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So, given everything going on, I figure this is something I need to say. Cause I’ve been defending some “bad people” and attacking some “good people” and it’s occurred to me that maybe I haven’t been clear on the positions I’ve been taking.

For instance, people will notice I’ve spent a lot of time talking and defending McNallen and the AFA, even though I’m not a part of their organization and don’t share their views.

People will noticed I’ve spent a lot of time talking about and savaging more Progressively minded pagans as well.

Truth is this, I respect integrity, even if I don’t agree with a person’s morality. People will notice I take great issues with Islam, for example. And while my view on this has evolved, I am still against Islam…but perhaps not for the reasons most people are, or even that I was to start with. As you grow older, you get experience and perspective.

So why is it that I take the sides I do in a debate? It’s about Integrity.

See, my issue with Islam these days isn’t that they’re a violent, totalitarian, ideology that has members who go around blowing shit up, killing people for mocking their prophet, and enslaving women by the thousands for sexual pleasure. Oh sure, these are all very, very bad things that should not be done…but they’re also very bad things that almost everyone else on the planet has done at some point. No, my issue with Islam stems from the fact that while they are all very much those things, and they justify those things as holy in their Koran and by the example of their perfect prophet…they whine and complain endlessly when those things are done to them.

Israelis kill a few Muslims? Outrage, outrage! Muslims kill a few Jews? Allah looks with kindness upon this jihad.

They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

So let’s look at the AFA? Are they an ethnically discriminatory organization with a preference for heterosexuals and whites? Sure. Their chief Gothi came out and said as much. But they don’t turn around and whine and bitch when some other organization says “we don’t want your kind here.” The AFA, in my experience, is perfectly fine with experiencing discrimination against their people, so long as they have the same right to discriminate for their people.

They can take it, even as they might occasionally dish it out.

Gods & Radicals? Oh they’ll dish it out all day, serving up the same tired left overs day after day, demanding that the government be torn down, that capitalism be demolished, and that the oldest, tiredest, and most failed form of socio-economic existence be established despite its long, long track record of abject horror. But the instant anyone wants to defend the government, the capitalist economic system, or anything they stand against, they’re instantly crying and screaming like two year olds about how horrible a person you are.

They can’t take it, even though they wanna dish it out.

At the end of the day, men can be monsters. We can be some down right horrible and awful people. That’s okay though, everyone’s got that in them. As long as there’s integrity to your monstrosity, we might be at odds, but I can at least respect a monster of his word. But all to often I see those proclaiming themselves the moral saints of this world being a bunch of pansy ass mother fuckers who want to make the world in their image, even as they insist no one else has got the right to do the same.

Everyone gets the rights they give everyone else, even if that right is to do something a lot of people consider horrible. The instant you start saying you got rights that other people don’t, simply because you’re you, and they’re them? Fuck off, I ain’t got no kind words for you.



Hela Bless