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So we’ve had six days of Rhyd being a lying prophet about capitalism, liberalism, democracy, and liberal democracy. But while we’re dealing with that, more stuff about the Transgender issue popped up due partially to my posts on the subject, as well as the ongoing discussion. So we’re going to hop back in time a bit and check it.

So apparently Eric DuPree of Patheos (yes, that guy who believed in cursing people because he didn’t like what punishments they were handed lawfully), decided that he was going to give Barrett of the recent trans/bio debate a platform upon which to tell her side of the story. Because, apparently, not everyone is 100% an asshole.

Until everyone is 100% an asshole and screamed at him enough for him to take it down. At which point he apologized (I might go over that as well). But apparently this apology wasn’t enough, which brings us to the post we’re looking at today, Peter Dybing’s CALLING IN ERIC

Dybing starts his post with a picture and quote from MLK jr. A man who would…probably have sided with Barrett and who would likely be ashamed of the lack of tolerance and acceptance that Dybing is about to spew forth.


The recent post by Eric Dupree giving voice to the hateful TERF viewpoints of Ruth Barrett has caused quite a stir in our blessed community. It has been great to witness the collective reactions of my co-religionists. It seems we have finally arrived at a place where voices of hate are confronted, discredited and given no quarter in our public discourse.

You can always tell who is on the right side of tolerance, diversity, and mercy by the fact that they “will give no quarter,” when it comes to the conflict they are undertaking. Now, because that is an old expression whose meanings may have been lost to time given the uneducated nature of our population, I will explain it.

Give No Quarter” means “kill without mercy, even those who have surrendered.” It is, under the modern laws of warfare…also a war crime.

So I want to break this down. Dybing here starts off by using a derogatory slur (TERF) for his opponents, declares them hateful in his sight, a plague upon our “blessed community,” and insists that they be confronted and given no quarter should they be found.

Oh dear.

feels bad man

It has taken a long time to establish that voices of TERF transphobic hate deserve the same treatment that those of the KKK and white supremacists get. It does seem that we have coalesced around a healthy community ethic of confronting bigotry and that’s great news!

Yeah…if you’re community is in the habit of cleaning groups of people out of it without mercy and with no surrender respected…I’m not sure I’d consider that great news or a healthy community.

I mean, what if it was the Bio-centrists who were winning the debate, I wonder how Dybing would feel about seeing this from that perspective.

It has taken a long time to establish that voices of “Transsexual” Misogynist hate deserve the same treatment that those of the KKK and white supremacists get. It does seem that we have coalesced around a healthy community ethic of confronting misogyny and that’s great news!

Yeah, can’t say that sounds all that much better. Of course, I have the feeling it’s going to get worse.

Frankly, I was going to sit this one out, the voices of the transgender community have been strong, empowered and on point…

Unlike the voices of the biogender community who have been castigated, silenced, and censored.

Remind me who is the oppressed group again? I’m honestly having a hard time with this one.

thinking irony

…There seemed little point in adding the views of another old white guy. Mr. Dupree’s extremely flaccid “half apology”, however, brings me to a place where I realized the truth in the saying that:

“Those who are silent in cases of oppression have chosen the side of the oppressor”


So we have Dupree (who I do not like), giving a voice to Barrett and the bio-centrists (who I do not like) after their voices have been harassed and censored (which I do not like) and we have Dybing (who I’m starting to not like) championing the cause of the trans-community (who I don’t like) that has been systematically silencing and demanding the firing of the bio-centrists from their jobs (which I do not like).

And Dybing is insisting he’s on the right side and has to speak, because to keep silent in the face of oppression is to chose the side of the oppressor.

Despite the fact that it’s the voices of the bio womyn who are being silenced and oppressed out of their jobs by the trans community and it was DuPree who was standing up and giving a voice to the oppressed and silenced. And now DuPree has been forced to take down his article (censorship) with what can only be described as oppressive force by the trans community and its allies.

none my busines

His evoking of my name in his rambling, self-justifying post leaves me little choice, but to respond. Below is my open letter to Eric; my intent is to call him in as he seems oblivious to the anti feminist, transphobic rhetoric that he has swallowed hook, line and sinker!

