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So today we’re going to be looking at The Death of Liberal Democracy? by Rhyd Wildermuth. Because if there’s any man qualified to speak about liberal democracy dying, it’s the man who quite often has called for its head. I’m sure maximum ironies are about to occur here.

On Friday, June 24th, 2016, a majority of people voting in a referendum in the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union.

On June 19th, 2016, the Mexican state began arresting and killing striking teachers in Oaxaca.

On June 17th, 2016, French workers filled the streets of every major city as part of a general strike against a new labor law.

First off, I would like to again congratulate the people of the UK for managing to take back their democratic and sovereign rights from the unelected oligarchy that is the EU. I know that initially there is going to be some confusion, but I have faith that the peoples of the UK, especially the English, will pull through with the same tenacity that has seen them through many centuries of hardships and greatness.

england memeHail to the Queen, baby.

Still, sorry to hear that teachers are being killed in Mexico. That sounds terrible. On the other hand, I’m always hearing about someone being killed in Mexico by either the Government, the Cartels, or the Government Cartels (or the Cartel Governments). So I’m not sure what these teachers are striking for…but hey, maybe Rhyd will tell us. While he’s at it maybe he’ll define what this new labor law is over in France.

Though each of these three events involved radically different circumstances, politics, and players, they are alike in one specific way: they are reactions to State power and its collusion with Capital.  That is, they are also crises of Liberal Democracy.

You know, I was going to go with “citation needed” but let’s be honest here. Raging Rhyd is a Communist, and to a Communist, everything looks like it’s the fault of Capitalism, because Communist countries never have these problems. Or any problems. Mostly because they kill anyone with a problem. So instead I’m going to go with this…

when-all-you-have-is-a-hammerWhich, I’ll be fair…Rhyd isn’t wrong here. From his point of view.

The UK leaving the EU is a crisis of liberal democracy. After all, if we did not have Liberal Democracies, the UK would have been unable to leave the EU and the EU would not be looking at the loss of one of its biggest cash cows. And Rhyd and friends wouldn’t be faced with the horrific nightmare of white people actually believing they have the righto self determination, their own culture, and the right to live their lives by their terms rather than as slaves to a “socially enlightened power.” All of which could have been prevented if only the UK hadn’t had access to this crisis inducing liberal democracy.

Now, since Rhyd has given no illumination as to the Mexico or France issues, I can only surmise that once again the issue arises from people believing that they have a democratic choice in voicing their beliefs (when obviously they shouldn’t) and that in the case of Mexico (which I don’t think has recently been accused of being anything near liberal or democratic) has decided to remind their people that democracy is not their right and kills them. As for France, well…at least they’re not being shot for thinking they have the right to protest.

But Comrade Rhyd is here to educate us on why this is bad, no doubt.

To compare the three may seem initially irresponsible…

Actually, to compare the three would be “irrationally stupid.” One is about national sovereignty in the face of an unelected oligarchy. One is about an authoritarian government killing schoolteachers for reasons our author does not deem to tell us. And the last one is the French…being French I guess.

So to say these three unrelated issues are all the same issue with the same cause is…irrational. But Hammers and everything being nails I guess.

I’m going to have to find more Illuminati memes for this one aren’t I?

illuminati meme 1

…Many people have died in the latest uprising in Oaxaca, while no one has died in France from the strikes. And despite a leader of the Brexit campaign stating that ‘no shots were fired’ in the movement to leave the European Union, one Labor MP was indeed killed by a far-right gunman for her insistence that the UK remain as part of the EU.

I’m just going to take a moment to breath in the fact that when a Muslim, who was a registered Democrat, butchers fifty Gay people in a Gay night club in the name of ISIS…Rhyd says nothing and the only post he allows to go live about it ends up being about transphobia and TERFS….but one person gets shot who happened to be on the “Remain” side of the UK debate and suddenly he’s happy to paint all of Leave as tainted with the bloodshed.

Islam is clean. Democrats get no mentions. Omar isn’t even talked about. But one MP gets killed and suddenly all of Leave is something to be looked down upon.

thinking 2Well, there’s really only one thing I can say to this. Way to be a fucking homophobe Rhyd. Nice to see you’ll sell out your own people Islam. Why don’t you just go ahead and convert. I’m sure they need the good news of Marx too.

Likewise, the movements in Oaxaca and France are being led by Leftists; in France, the uprising against the government’s Loi Travaille (which would significantly destroy hard-won worker protections) comes from Left and Far-Left unions and poltical parties, while in Oaxaca, the resistance comes from Leftist autonomist movements…

You know, I’m honestly getting the impression that Rhyd doesn’t even know what these things are about. He just saw the words “political left” and decided that they were automatically good and noble.

