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I do not go on tumblr. I just don’t. To say that place is cancer is to insult cancer. To say that place is madness is to insult madness. To say…well, I’ll just put this up to explain.*(1)

So when House of Vines decided to comment on a recent tumblr post that…I had unfortunately seen else where and was doing my best to ignore…damn it, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Because, no, we cannot have nice things in life, we have to prove how not bigoted we are by being completely violent bigots to people simply because they do not believe the same things we do.

So let’s look at: Cockroaches in Wolves’ Clothing: Fighting the Fascist Undercurrent

Which was apparently written by two people named “BodaciousBanshee” and “da-at-ass.” Because when I think of wise and tolerant people to follow, I of course think of “big tittied death screamer ghost”*(2) and people trying to avoid the label of misogynist while still using the term “dat ass.”

female bansheedat ass suluThe Banshee starts off first:

It’s time to start taking decisive, tangible, physical action against the neo-conservative racists in the occult/pagan community. No more passive smug liberalism and snark. Action. I’m not advocating starting fights, but I am telling you to be prepared to finish them.

Let’s see if it passes the Svartwulf test:

It’s time to start taking decisive, tangible, physical action against the african american rapists in the occult/pagan community. No more passive smug liberalism and snark. Action. I’m not advocating starting fights, but I am telling you to be prepared to finish them.

It’s time to start taking decisive, tangible, physical action against the neo-zionist jews in the occult/pagan community. No more passive smug liberalism and snark. Action. I’m not advocating starting fights, but I am telling you to be prepared to finish them.

Welp, it does not past. Congratulation, Banshee. You’re a bigot.

No more using spirituality as an excuse for passivity and inaction. The esoteric community can no longer afford to look at people like Augustus “Sol” Invictus and laugh like “oh haha, those whacky wingnut edgelords,” or look at the NRA-loving Odinists and say “lol, those silly wannabe vikings.” With Trumps rhetoric fueling and emboldening the white neo-nationalist movement, they are becoming more and more dangerous.

I have to ask…why is “Sol” in quotation marks? I mean, his name is Augustus Sol Invictus. The Sol isn’t in question, it doesn’t require “quotations” to be like “well, he says his name is “sol” but I don’t really believe that.”

Also, for a bunch of people who are becoming more and more dangerous…I haven’t actually seen them be violent. Like, really. The only time I’ve seen violence from these “neo-cons” is typically after they kick the asses of some anti-fascists who thought it was a good idea to go kick their asses. At which point all their violence has  been defensive.

But then, many an abuser has always demanded to know why their victims insisted on forcing the Abuser to punch their victims in the face. Because victim blaming is a good then, when your victims are the “right people.”

Of course, I can’t help but feel that “more dangerous” is code for “not scared of us anymore.”

The suggestions I make in this article are not for everyone. But if you like to talk the talk of the warrior path, you better start walking the walk as well. Are you gonna stand by and let these assholes commit atrocities and spew hate in the name of your gods?

Can you name one? I mean, really. Can you name one actual atrocity that has been done, Hel, that’s even been advocated by SOI or anyone else on the “neo-con” side of Paganism?

Cause I can’t.

I can name a few done by the prog-marxist side thought. Tell me again, where was the tolerance for the Dianics again? I was under the impression that one was supposed to value and lift up women’s voices, but I suddenly find myself in a world where they are exterminated without mercy.

So how do we fight these toxic ass-wads and their outdated ideas that are running rampant within the esoteric community? Whatever you do, don’t play nice.

Well, given how wonderfully the part of the Pagan community Banshee belongs to has acted in the past, I’m almost afraid to see what they’ll be like when they “don’t play nice.”

Still, “not dat ass” is here to provide us with some wonderful examples of “don’t play nice.”

Speak up. Is there a guy in your local coven, order, lodge, temple, etc. that is openly bigoted? Call him out on it. Put him on the spot. Humiliate him in front of his superiors. Collect receipts, send screenshots and videos of his bullshit to his superiors…send it to those superiors’ superiors. If they do nothing call the whole organization out. Blast it all over the internet. The occult world is small, the backlash will be swift.

Hey now, it could be a woman who says these things. Don’t be bigoted.

