center even in the hardest of hard times. That’s not me. It took me a lot of years to figure out who I really wanted to be.

And apparently you settled on being an honorable warrior (no…that’s not right), a violent revolutionary (no…that’s not right either), an armchair philosopher who advocates that other people go out and wage total war to exterminate government, capitalism, and rule of law with absolutely no ethical boundaries, while he sits safely at home with his little girls (ahhh, perfect).

You know, I might have a very low opinion of Rhyd’s ethics and character at the moment, but you’re right Chris, he does manage to be a better man than you who holds onto his ethical center. You apparently have no ethical center and have no problems outright lying about what I mean when I made that statement in regards to your call for a war without honor or humanity. Rhyd hasn’t sunk that low yet.


For a lot of people, violence is something from outside normal life. You hope it never comes in and invades your life, and if you’re lucky it never will. When I was growing up, violence was an absolutely normal part of my daily life. No one I knew when I was a kid ever expected to be safe from it or to be able to avoid using it themselves. You expected to have to fight every day or run every day. You ran if you could, and you fought if you had to.

Wow Chris, way to make your childhood sound like a warzone.

Also, yes, people are not used to violence and if they’re lucky they will never have to experience it. So why are you trying to remove that luck by advocating for the violent overthrow of civilization to be replaced with an anarchic communist society ruled either by mob-violence or no rule at all except “keep what you kill?”

I mean, so far in this post you seem to have advocated denying future children the aid of government cheese and now you want to subject them to the warzone that was your own childhood. Honestly man…I’d talk to a psychiatrist if I were you. You got issues.

That is not a universal experience among people who grew up in the lower classes in the United States, but it’s not uncommon either.

When I was a kid, I once asked my father about the concept of a “fair fight.”

He could be a scary guy when he wanted to. He used to train racehorses at Rockingham during the heyday of Winter Hill, and his nickname on the racetrack was “Psycho.” So his response kind of surprised me.

“I hate violence, son, I really do. So if you give me no choice but to use it, the last thing I am ever going to give you is a fair fight.”

Well his father sounds like a lovely man. Also, I was not under the impression that training racehorses during the heyday of horse-racing would be a “low income” job. But hey, maybe I’m wrong. I don’t delve that much into horse racing and its economics.

But his father is reasonable here. The last thing you ever want is a fair fight. Fair fights mean you have a greater chance to lose, get injured, or even killed. Any sound tactician wants to stack the odds as much in their favor as possible.

So…what does this have to do with anything?

We ended up far away from all that, homesteading in the woods on a dirt road with no electricity or running water. But the things I’d experienced as a kid stuck with me. As a young man in the hardcore punk scene in the 1990s I saw a lot of violence. I once got hit in the face so hard my head broke the window behind me. Another time I was shocked with an electric cattle prod and then had mustard squirted directly in my eyes when I fell down.

You got to homestead? That…uh…doesn’t exactly sound “lower class.” I mean, don’t get me wrong, living without electricity and running water sucks (I’ve done that myself for a bit), but typically it takes a fair bit of money to get the land to go homestead out at the end of a dirt road. Unless you’re in Alaska, maybe. Continental USA though, I get the impression that all the land is bought up and there’s not really any “homesteading” to be done like there was in pioneer days. If there is though, please let me know because that sounds fucking awesome.

And I’m not going to question the “violence” Chris faced in his 90’s punk days (though it does explain why he talks like a mutant turtle half the time). But I do have to wonder what the hell he was doing in a few of those events. I mean getting hit with a cattle prod implies he was either fighting the police or…he was messing with some farmer who grabbed the closest weapon he could. And I’m sorry, but getting mustard squirted in your eyes after you “fell down?”

Cops do not use mustard as a crowd control device. Which tells me you were in a fight with another civilian, somewhere that table condiments were readily available. Forgive me if I do not assume this “mustard” incident involved any battle of great honor, but rather a petty squabble you apparently lost inside an eating establishment.

So it took me a long, long time to really understand what my father was saying about violence. I didn’t know enough to hate it, because it was just too normal to me. By the time I was ready to stop fighting, I was almost ready to have kids of my own. And by that time I had a lot of horrible memories.

