In addition Rhyd also said the following in the same thread:

“Dionysos has yet to send a DMCA takedown notice for this writer’s adjectival use of His Holy Sacred Name.
We’d be happy to oblige…I’m sure He could just use the same forms He sent Nietzsche.

But actually…there are quite a few anarchists painting His name as graffiti on Christian churches here in France…maybe He is busy helping the riot police track them down for trademark violation?”

While I know little of the “mad god” personally, I’m pretty sure that he’s not going to do any legal action. However, if Rhyd turns up ripped to piece by his loved ones in typical Dionysian fashion, this deus of law is going to consider that legal claim to C&D.

Still, lovely to see our friends at “Gods and Radicals” are all about pulling the same kind of shit Atheists have been doing to Christians, and Christians have been doing to Pagans. The “Elijah Strategy” has always been one of utmost respect. Or whatever that prophet’s name was. 😛