“call him in.” Is that like a sports term or something? I tried googling it but there are so many slang phrases out there I can’t remember them all. Still, this sounds like Dybing is wanting to drag DuPree off the “field” and get him some “re-education” and remove these evil, sinful thoughts from his head.

Room_101Well, where I don’t get the cultural references of “pull him in” I do get the irony of claiming that the rhetoric of a bunch of radical feminists is in fact anti-feminist. Without reading the article itself, I can’t tell if DuPree swallowed it “hook, line, and sinker” (Hey, I understood that reference!), but I read someone commenting on it state that DuPree did not completely agree with Barrett, merely allowed her to speak. But apparently allowing people to say things you don’t believe yourself is now…believing in those things yourself.

What can you do?


Its been awhile since we have spoken, from time to time I have read your work and have been moved on occasion, yet I stopped reading your blog regularly when it became clear that you have a great interest in validation from the community…

Unlike Dybing here who clearly needs no validation from the community what-so-ever.

That’s why he’s writing this open letter calling DuPree out, rather than sending it as a direct message. Because no public validation is needed. Nope. None at all.

…My Paganisim, in contrast, tends to seek to confront injustice, attempt to speak truth to power and generally rile up forces that are more than happy to seek to discredit me if they can.

Funny…that sounds like the Paganism DuPree was describing as his when he tried to justify punishing an already punished man with an entirely useless hex. In fact, from the sounds of it, both Dybing and DuPree both practice the same generic, unnamed “Goddess” style of Paganism.


Also, no offense to Dybing here, but…he’s on the side that is all riled up, seeking to discredit people, and silence those speaking truth to their power. Now look, I don’t like their “penis is evil” rhetoric in the slightest, but let’s be honest here. Which group has had the power to shut the other up? Which group is truly the oppressed in this situation.

the-gun-is-good-the-penis-is-evilHonestly, I’m thinking I need to get a calendar so I can track how long it is until the bio-centrics decide to embrace the first part of that meme. Because once again I will point out that the trans community has only managed to add to the stereotype the bios hold about “trans people wanting to invade womyn’s spaces.”

For me, following the Goddess is not a popularity contest but a life long effort to manifest some small scrap of her compassion upon the face of this planet…

Man seeking to “manifest some small scrap of her compassion” calls for “no quarter” to his ideological foes.


…It seems that you are aware of this considering your reference to me as an “Infamous” Pagan in your recent attempt to explain yourself to the community.

I begin to grasp the source of this “infamy” I think…

As to that statement, it seems you dug your self quite a whole and can’t seem to stop digging in a vain attempt to justify your actions. Here is a hint; apologies are most effective when they contain just two words!

“Fuck You?”

“Sod Off?”

“I Win?”

Also, give than Dybing has legislated “no quarter” there is no such thing as an effective apology at this point. An apology at this point would be a surrender, and as no surrender will be honored…what is the point?

Frankly, I don’t know why DuPree bothered to pull his interview. He had to know as soon as that once the first complaint came in, he was as good as “Dead.” Now, I don’t like DuPree, but the least he could have done is left it. This is like the noose going around your neck and blubbering out a “please forgive me” knowing they’re going to lynch you anyways.

Which I’ll admit, made me hesitate to say anything in this debate. But in the end, if no quarter is to be given, if we’re really going for proverbial war crimes and ideological genocide, then…yeah. I’m going to call out all the bad parties.

And like the old general said: “They’re in front of us, behind us, and to each side of us. Good, now they have no where to run.”

Bigots around the world have, for generations, laced their arguments with half-truths and supposed facts to make their positions sound reasonable. Always accompanied with a call for “so called” discussion and freedom of speech. They seek to get people to believe that they deserve a chair at the table of reasonable discourse. Nothing could be further from the truth. What you have done is no less than if you had invited the KKK to a discussion on justice for People of Color.

So this is the result of a life long effort to bring forth a small measure of the Goddess’s compassion?

“Fuck everyone I disagree with, they’re bigots with half truths and they deserve only to be silenced, not given a voice at the table because of ‘freedom of speech.’ Fuck them, fuck their rights, fuck their existence. End them all, no mercy given.”