Also…collect receipts? What is this, detailing your expenses back to your company after a paid trip? I mean, sure, I suppose I could see the value of screenshots and videos, but receipts?


racist foodSee, this is why the sudden push for violence towards the “neo-con” in Paganism. They can’t defeat their foes ideologically (there’s way too much stuff in the lore and traditions to prove them religiously wrong), and they can’t even win on a debate level because, well…it’s so god damn easy to make fun of them as the intolerant, bigoted, weak minded jokes that they are.

But let’s be honest, all jokes aside…what “da-at-ass” is arguing for is…nothing short of intimidation, terrorism, and abuse. “Harass the bigot. If that doesn’t work, harass his boss, if that doesn’t work, harass the company/organization.”

Trap them. Catch them doing or saying something illegal and record it. Anonymously notify the correct authorities. If he’s racist he’s probably also a raging misogynist, here is a pretty high percent chance he beats women. Bust him for that.

Good luck with that.

No way in Helheim is that kind of tactic ever going to backfire on you.

water gate meme 1

Sabotage. Sabotage everything. Their protests, their social events, their rituals…their relationships. Sabotage them physically, sabotage them magically. Block them at protests. Blast distractingly loud noises in the vicinity of their rituals. Curse them liberally.


Da-at-ass has just advocated for terrorist attacks against Pagans. These attacks would be motivated based on the religion of the Pagans attacked.

Da-at-ass has just threaten untold numbers of people with hate-crimes, based on their religious identity, and incited untold numbers of people to engage in hate crimes. These hate crimes are to take the form of both physical violence and psychological violence.

Now, I wonder…exactly how many of the appropriate authorities should be notified of these threats? Local police? FBI? Homeland Security? I mean, if this was someone advocating this be done to say, Muslims, I can only imagine that those and many other agencies would be rapidily informed of impending hate crimes against that minority religion. So since fair is fair, in the comments just list who you think should be informed of this incitement to violence, terrorism, and hate crimes?

1467883991021Shit son, you just trapped yourself.

Vote with your dollar. When people pulled their financial support from the Atlanta LHP conference via vowing not to go and through speakers dropping out, they were eventually forced to drop Augustus Invictus. That’s the power of peer pressure…and money. Pressure conferences. Pressure publishers. Let them know that they are condoning hate groups. Tell publishers and conferences that you want to see more diversity. Openly support and promote occultists and witches of color.

What’s this? Advocating capitalist principles? Not in my Marxism you shall not!!!!!!

But regardless of one’s feelings about Invictus…just take a moment to breath in the fact…they’re cheering over silencing the voice of a minority person. Invictus is  a Pagan, a member of a minority group because of his religion. His wife is also Hispanic, as are his kids, so he’s a part of the Hispanic community, another minority group.

Da-at-ass is cheering over the silencing of a person who was going to represent the views of members of two minority communities. That strikes me as terribly bigoted and racist. Does anyone know the name of their employer or religious groups to which they and Banshee might belong? I think it only fair we tell such organizations about the bigoted racists that are going around spewing their hate speech.


Learn a martial art/self-defence. Neo-Nazis are violent, if you are able-bodied consider learning how to defend yourself and your friends. Offer to work security for #BlackLivesMatter and other activist events. Use your power of privilege for good.

“If you’re able bodied.”

And now they’re being ableist!!!!! Fucking Hela, will the bigotry never end! What is wrong with these hatemongers!!! How dare they shame the differently abled.

This is sick, sick I tell you!!!


Get a weapon. Are you mentally stable enough to own a weapon? Do you live in an open-carry state? If so get a weapon. I don’t care if it’s a knife, a bat, a gun, or fucking nunchucks…as long as it’s legal in your state, carry it. Know how to use it. Your enemy does. Neo-Nazis love their guns. I hate guns, but I like not getting shot or raped. If you stand up for what is right it is likely that you will get death threats.

Oh thank the Gods!!!!!!

For a moment there, I was panicked. But it’s okay. None of them are mentally stable enough to own a weapon. Darwinian evolution will once again save the day as these guys kill themselves. I can see it now:

“Well, that whole ‘pointy end goes in the other guy thing’ is deeply homophobic. I’m going to fight homophobia by putting the pointy end in me!”

