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So far in this little run where I’ve delved into the necromancies being worked with the souls slain at Pulse, Orlando, we’ve seen how necromancy can bring about self awareness (Halstead) and how it can reveal the cuckoldry of ethics some people are willing to engage in to prove how noble and moral they are (Swiss). But today, we’re going to look at a special kind of necromancy being worked.

The Nationalistic Moral Granstander.

See, I’m all for a bit of nationalism in my people. I like people to have pride in where the come from, pride in the cultures they are born to. Sure, it might just be an accident of birth, but you’re still put there and you’re still given the option of taking some pride in carrying on the tradition. Now, too much and you go around killing people, or worse…standing over the bodies of the slain of one nation to proclaim how noble and pure your nation is instead.

Much like Bekah Evie Bel does in her piece: We Don’t Have Mass Shootings

I don’t know a lot about what happened in the mass shooting in Orlando this week.  People died, more than 50 I have read, many people were hurt, more are devastated and traumatised.  I don’t really need to know much more than this.  That’s all that matters for someone who is not actually affected by the incident.  Who, why, how don’t matter when all I need to know as an outsider is that over 50 people are dead and more are injured or traumatised for life.

Ah, so already I see we’re going with a kind, compassionate, and intelligent opening:

“I’m an outsider, so I don’t really need to know the details of why this tragedy occurred, I just need to know it happened.”

Well, Ms. Bel, permit me to give you the information you seem to not care about. About fifty people were killed, another fifty or so were maimed, an unknown number of people were traumatized, when an Islamic Terrorist decided that he was gonna go kill him some gay people in the name of Allah.

Or, if you want to go with Tom’s logic, a repressed gay man lashed out against his oppressors who were living openly gay lives while he had to repress his homosexual desires, and therefore was a good boy, who dindu nuffin.

dindu nuffin 7But let’s go ahead, let’s see why Ms. Bel doesn’t have to know about the who, the what, or the why.

We don’t have mass shootings.

Some people in Australia like to take situations like this as a chance to wax eloquent about our stringent gun laws and point out how superior we are for having those laws.

eb3ddf61413bd70e04eba416057e9f29Ms. Bel, apparently, is going to be one of those people who waxes eloquent about her nations stringent gun laws then.

So a woman who doesn’t care about the who, the what, or the why of a mass shooting is now going to pretend like she has any knowledge of the who, the why, or the what when it comes to why America has the gun laws that it does. And that she has the ability or place to comment on those laws when she is a) not an American Citizen, B) probably biased about gun ownership to begin with, and c) using the souls of dead people she doesn’t care enough about to know why they were murdered to grandstand about how awesome her gun free country is.

Bravo, Bel, bravo. Why, I don’t think I’ve seen that level of moral bankruptcy since Enron. Maybe even Bill Clinton’s sex life.

I don’t like guns.  For numerous reasons.  They don’t matter.  My like or dislike of a weapon is irrelevant in the face of someone elses tragedy.  A lot of Australians don’t like guns.  It is still irrelevant.

And yet I have the distinct feeling I’m going to be reading an entire post about how your nation is better because of how they deal with guns. Despite these things being irrelevant. Because you’re in Australia, and this happened in America, because someone with Afghani heritage decided it was righteous to kill gays in the name of Allah.

irrelevant pointBut you know Bel, I would very much like to know something as much, if not more relevant to the situation as Australian’s feelings about guns. Since the motive is as much of import as the means…how do you Australians feel about Islam’s homophobia?

Australia hasn’t had any mass shootings (defined as 3 or more victims and not domestic violence related) since our gun buy back and law change in 1996.  Which, by the way, was prompted by a mass shooting.  We haven’t had any mass shootings, if you have Aussie friends on Facebook you have probably seen them point that out as though to say, “Told you so! You are all stupid in America! Do what we do! You should have done so long ago!”  There are memes about it by the way.  Yeh.  People in Australia have already made memes to point out our superiority, the tragedy has barely even happened and we already have memes – or at least twitter screenshots.

ausie dick


That’s not a meme. That is a dude, being a dick, gloating over dead people. Which, don’t get me wrong, you can totally make a meme about that, but a meme has to have art, creativity, pop culture references. Not an intentionally blank page mocking how Australia doesn’t have any mass shootings.

At least…not ones beyond those labeled “domestic violence.” Yeah, I noticed that little bit in there, Bel.

Also, while Australia doesn’t have a gun violence problem, it does apparently have an Islamic problem. I mean, a sixty second google search turns up such gems as:

Muslim Leaders in Australia Say Banning Terrorism Will Ban Islam

And this one:

Australian prime minister regrets inviting anti-gay cleric

Oh, and this lovely video from the Australian News. Please note the prevalence of the ISIS state flag.

I dread to think what I could find in five minutes.

islamophobia 2

We don’t have mass shootings.