Hmmm, you know, since there’s a Goddess, and there’s supposed to be a God (horned god?)* who is her opposite, her balance…I wonder what the “God’s Cruelty” would look like…horned god“Respect everyone, even those you disagree with, even if they’re bigots who speak with half truths. Do not silence them, but give them a voice at the table, because all speech should be free. Respect them, respect their rights, respect their existence. Let them live, with all mercies given, even as you live and believe differently to them.”

Shit, no wonder all these Goddess worshipers don’t talk about their God. He’s too damn cruel.

Still…maybe we could do with a bit of cruelty in this compassionate world…

feel 1

Frankly, I am stunned you were seduced by such a tactic. While I have drifted away from being a fan out your writing, I have always considered you a well-meaning person. I urge you reverse course, acknowledge having been duped into misogynist and anti feminist actions, commit to correcting your mistakes and move on.

budWow Dybing. Can you sound any more like a southern baptist? I mean, holy shit, but it sounds here like you believe feminism is the “one true faith” and you’re castigating DuPree here for stepping on the road to sin and devil worship.

Honestly, that’s a good comparison. Dybing is a good Christian Boy, and DuPree allowed a Satanist to come onto his blog and talk about Satanism. And now Dybing is horrified and sickened that DuPree allowed “this Satanist Filth” to spew its “hatred” and that DuPree agrees with this Satanist because he even spoke to a Satanist and allowed a Satanist any rights to speak their anti-Christian bigotry. And now DuPree needs to “clean himself up” and “reject Satan” and “return to the loving and compassionate faith of Jesus Christ.”

So burn the Satanist, that’s the only way to live in the compassion of Christ. Or too keep it accurate to Cybing: “Burn the Woman! That’s the only way to live in the Compassion of Feminism/The Goddess!”

Your original post makes clear how out of touch you are with Feminist thought, millions of Feminists have disavowed TERF views and do not consider them Feminist in any way. Feminists do not oppress others! Your framing of Ruth as a respected Feminist is outlandish!

Well, TERF means “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist” so…I’d say their feminists.

Or is this like how ISIS isn’t really Islam even though it’s literally named “Islamic State?” It’s really confusing, how all these organizations that say they’re something and believe in something apparently do not in fact believe in that something…because someone else says they don’t. Despite literally calling themselves that thing.

Also, I love the line: “Feminist do not oppress others!” Because, oh boy, is Dybing so very, very wrong about that. Hel, his own post proves he’s wrong about that. That or he’s not really a feminist. I don’t even have to bring up all the areas where “feminists” do in fact argue for and enforce oppression on people, because Dybing’s post of “compassion” is so full of oppression it’s outstandingly hilarious.

I mean, he’s literally calling for women and their allies to be oppressed and silenced “with no quarter” because of their views and gender identities.


Over the past few days you have been called many hurtful names, the community outrage is justified, those doing so cannot be blamed for their actions…

laughing picard“I swear officer, I couldn’t help but rape that woman. Her skirt was so short!”

“I swear officer, I couldn’t help but kill those gay people, they were sinning against Allah!”

“I swear officer, I couldn’t help but lynch that nigger, he was a nigger!”

“We couldn’t help but gas the Jews, they were exploiting the German people!”

Wow Dybing. Victim blaming. How very…feminist of you. What’s next, Barrett was “asking for it” too?

So apparently trans-women are people who cannot control their actions. But they’re women, just as much as bio-women. So women cannot control their actions because they’re women who have been insulted by other women. which means all women cannot control their actions when upset. But women deserve equal rights and can do anything a man does.

Even though men…typically are viewed as being able to be responsible for their actions and reactions and control themselves accordingly under all conditions, which is why they have the rights they do. Huh.

You know that sounds kinda sexist and misogynistic?

…I support them and their expressions of tanagable anger. As for me, I believe you were used by Ruth and duped into believing a bigoted narrative laced with seductive language. The only ethical choice you are left with is to renounce the idea that such views deserve consideration and declare your total and complete commitment to transgender rights

So Dybing supports:

1)  The Idea that Transwomen cannot be held accountable for their violent actions in response to an opposing view point.