21678119Funny, I understood what his father was talking about ages ago. Probably why I do not seek out violence in the street or tend to hang out with violent people. But hey, Chris lived his life, the way he wanted to. He got out there and he fought for shit.

And now he’s a grown man with children and he understand that sometimes its better to get other people to fight for you rather than fighting for yourself. And that’s okay. I mean, I’m not sure I’d consider it completely honorable seeing as he’s not even showing up to the field of battle, but sitting in his castle while warriors go to fight for him, but hey, it’s important that the kings be safe. I mean, what kind of idiot king leads from the front and earns the true respect of his men, am I right?

But it’s okay Chris, we understand. I’m sure we’d all have horrible memories too if we “fell down” only to get mustard squirted in our eyes.

Ray Liotta Laughing In Goodfellas

But he was absolutely right. Violence is disgusting, and that’s all there is to it. Deliberately hurting another living being when you don’t have to is a repulsive thing to do, and it has a poisonous effect on both the victim and the perpetrator – for the rest of their lives.

Then why did you write what I believe was a four thousand word post about how using violence was morally ethical if it brought about the revolution? I mean bloody hel man, it took me four posts to go through that thing. And every single one ended up with the same content from you: “The ends justify the means, do not allow honor to blind you to the needed actions for the revolution.”

Fucking Hela man, if you honestly believe violence is disgusting, the fuck are you doing advocating for so much violence and the overthrow of civilization?

I’ve been studying a martial art for more than fifteen years now, but I haven’t thrown a punch outside of training in ten. When I say I’m committed to nonviolence, it’s not hypothetical. I know what violence really is, and I hate it as only those who know it can hate it.

No, you just appear to be very committed to encouraging the violence of others. Which, sure, you’re non-violent because you’re not throwing any of the punches. But the man who incites the mob isn’t better than that mob simply because he doesn’t follow them as the burn, loot, maim, and murder.


But that doesn’t mean I won’t defend myself if I have no choice. The phrase “None of us are going to be safe until you’re exterminated” isn’t satire or hyperbole. It is a violent threat.

I honestly can’t tell if Chris is this “self blind” or if he is deliberately being this dishonest.

Chris, you argue for the destruction of all civilization. Do you think that is not a violent threat? You threaten my government, which I along with everyone else who has ever said the pledge of allegiance, have sworn to uphold. It is my duty as a citizen of this Republic to defend her from those who wish to destroy her. You threaten my economy, to take away from me my job, to take from my family their jobs. To take from lawful citizens their jobs, their ability to make a living and support their families. You threaten to destroy the rule of law, something I am bound to by deific nature, magics, and domain.

You threaten the lives of every man, woman, and child of my nation. You threaten to take from them their government, their civilization, their cultures, and forcibly convert them to your own. You threaten that you will never stop fighting until you have accomplished this goal.

You threaten so that the only way the world, and my nation, would ever know safety is if you are made thus that you can no longer fight in any capacity.

But to state, not as satire, not as hyperbole, but as an objective fact that by your own words that since this is the case, no safety can be found without your extermination, is the violent threat that crosses the line?

I’m not concerned about the blogger who wrote those words. He was obviously ranting, and not to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, one of the white supremacist groups he speaks positively of has a chapter in my home state, and I cannot know who might choose to act on his threats.

triggy puffYou know why you’re “not concerned” I might do something Chris? I’ll tell you why. It’s because you realize, in some deep, dark part of you that you will never admit exists, you know I’m right, my words were right, and that I’m too much of a lawful, decent person to hunt you down.

You don’t fear me because you know I’m the kind of person you don’t have to fear. Not because I’m a blow hard who talks big and does nothing (that’s you), but because I honestly will obey the law that says not to murder your traitorous ass. However much your ass might deserve a good pounding.