But we do have gun related violence.  To get a gun here you need to go through some pretty full on security checks – got a conviction for anything? too bad, no gun for you – to get licensed.  You also need a good reason to have a gun.  Home protection is generally not good enough. Guns are not easy to buy either, sporting goods stores, hunting and camping places, gun shops themselves (but they are not everywhere) and some farming shops.  That is it and that is all.  You can assume that your local gas station attendant does not have a gun on them.  But you can get guns.  You can get licensed, you can buy guns and you can shoot people.

So, Australia is great because it’s stringent gun laws prevent mass shootings.

But they still have gun violence.


Huh, Bel, did you ever stop to think about why that might be? I mean, I know the who, the what, and the why are completely irrelevant to your life when it comes to your smug nationalism, but you might wanna think about that kind of stuff. I mean, Omar shot up a gay club because he was a homophobic Muslim who swore himself to ISIS, and I saw a lot of ISIS flags in that video of those “protests.” And I know that gay people live pretty openly in Australia, and that ISIS has promised attacks in every western country.

But Australia, land of perfect peace because they don’t have any mass shootings…still has gun violence! So all your stringent gun laws solved nothing. Sure, maybe no more than three people get shot at a time, but I’m not sure you’re in a position to be standing as a place of perfectly free of gun violence here.

I also love ho apparently, in Australia, home defense is not a viable reason to own a gun. I mean, maybe it’s just cause I’m a dumb, violent, American heathen but the entire reason we Americans are allowed our guns is to defend our homes and nation (even from that nation’s government). So, if you Aussies don’t even have the right to defend your own homes from invasion I have to ask…What rights do you even have?

You can also buy them on the black market, of course.  Or you can steal guns from other people, rob their homes.  I assume people out to do no good also have no qualms with robbing other people.

But you assume that the problem with American Mass shootings is that we allow people to buy guns.

Not that the people committing mass shootings have no qualms about killing large numbers of people. I mean, bloody Hel, one of the biggest mass murderers was Timothy McVey, and he didn’t even use a gun. He used a fucking truck bomb.

13394064_1105668562805166_8390923371074329376_nBut nooooo, guns are the problem and Australia is perfect because it doesn’t have that problem. So stupid Americans, why don’t you follow in the footsteps of Australia and become a perfect, crime free haven?

I’m not missing the irony of a reformed prison colony lecturing my nation about how to live a moral and lawful life, btw.

We have gun violence.  We have hostage situations.  We have domestic mass shootings.  We have a relatively high level of murder in this country that doesn’t rely on guns.

SEE, what did I tell you about the “domestic mass shootings.”

“Well, you see mate, Australia’s superior to you yanks because all our mass shootings are between family members. We’ don’t go out and kill a bunch of strangers, we just kill our families and friends.”

So Australia still has gun violence (these gun laws do nothing to stop). There’s still hostage situations. Plenty of inter-family killing.

Oh, and apparently a very high murder rate that relies on beating each other to death with blunt objects and stabbing each other with knives, rather than shooting each other. But hey, that just proves how morally superior Australians are, because they use weapons that aren’t clumsy and random like guns, they’re using weapons from a more civilized age!

obi wan 1Bloody Hel, you murder each other by brute force, but you want to speak of the barbarity of guns?

But we don’t have mass shootings.


We have a good welfare system.  We have an okay system for those who are disabled.  We have an amazing healthcare system that cost me under a few hundred dollars to be pregnant and give birth.   True these things are under attack at the moment, but we have them.  For now.   We have less of a pay gap between men and women too apparently.  Our politicians are, for the most part, Christian, but despite Christianity being the highest percentage religion in Australia (and that doesn’t tell you the percentage of church goers vs meh, I was baptised I think) we are actually not a Christian country.

Right, let’s break this down.

America has a massive welfare system. But that had nothing to do with this…or really any, mass shooting in the last three decades.

America, I believe, has a pretty fantastic system for our disabled. At least, judging by how many people I know of on disability. But again…this had nothing to do with the Pulse, or any other shooting.

America’s healthcare system has generally been one of the best in the world. Yes, you paid for it, and generally paid more than a few hundred dollars, but at the same time people from all over the world came to the US for medical treatment. I don’t recall ever hearing anyone saying “I’m going to Australia, their medicine is so much better than ours.” And again, this has nothing to do with any mass shooting.

And sure, I’ll buy that Australia has less of a pay gap between men and women over all. Because the US has 315+ Million people in it including some of the wealthiest people in the world, where as Australia has a population of 23.5 million, and does not have the “Captains of Industry” that the USA has to bring wealth and pay gaps to their nation. And again, this had nothing to do with the shooting.

And lastly, America is not a “Christian nation” either. It wasn’t founded as such, not by the Founding Fathers and not by anyone. Sure, some wish it to be so, but they are not the majority and IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SHOOTING, YOU JINGOISTIC RETARD!


not going to happen 1

These things matter.  I personally think they are better than the US, because, well, I am Pagan and cannot imagine living in such a Christianised place…

Jesus Christ you bigot.