2) He supports the actions they take in their violent, uncontrolled emotional states.

3) Barrett is a whore who seduced DuPree into giving her a place to speak and seduced him into “agreeing with her views.”

4) the “only ethical choice” is to ‘burn the whore’, scourge himself clean, and commit solely with all his being to the cause of “transgender rights.”

Which apparently include the right to censor anyone they disagree with, get them fired from their jobs, shut down all places that disagree with them, enact violence against woman, and then blame those women for the violence they the transgendered do.

yall mothers need satanUhhh, remind me again which one is the misogynistic hate group out to deny women’s existence and rights?

Cause I think I’ve lost the plot here…

Well, someone’s lost the plot…

Long ago I witnessed your drift towards the seductive pull of popularity, maybe as I noticed the movement I should have followed the sage advice of a path you follow:

“If you see the Buddha along the road, kill him”

Oh yeah, that’s a great idea. Believe in a Goddess of compassion, and then kill the loudest voice for compassion and tolerance when you meet him.

Truth be told, I looked that expression up and it’s an interesting concept about how if you “meet” something/someone on the road to enlightenment that “promises” to be enlightenment, you should “kill the idea” because it is not true enlightenment. Because an enlightenment that can be “known” like that is not the true enlightenment.

At which point Dybing is right. He should have killed the Buddha. Not because of the Buddha DuPree, which is the Buddha Dybing is talking about here, a once respected and “wise” person was a false Buddha. No.

Because the True Buddha in this case for Dybing is Feminism. He speaks of it as if it were a holy religion, incapable of doing wrong, with all the correct answers in life. He believes he has found “enlightenment” with feminism…but all his feminism is doing is urging him to cruelty, oppression, censorship…and the right to blame his victims as the “just cause” of his violence. It is a false Buddha…but one he has refused to kill.

Yet, it is your path, so I just moved away. Today you are at a crossroads, it is my sincere hope you find the courage to choose the path of social justice and immediately stop your attempts to justify your actions and simply and honestly apologize to the community.


“Believe as I believe, or you are evil. Repent your sins against my faith and worship it wholly, or else.”

Or to put it another way:

“Feminism is an ideology of compassion and tolerance. Destroy those who insult Feminism.”

“Stop trying to justify letting someone I hate speak.”

king arthurWell Dybing…you’re a real credit to your Goddess. I’m sure she’d be proud.

Shortly after Dybings post, Eric DuPree resigned from his Patheos column with a post titled “Dear Peter, et all….” I’m copying the text here for future references since his blog is apparently shutting down.

I’m Sorry.


Alone In Her Presence will no longer be active on Patheos, and is scheduled for dormancy effective July 30th.  The pull of popularity has never been the objective of this writing platform and has spiraled into a place that is no longer feeding my soul, my readership, or the conversations of faith that serves the Pagan community. I am grateful to a circle of writers whose names remain nameless, but whom I thank for initial platform, sharing, and community many years ago. I’m sorry. I made a mistake. 

This will be the last post by me. There are some feminist writers who may choose to publish their Feminist 5 interviews which is at their discretion.

I leave it to you, noble reader, to decide for yourself who is right, and who is wrong.

As for me, well. I am of Helheim, and of the Dead. Sometimes a death is literal, and their souls I care for in the name of my Queen and Wife. Sometimes the death is metaphorical…and who then cares for those souls? I have seen this battle rage, and I have seen those who have fallen, and to which side they belong. I am reminded of a quote from Ancient Greece.

Go tell the Spartans, thou who passest by,
That here, obedient to their laws, we lie.


Bellona Invicta

*You know, sadly there isn’t much out there about the “Horned God” and what he stands for (beyond the sacred masculine, a topic much ignored as toxic). Maybe that’s an idea I aught to look into and then start a blog about. “The Temple of the Horned God” or something, and try and put out there ideals of the sacred masculine and it’s “cruelty” like I gave up in the post.

I mean, Hela’s Grace, I’m a God, I got Horns, I could do this thing…