“Guns are just mechanical representations of the black penis. I need to make reparations by taking it inside of me and being fucked by a black penis the way ‘white penisis’ have raped the lives of black people everywhere.”

“is that a spear? don’t you know that spearchucker is a homophobic and racist slur! Die you bigot!!!”

Honestly, I could go on for hours with this. If they don’t kill themselves for having weapons, they’ll probably kill themselves training with weapons. Cause gods know they’re not going to last long training anyone who actually knows anything. Those people are all violent neo-con racists.


Educate the young ones. Kids raised in conservative, fundamentalist households don’t know any better. A teen raised in Asatru is like a teen raised in Christianity, they know no other way…show them. Lead by example. An 18 to 21 year old can still change their worldview. Young minds are malleable and they are the future, change that future for the better if you can.

“Lead by example, by sabotaging their rituals, getting their parents fired from their jobs, and costing their entire families everything all on the basis that we hate their religion.”

The only thing you’re going to teach a kid raised in Asatru with those actions is that you are everything he was warned about and since violence is on the table, he can probably get to Valhalla by fighting you to the death.

Plus, I’m pretty sure people have been trying those tactics on Jews for something like two thousand years now, and all that’s managed to do is turn the Jewish community into a tightly knit, protectionist group of people who have withstood multiple genocidal atrocities. To be honest, I don’t think will have anything except a similar effect on Heathens and Asatruar.


Radical organization. Do you have other occulty, witchy, pagany friends who want to help change this mess we’re in? Start a group! Practice all seven of the previously mentioned suggestions that you can, and practice them together. Be secretive, don’t use Facebook to connect. Speak in code. Write notes and burn them. Discuss your plans at secret rendezvous. Form a wolf pack and root out the fascist insects.

Soooo, form insulated, radical, terrorist cells built around an ideology of religious violence, intolerance, and hatred for the other.

You know, I was kinda joking about calling Homeland security earlier, but this actually kinda has me thinking I should. Da-At-Ass has advocated self armament, combat training, organizing secret groups, brainwashing/re-education, and hate crimes all with the express purpose of targeting minority groups based on their religion with the complete intention of eradicating their “degenerate” existence.

Not to mention, that last sentence. Let’s put it to the Svartwulf Test:

“Form a wolf pack and root out the Jewish Rodents.”

Fucking Hela…

feels bad man

Take back the Punk and Metal scene. White supremacists have taken over folk metal and bastardized punk. Make music. Wonderful, witchy, aggressive, anti-fascist music. Be like Doro Pesch and use your music and your heritage to speak out against those committing atrocities in the name of your ancestors. If you don’t make music, support and promote anti-fascist and anti-racist music. Also, use the “anything goes” of the moshpit to get a few punches and kicks into your local skinheads at local shows.

I’m going to conjecture here, but the Punk and Metal scenes have always been extremely anti-authoritarian, built upon the joy and rage of those case out of society, to express their desire to rise up in glory and live lives that are special (well, Metal anyways).

If you have to “take back” metal and punk, it is because you have because the Authority. You have become that which they stand against. Both genres have stood for freedom of expression and belief since their inception. This included beliefs and expressions that are harmful and hateful to society. And that’s why it’s hateful.

So go ahead and throw some punches in the mosh pit to “fight fascism.” The only thing that’s going to happen is you’ll get kicked out or you’ll get your ass kicked by some guys who don’t care that you’re an “anti-fascist” but that you broke their friends nose.

Take care of yourself. Fighting the good fight is emotionally and physically exhausting, and can even put you in physical danger. Do what you need to to keep yourself healthy and safe.

Well, I’m pretty sure this part has long since departed being a possibility.

So yeah, great. Now we don’t just have to worry about Pagan media being filled with a bunch of intolerant bigots who can’t grasp the concept of “freedom of belief” despite the fact that’s the only reason they have their religions. We’re not going to have to deal with secret terrorist cells popping up everywhere with the express intention of destroying, sabotaging, and terrorizing other Pagans for “wrong think.”


slow clap


Bellona Invicta



*(2) That does sound like an awesome name for an all female metal band filled with women who look like metal pin up models. Can we make this happen?