It’s not that bad. I have the ability to believe and say whatever I want. I have the right to a gun so I can defend myself if someone decides to take issue with it. Most of the Christians around here aren’t that bad. If anything, they’re more scared of me and my Paganism than I am of their Christianity. I mean sure, they can be a bit up tight about stuff, but most of them aren’t nearly as morally authoritarian towards other people as say the Marxists or the Feminists are. I mean, sure, I do have to deal with Christian music on sundays and everyone’s always going off to church, but I’m certainly not going to hate on them simply because they like to practice their religion as much as I do.

But go ahead, just let the jingoistic and nationalistic bigotry that fills your heart flow out. But tell, me, could you imagine living in Saudi Arabia, or could you not imagine living in such an Islamist place? I just wanna see if you’re an equal opportunity bigot or if you’re one of those people.

dick 1

…And I like our privileges.  They matter because it shows a big difference between Aus and US, our societies are different – so what works here, would not necessarily work there

check-your-privilegeYou’re right, what works there will not work here.

Probably because you’re born from a bunch of criminals used to the state taking care of you and denying you the right to own things or defend yourselves, where as we Americans were born of free peoples who believed in freedom and who have the rights to say what we believe and to defend those freedoms and beliefs with violent force against those who would take them away.

See? I can do the nationalism thing too. It’s not hard. And the fact that my nation has about seven times the population of yours and magnitudes of wealth and power beyond your nations ken tells me that if we’re measuring dicks, well…Pugs have bigger dicks than your nation does. Female pugs.

So stop trying to tell us how to live our lives. You’re still killing each other with blunt force trauma and mass murdering your families. Which, I will point out, America is not known for having happen.

none my busines

…It’s entirely possible that copying our system (re: guns) will make things worse for you!  The things that make us different, makes it impossible to say that we are a good example of how to curb gun violence.  What’s that saying about apples and oranges and comparing them?

Then why have you masturbated out this incredibly sad bit of jingoistic nationalism? I mean, clearly you saw tragedy and decided “hey, this is a perfect time to make myself feel good about how much better my nation is!” but really, did you have to do it over the bodies of 100 dead and brutalized gay people?

man male orgasm o-face coming faceHonestly, Bel, you don’t care enough to learn about the situation. You clearly know nothing of America and its various philosophies, you seem to not even understand the first thing about mass shootings and why they happen, and you’ve just spent this entire post jacking off (or frigging off) onto your blog about how wonderful Australia is because instead of mass shootings, you guys just apparently mass murder your own family members and beat each other to death with…what? Rocks?

But we don’t have mass shootings.

Nope, you just have a nation of masturbatory grand-standers who get off on American tragedies. Fucking Hel, at this point I don’t think you’re really any different than the ISIS folks who cheered and celebrated the massacre. If anything, you might actually be worse. At least ISIS has the excuse of being a homophobic terrorist nation.

I am sorry that your tragedy is the platform used by other countries, including my own, to assert their superiority.

Then why did you do exactly that Bel?

Why did you do exactly that?

I am sorry that politics and political arguments show up within minutes after such a tragedy and doesn’t actually give you time to feel the tragedy.

No you’re not.

If you were, you wouldn’t have written that the fact were irrelevant and then proceeded to wax about how Aus is better in every way on earth.

I am sorry you have to endure the tragedy.

I am sorry your people are attacked like this.

I am sorry the LGBT+ community has endured this attack.

Fuck off, Bel. Fuck the Hell Off.

If you were sorry, you wouln’t be capitalizing on it for your jingoistic nationalism. If you were sorry, you would actually learn why this happened. If you were in any way sorry at all, you would be supporting their right to defend themselves from future attacks, not condemning an entire nation for allowing it’s people to possess the means to defend themselves because bad people do not care about the law!

look son 1

I am sorry these are issues you need to think about.

I am sorry that I am having to write this post and apologise for my own nations heartlessness in the face of your pain.

But we don’t have mass shootings.  And you do.

I am sorry that is more important to some Australians than the tragedy you have endured is.

We don’t have mass shootings.  And I wish you could say the same, whatever your gun laws are.

ausie dick 3Well, given that Bel doesn’t even care enough to research the issues involved in this shooting, I’m afraid she’s missed the point about issues we’re talking about.

See, this shooting was about the Islamic Homophobia of a repressed gay Muslim.

It had nothing to do with guns, it had nothing to do with gun laws. Omar didn’t go kill and maim 100 people cause we were “gonna take his guns away.” He murdered and maimed because gay people were insulting Islam and Allah with their homosexuality. He did it because he wanted to be a good Muslim boy and help ISIS.

None of which has anything to do with guns. Guns were the method, but he could have easily used some gasoline and killed a lot more people.

And Bel’s apologies is meaningless because she’s doing the exact same thing she’s “apologizing” for. I mean really, I’m getting battered wife symptoms here because she keeps punching even as she’s saying “i’m sorry, why are you making me hurt you?”

So you know what Bel, I wish we could say we don’t have mass shootings in the US too.

But we do not have the tendency to jingoistically gloat over the dead bodies of those killed by terrorists in other countries. And I wish you could say the same about Australia.


Bellona Invicta