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So we’ll finish looking over Rhyd’s third post in his “Death of Liberal Democracy” series today, titled Social Justice…or Revolution?. To recap, he’s gone full on heretic when it comes to Social Justice, has abandoned it completely, and even went so far as to throw women and gays under the bus for having achieved equality…because the call for the equal treatment of all people is an “excuse used by the State to enact violence.”

During the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, many gay men and feminists called for support of these military actions on behalf of the gays and women in those countries, employing a narrative of Liberal Democracy versus the uncivilized (i.e.; Muslim) world. That same narrative repeats today—calls for stricter policies against immigrants to protect gays and women (especially after the Orlando massacre), relentlessly recycled news stories on the slaughter of gays by Daesh, calls by polytheists for the US military to send more troops to the Iraq to support Yezidis and stop the destruction of ancient sacred sites.

So yeah, if you believed that not only was it right for us to defend ourselves from fundamentalist Islamic terrorists who hated us because we gave rights to our gays and women, but that we should help the gays and women who were experiencing systematic oppression in under the Fundamentalist Islamic Governments we were off to fight for supporting the terrorists…you’re an evil, evil person for wanting people to live free lives with equal rights to each other.

you-are-bad-and-you-should-feel-bad2So…what is Rhyd’s solution to the obvious issues of Classical Liberalism and even Social Justice? Well, we’ll have to see if he put that in the last two parts of his post.

The goals of Social Justice are good goals, but they cannot be accomplished without dismantling Liberal Democracy. And therein’s the problem, because if Liberal Democracy falls, the rights, protections, guarantees, and equality gained through Social Justice are directly threatened.

He’s not wrong here. The entire idea of Equality comes from Classical Liberalism. To dismantle Liberal Democracies, the governmental form of Classical Liberalism, is to completely destroy both the ideological and governmental foundations of Equality itself.

Liberalism says: “Everyone has the Right to be free and equal.”

Social Justice says: “Everyone has the right to equality, and that means certain people deserve special treatments based on race/gender/sex because not everyone is born equal and we need to make them equal.”

Destroy the founding principle of equality and freedom though, and what you’re left with is: “Certain people deserve special treatments based on race/gender/sex.”


oopsAt which point those who get the special treatments tend to be the ones who have worked themselves into the fundamental positions of society and who cannot be removed without complete societal collapse. Like the Military in Feudal societies. Or the Plantation owners in agricultural ones. Or those with the larges population who can take things by force. Which really doesn’t work that well for “minorities” at that point.

Thus, we cannot challenge its violent core because we rely on that State for our protection, and we fear what may come after.

I’ll bet you do. Because after spending the last four or five decades being unmitigated assholes to everyone…and the last two decades on an unstoppable winning streak crushing all who oppose you, despite the fact they were the majority of people in the country…if you don’t have the big bad state to protect you…you’re fucked.

Which is one of the reasons why, when you get down to it, no matter how assholish the Heathen community is to each other…we as a rule seem to be very focused on being as polite and respectful to everyone else in society as we possibly can. I mean, sure, we mock the Christians because they raped our lands and destroyed our culture…but we also spent a couple hundred years raping their lands and trying to destroy their culture, so all’s fair in the eyes of Odin. Beyond that though, for all our “racism” we mostly tend to be (at least the Folkish folks) insular, non-confrontational, non-dictatorial, and basically living a “please let us live our lives, and you can live your lives” style of existence.

It’s for this reason so many people in the U.K are terrified of what will come after Brexit, and they should be. It’s for this reason so many people in the United States are terrified of how much more violence there will be against Blacks and other minorities if the State is led by the next likely president.

Unlike so much of the Black, Gay, Trans, Muslim, and a couple other “minority” communities.

The grand irony being, of course, that if said minorities hadn’t been a bunch of greedy assholes, but had worked slowly and with the populace rather than calling them a bunch of evil, misogynistic racists every time they protested the various minority communities outright sought to destroy their neighbor’s cultures, there wouldn’t be the massive resentment towards these “minority” groups at all. And there would be nothing to fear.

I would imagine that yes, a lot of Muslims in the UK are terrified right now. Mommy EU isn’t going to be there to protect them anymore after they’re naughty children who rape and rob. Daddy England is probably going to get his belt and spank.

And sure, I can imagine that many illegal immigrants and black citizens are worried about what happens if Trump comes to power…because Trump will by all accounts enforce the laws and not punish the police for defending themselves or the citizenry when someone decides that they’re above the law. Shit son, it’s hard to be a gangsta selling drugs and shooting up the other gangs with the Five-0 starts shooting back after you killed a little girl in her mommy’s lap with your random gunfire.

Of course, if you actually bothered to obey the law like most White, Asian, Hispanic, and Black people do, then you typically do not have to fear the cops busting down your door and sending you back home or shooting you as you try to unload your fist in their skulls.

And in the United States as I write, more Black men have been killed by agents of the State. Protests are arising everywhere, but some of the narrative has finally begun to shift away from the Social Justice framework.

This is a very good sign.

Just so we’re very, very clear here…this was published a couple days after the Dallas shooting. Where a black supremacist used sniper fire to shoot about a dozen people and kill about half of them…all but two of which were cops. All the dead people were cops.

Rhyd has just said that what is basically a terrorist mass shooting…is a good thing.