Under the circumstances, I consider this to be a death threat in retaliation for my writing on this site, and I will be taking appropriate precautions to ensure my physical safety and that of my family. One of those precautions is to let people know what’s been going on, and to reiterate that I will not initiate force under any circumstances – but I will be ready to defend myself if I need to.

george-bernard-shaw-dramatist-martyrdom-the-only-way-a-man-can-becomeAnd I’m pretty sure if it came down to it in a court of law, your post here would constitute a far greater threat to my personal safety than one line taken out of context does for yours. In fact, throughout this entire piece I have been wondering if I shouldn’t be sharpening up my blades and getting ready to defend myself.

I mean, you can caviot it here as much as you like Chris, but you are literally saying that my words could inspire someone else to violence and so I need to be silenced. And given that your entire warrior post was about how “any means are justified to achieve the end,” I can only assume that means you’re perfectly fine if one of your readers goes off the reservation and comes and kills me to shut me up.

Because I made fun of you, bodyslamed your ideology into the ground, and showed everyone just how immoral you are in your treasonous desire to destroy all of civilization.

So really, you’re guilty of the crime you claim I am committing.

I hope you’ll stand with me and speak up against these disgusting threats. No matter how you feel about Gods and Radicals, this is unacceptable. Disagreeing with us is one thing. Condemning us is one thing. Suggesting we should be killed is something else. Anyone who promotes or supports this sort of contemptible behavior is personally responsible for the consequences.


Chris has slandered me. He has slandered my people. He has slandered other people. He makes these slanders without evidence, to fit his strong feelings. He has spent this post slandering me and everyone else who points out the violence of his rhetoric. By his own standards, he has just given a death threat to anyone who has dared to disagree and/or condemn his position and it’s beliefs.

People who have pointed out or shared his moralization of unlimited violence. Who have commented or shared those comments about his treasonous words calling for the destruction of state, law, and economy. Who point out that we are not safe as long as he is allowed his violence.

Not that we’re going to do anything about it. So far he hasn’t done anything violent (more is the pity), which means he is protected by the Law. So I and others like me cannot and will not attack him. What others do is their business. I can’t stop them.

At this point…I wouldn’t either. Like Batman jumping off the train to let Ra’s al Ghul fall to the death he created by his own hands. Not after he just spent an entire post whipping people, who he has informed they can do anything they want so long as it furthers the goal of revolution, into a fucking feeding frenzy.

Chris calls for treason, destruction, violence, and murder. He literally wrote an entire post inciting people to an amoral, dishonorable style of violence and insurrection. Anyone can read it. Everyone can see it. Yes, I pointed it out with some sharp words and dank memes, but it’s there, plan as day, in Chris’s own words.

Destroy everything, never stop until all that remains is the glorious revolution.

But I’m the one who “crossed the line.”

dumb assIf anything happens to Chris, it will not be by my hands or by my words. It will be by his words, and his words alone.

I won’t kill you Chris. And unlike you, I won’t even ask for anyone to do it for me.

I just don’t have to save you.

batman4But before I go, I have one last thing to say.

If the defense of my people is a violent threat to your existence Chris. If me saying that my people will never be safe as long as you live. If my words, spoken as warning to my people, are a violent threat to you and your family…

What does that say about your existence, your actions, and your beliefs, Chris?

bellona_by_athenaasa-d9htnzaHere I stand, Son of Helheim. Descendant of Germania and Rome. With my Goddesses beside me and my people behind me. I stand against you at the border of my people’s lands. I shall not invade, but I shall not pull back. Crash against my shield if you wish, Barbarian Coward, but you will find that I do not cower in the face of threats.

I do not hide behind children, my own or others. I do not incite a mob to spill blood for me. I do not moralize that any action can be taken to further my ends. I leave such cowardly behavior to you.

I may not be a warrior Chris, but I am a man, and a far more noble, brave, and honest man than you could be in a thousand lifetimes. I will show you how a true man lives and maybe I will show you how a real man dies, if you decide to carry out your own threats against me.

But since these are the rules you have set, let me make you this promise. IF any of your readers come after me and mine. If anyone inspired by your words seeks to harm me, my family, my friends, my co-workers, or anyone else I care about, I will hold you personally responsible.

Consider this Mutually Assured Destruction then, Chris. You don’t push the button, I don’t push mine.


Bellona Invicta