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So, by now, I’m sure almost everyone has heard about what happened in Nice, France. Where 80 something people were killed, and who knows how many injured, when they were run over in an act of terrorism with a truck apparently loaded with explosives. Still, despite all evidence that the man driving the truck was shouting “allah ackbar” and much of “Muslim” Social media seems to have lit up with praise for what many of them are calling “revenge for Syria” (because France was so much a part of that, I’m sure), we should not jump to conclusions of Jihadi religious violence by Islamic Fundamentalists. Instead, we should be focusing on the real enemy here, at least according to most News Sites:

CnYOql_UAAA2ajG.jpg largeBecause now, not only is it guns that kill people (not people who kill people), it is Trucks who kill people. And I’ve seen the screen capped headlines from most major news organziations. They all go “Truck attack Kills etc.” Which means that clearly, it was not violent Muslims who carried out mass murder in France.

It was the fucking Transformers.

Still, regardless of if the whole attack was inspired by Muslim Fanatics or space trucks determined to genocide the monkeys, we can all draw comfort form the fact that at least they are not letting their God down when it comes to waging holy war in his name.

Unlike the rest of us, according to Dr. Bones of Gods & Radicals in his piece: When the Gods Call for Violence

The pagan community seems at odds with itself, at odds with it’s own gods. What many worship they seem to despise. Servants of Tyr and Arwan scoff at the idea of raising their fists in the name of justice. Goddesses that once inspired fear and were believed to rule entire ages now sit as humble trophies on professionally designed altars. Things are fine for the mostly white, middle-class, bourgeoisie-born who make up a large part of the pagan community, and much like the shopkeepers in Port-Au-Prince they are as far away from the struggles that plague so many.

The religion they practice reflects this.

We are left with warrior gods and goddesses being asked for victory not in the struggle for liberation but in the ranked Call of Duty clan match; we are left with manifestations of Death itself not called down upon those who had defiled her name but against other authors who “offended” the devotee; we are treated to the horrifying image of children taught that Kali isn’t really that bad and that she can be “invoked” to “peacefully bind” those who displease us.

This is not magic. This isn’t even spirituality. This is the weird and sickening collusion of state-sponsored positive thinking and bourgeois middle-class comfort thrown onto a spirit world that defies it.

Sometimes it’s not us that rocks the boat though. Sometimes it’s beings far older and for more vengeful than we can ever imagine. It’s those force that led Ogoun to possess Dutty Boukman, the same forces that made Ezili Dantor weep and give her blessing to one of the most violent revolutions the New World had ever seen. The gods had said if the ones they chose were up to the task the revolution would start in ten days and ultimately be successful.

Could you risk your life on such a guarantee? Sadly modern pagans are far, far below such a task.

Well, I cannot speak for Arwan, but Tyr is a God of Law. One does not simply break the law in the name of a god of law. Not without getting that God very, very pissed at you.

But still, it’s nice to see that Bones, apparently has decided it is time for Pagan Jihad! Hel, I doubt much will be said about Nice at all on G&R, and I’m sure that much like what G&R wrote about Pulse, it will completely ignore the fact that the attack was done by a Muslim for the sake of Islam, because it’s growing ever so clear that at least Bones and Rhyd fully support religious based terrorism so long as it brings down “The State.” I can assume the same goes for Chris Thompson, based on what he’s written as well.

Earlier in the Post, Bones asks the question:

Could you hold your nerve? Could you ruthlessly fight a war the gods had proclaimed just?

To which I shall respond with a proverb:

“The only thing more dangerous than the Question, is the Answer.”


Bellona Invicta