Fucking Hela, no wonder he never let anything go live about the Pulse, Orlando thing. It would seem that to him, it was a completely justified use of non-state violence to resist the violence of the state! To him, it’s a very good sign that we’re moving away from political protests trying to change the system to out right murdering cops in the street?!?!

god damn

For decades, the primary tactic to address police slaughter of Black people has been to demand better training and education of police, as well as arrest and conviction of the police officers. The hope has been that police needed only more morality and more checks on their power in order not to be so violent.

Such a strategy ignores the role of police as agents of State violence, aiming instead to correct an apparent malfunction of an otherwise necessary machine This strategy has failed, and not because the millions of people who have protested against these deaths and demanded accountability didn’t try.

The system isn’t malfunctioning at all—it’s working precisely as it is supposed to.

“Educating the police has failed.”

So it’s time to start killing them. Because the only way to “change the system” is to “Destroy the system.” And that means kill the cops who enforce the system.


If Black people were ever truly granted full equality under Liberal Democracy, if Racism were ever to fade away, Capitalism would go into crisis. Racial difference keeps the poor fighting each other rather than fighting the wealthy; as long as Blacks are considered dangerous and less worthy of life than whites, the white poor and working class will stay on the side of the white Capitalists and white State.

What is this, 19-fucking-35?

We have a black president. The last two heads of the DoJ are Black. We have black congressmen, black judges, black city officials, black cops, black ceos, we got so many black people every in our government and private industries that there are cities run by almost entirely black governments (at least the high offices) and black owned multinational corporations. Fucking Hela, the republicans almost had a black presidential candidate for this election!

No one has been pitting the “poor whites” against black people in decades, you idiot! What kind of man can look at a society where black people are fully enfranchised in both the state and economy and insist that everything that is happening is about oppressing these people so that “poor whites” will support the Capitalists.

Still, one should never ascribe to malice that which could be explained by stupidity. I council Rhyd to go and check the copywrite and publication dates of the books he’s reading because I sense they are very, very far out of date.

The same is true for immigrants, particularly in Europe. If European-born workers and immigrant workers were ever to unite, no amount of State violence could ever protect the Capitalist.

But that would require the immigrants to stop molesting and raping the European-born women. And to be working, rather than living off of state welfare “refugee funds.”

I’m sorry Rhyd, but at this point the “immigrants” have proven themselves far more violent and exploitative than the State over in Europe. If anything, the State has been helping the “immigrants” and both are about to discover the “populist” uprising you’re demanding.

Because of the Truth&Reconciliation movement, the feared massacre didn’t happen. But South Africa was not a massive imperial power, exploiting millions outside of its borders, extracting their wealth and bombing their villages to pieces. The same cannot be said of France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, or any of the other large Liberal Democracies. If the oppressed people within those countries don’t rise up, there are many more outside waiting to demand justice, too.

Seriously, when were the books he’s reading published.

France doesn’t have an empire. France doesn’t even have any colonies left as far as I know. The entire British Empire is…now a bunch of individually sovereign states. Germany lost everything in WWII, hell, it wasn’t even a unified country until the 90’s. And the US has one colony…which is probably going to get statehood in the next few years.

And we’ve all but pulled out of nearly every warzone we were in, so who the fuck are they “oppressing” at this point? Peas on Rice, but it’s like he’s reading stuff from a hundred years ago or more!

So what is the solution, Rhdy?

For most who cling to the Social Justice framework, I’m not really telling you anything new.

We already knew this. We’ve known this for awhile, but have been in denial. Like noticing that love no longer leaps between ourselves and a partner, we’ve not quite wanted to admit it. Like when we have a crisis of faith, we haven’t been quite certain what to do next.

It’s okay. We’re human.

But it’s time to move on. We need to look into that Abyss waiting for us. Just like clinging too long to a lover who no longer loves us, just like holding too tightly to the forms of a religion long after it becomes false, insisting that Liberal Democracy can be reformed will only cause more damage, more hurt, more sorrow.

Well shit. This is not going to end well.

abyss nietzscheTrust me, I spent years looking into the abyss. Hel, I threw myself into the abyss.

Rhyd cannot handle the abyss. And I doubt any of his followers at this point could either.

Not moving on from the promise of Social Justice is already making us awful. Just like the religious person who tries to rekindle their lost faith by blaming infidels, we can find ourselves crippled by blaming other people’s privilege for our inability to act. And just as the lover in denial may begin to hate the person they once loved, we can find ourselves hating the very people who want to build an equal society with us.

Holy shit he sounds Alt-Right.

“we need to take responsibility for our actions and our failures rather than blame the “privileged” people for us not being where we want.”

You know, for a guy who is claiming that liberal democracies are dying…he’s starting to spout off a number of basic classically liberal ideals.

And in both cases, the greatest loss is our own magic, our own power. The faith we once had can be had again, but this time not built on illusion and priests who knew no more about the divine than we do. The love which drove us to want to change the world will not die, but we will find a new way of loving that can last.

I wouldn’t generally hold the concepts of “love” and “cold bloodily killing cops” in the same area…but what do I know.

But as we’ve reached the end of the heretical post….with no obvious answer to what must replace “social justice” I’m just going to roll my eyes and be largely tempted to once again resign myself to the fact that Raging Rhyd is all sound and fury…but ultimately signifies nothing.

So what’s up for his next piece?

We can do this, and we must do it soon. We’re not the only ones noticing Liberal Democracy is dying.

And they’re more prepared than we are.

Next: The Resurgence of the Fascist Right

Oh boy. I’mma have to go get some more Nazi memes aren’t I?



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