Also, he seems to have a double standard here. When these far left Mexican and French groups act to retain their autonomy and fight for their own self interests they’re good. But when the British decided to vote and retain their own autonomy and act in their own self interests…they’re bad.

thinking 1

…In the UK, however, the majority support for the exit vote came from the Right and Far-Right; in fact, the referendum was initiated by the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron in order to deal with divisions in his own party between reactionaries and more mainstream politicians. More so, the Brexit vote was heavily fueled by anti-immigrant (particularly anti-muslim) sentiment; in France, the far-right party (Front National) is a primary supporter of the Loi Travaille, and Oaxaca (as well as the rest of Mexico) has a net loss of population to immigration, rather than on account of it.

Rhyd, do not act like you don’t know why “immigration” is an issue in the UK. I know you read my blog years ago when I posted about this. I remember you getting on my case about “don’t give into the Islamophobia” and I responded by offering to show you the literal crates of evidence of mass child rapes, mass assaults, murders, sharia law zones, and other crimes and harms done by Muslim immigrants to the British people. And you ran away like a little bitch. You cannot possibly have missed all the new waves of crime that has been happening since the Refugee crisis has been going on.

So do not act like these “racist brits” are making their choices in any sort of a vacuum, Rhyd. They are literally watching their daughters be gang raped and their sons beaten in the streets. And fuck you for wanting them to bend over and take it. I know you like getting it up the ass, Rhyd, but it’s not right to push your sexual preferences on to other people.

alla rape 3

Obscured by these many differences, however, is the primary agent of the conflicts which led the UK to vote to leave, French workers to protest en masse, and Oaxacan teachers to risk getting murdered or disappeared.

Cuck 1Go ahead Rhyd. Tell us in your mighty wisdom what it is that causes all this horrible stuff.

In all three cases, the cause is Capital, and the primary agent of Capital is the State. And while French workers and Oaxacan teachers rose up to fight their government’s collusion with Capital, people in the UK (many with racist and xenophobic intentions) voted to strengthen their own government against the influence of foreign Capital while—frightfully–setting the stage for a vast reduction in government protections for their own minorities.

at first 2So Mexico and France are good because they fight against their governments.

But the UK is bad because it fought back against another government trying to take them over.

Funny, I thought Rhyd was against Imperialism and Colonialism, and yet here he is crying tears of rage over a Nation successfully staving off imperial colonization.

Oh, and Rhyd, that “vast reduction in government protections for minorities” business is bullshit. All it will mean is that when a Muslim rapes a woman, he’ll be punished. When a Muslim beats up a gay man, he’ll be punished. When a Muslim steals, assaults, or otherwise commits a crime, they could now be punished, where as before they would be covered for and their victim punished. And honestly, Rhyd, I don’t know why you hate women and gays so much that you want to see they’re attackers go unpunished.

Sounds like you got some serious internalized misogyny and homophobia there my man. But peace bro, nothing but love. Love Trumps Hate, after all.

trump enemies

All of these cases are symptoms of the impending death of Liberal Democracy, and a crisis of Capital. For Pagans, queers, transfolk, disabled folk, people of color, immigrants, and every other minority who relies upon the State for their protection, this should be very worrying—and also a wake-up call to build something more resilient, and soon.

Holy shit he’s got Syphilis.

I mean, that’s the only explanation I’ve got for these raving lunacies. Well, except maybe Dionysus actually did issue a DMCA in the best way he knows how. I mean, look at this. Rhyd is saying that anyone who is not a white, cis, heterosexual white person needs to band together and create some form of unified organization to defend themselves from…presumably all the white, cis, heterosexual white people that will no doubt come for them in the night.

I mean, what other explanation is there for why a person dedicated to fighting against racism, sexism, and genderism to be guilty of such blatant racism, sexism, and genderism if not for brain rotting bacteria obtained via unprotected sex. I mean, it couldn’t be that he’s honestly a sexist and a racist who hates an entire group of people and believes they should be subjugated, their cultures destroyed, and their way of lives erased simply because of their skin color and sexual orientations…could it? That’s got to be impossible.

laughing picard

To understand how to do this, though, we must understand the relationship between Capital and the State, and before that, we need first to look at what Liberal Democracy is.

Go ahead Rhyd, I cannot wait to see what you think a liberal democracy is. But everyone is going to have to wait for Part 2. I’ll be honest, I’m expecting chronomancer space lizard overlords.


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