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Well, the Salt Must Flow, as they say. And while I can think of many better to bring us our first Salt Mine, it seems that Beckett was quickest off the bat to get his post published, so he’s our lucky winner. So, with a snark of Vae Victis, let us meme through Beckett’s We Don’t Have Time For Blame.


Donald Trump is President – who shall we blame?

Well, honestly, I would say yourselves. Given that what follows it’s pretty clear that Beckett voted for Hillary. And given the actions of the #HillShills who have gone around bullying, slandering, threatening, intimidating, and calling for the extermination of half the country as “deplorables” I think really you can just go ahead and blame yourselves.

After all, nothing motivates a people to go out and vote as being treated like shit.

deplorables-stone-1Everyone one of us is Deplorable! Boom-lay Boom-lay! Booom!!!!

Shall we blame Jill Stein and Gary Johnson? Or those who couldn’t be bothered to vote? Or those who think voting supports an immoral establishment?

See, this is why I think Beckett voted for Hillary. “Fuck 3rd party options! How dare they even present themselves in an open democracy!!!!!” Seriously, man. Democracy means the people have the right to vote for who they want, and people are allowed to vote for other candidates than the one you want to win. Shit son, 11,000 people or more voted for Harambe.

harambeSo, I’m personally happy that so many did not turn from Harambe’s love. But apparently, people dared to vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton, and this just cannot be let to abide.

I just love the entitlement here. “My Candidate lost, and there must be someone to blame!” Now, admittedly Beckett goes on to say blame isn’t important, but he’s going to spend a lot of time on Blame. Look man, you lost. That happens sometimes.

Shall we blame the DNC for not supporting Bernie Sanders? How about blaming the Republican establishment for not uniting behind Kasich or Rubio before Trump built too much momentum. Or Ted Cruz, for providing the RNC with a second choice even worse than the first?

Well, we can certainly blame the DNC for being so corrupt that they quite literally denied the democratic rights of their own constituents to rig the primary for Clinton. In fact, a lot of blame for Hillary loosing, along with all the other democratic losses, can be laid at the feet of the DNC, who were so corrupt as to defy all grasping of the situation, and who threw all their resources into Hillary’s campaign that literally every other democratic candidate had virtually no support in their own campaigns.

That is exactly the reason why the House and Senate are in Republican hands. The DNC made it so that not only was every candidate out there Hillary Candidate…they threw them all under the bus to push all funding to Hillary.

But the RNC tired everything for as long as they could to get anyone else but Trump. They failed.

Shall we blame the Director of the FBI for making a vague, politically charged statement two weeks before the election?

Uh would this be the “Hillary’s right hand woman’s pedophile husband helped us to find another several hundred thousand of potentially emails that were supposedly deleted after being illegally hosted on a private server against Hillary’s oath of office?”

Cause, you know, as far as “politically charged statements” go, I wasn’t aware that actual Facts were something we were supposed to keep quite for the sake of political expediency. Actually, as a Deus of Law, I’d rather such facts were out in the open so people could make an INFORMED CHOICE about their presidential candidates.

hillary-jailfree-card-1But hey, apparently Beckett is perfectly fine with Oathbreaking so long as it’s done by his preferred presidential candidate.

Shall we blame Hillary Clinton for trying to keep her e-mails private, for being a political pragmatist, or for having the raw ambition to become President no matter what?



scientology-tom-cruise-laughingHer “emails” were classified government documents were on an illegal private server so “secure” that Hillary’s maid was able to print them off for her, and that you could literally play “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” with for who could get access to them. Fucking Hela, Weiner, a man picked up for pedophilia and husband to Hillary’s right hand woman Huma, had copies of these emails on his personal computer, because it was linked to his wife’s computer, who was linked to the “private secure” server…and copied them automatically.

That political pragmatism included taking illegal foreign donations from places like Saudi Arabia to help finance her campaign! It included rigging the primary election against Sanders! It included getting fed the questions to the Presidential Debates by the Media companies hosting them!

That “Raw ambition…no matter what” includes corruption, bribes, alliances, illegal activities, satanic rites, ripping of disaster zones, intimidating rape victims, murdering people, starting god damned civil wars, and proclaiming that 25% of the nation she was trying to get elected to were nothing more than “racist deplorables.”

Fucking Hel Yes, blame that woman!!!!


How about we blame Hillary’s Wall Street supporters for creating an economy where the empty promises of a would-be fascist dictator sound like the only way out?

Well that certainly seems fair as well. I mean, we normal people are now living in a world where there’s literally nothing but dead end min wage jobs (or barely above that) or you go into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt on a gamble where you can maybe get a degree that will let you pay off that debt in 30 years…or you might end up at a min wage job with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

Gone are the days of the blood collar factory worker who could buy a house, two cars, and retire to a moderate life….because those Wall street guys made it so all the business have to move those jobs overseas to slave labor in order to keep the stocks up and the profits flowing. Now, I don’t think Trumps promises are empty about bring the jobs back, though I don’t think it will happen fast enough for my tastes. But given the options are gamble with the “would be fascist” who might bring jobs back or…the corrupt 30 year politician owned by Wall Street who’s only going to give us even more of the last 30 years worth of economic degradation…fuck it. I’ll take a roof, food, and family with the fascist rather than die alone, homeless, and in debt because I couldn’t make past the min wage.



Shall we hold trials, weigh the evidence, apportion the guilt, and mete out punishment? Let’s say we could. Let’s say we could perfectly assign the blame for the Donald J. Trump Presidency.

I present Gods & Radicals 100 day plan, ladies and gentlemen.

illuminati meme 1

Then what?

Can we send these people the bill for the infrastructure spending and transfer payments that will be cut to provide tax cuts for the rich? Can we impress them into public service tearing down that abominable wall Trump plans to build? Cleaning up the pollution that will come from gutted environmental regulations? Can we force them to serve as security guards around mosques?

“MY people! We have shall finally have a solution to the Trumpish question!”

auschgateSeriously, Beckett, I know you’re being all rhetorical and shit…but that’s what you’re talking about. You are literally talking about going in, forcibly stripping the “guilty” of their wealth and impressing them into slave labor camps.

And the thing is…this kind of talk was happening before the Election and during it. Talk about how there was a need to divest Trump supporters of their right to vote, some even going so far as to suggest camps, segregation, and various forms of extermination. We’re talking about ideological hatred so great…that any action to remove the enemy was acceptable to prevent them from having any voice, much less any power, in our society.

In fact, it got so bad that I was going to delete this blog, all my social media, and possibly even quit my job and go vanish as a wondering Helatru monk just to protect my family and myself from what was being discussed, if Hillary had won. I have literally seen discussions and calls to actions that would make the Actual Nazis blush for not trying hard enough. Hell, post the election I’ve seen so much god damn racism towards people simply because Trump won…from the Hillary camp.

Can the guilty somehow compensate us for the rights that will be lost to a Trump-loaded Supreme Court?

“Will you Name the Jew?” – Beckett, probably.

At this point I really have to ask “what rights,” but I can guess the two he’s most concerned with. Abortion and Gay marriage. Gay Marriage, a right gained via non-Constitutional action of the court who overstepped the bounds of the case they were ruling on to dictate that the entire nation had to accept Gay marriage…despite the fact the issue of gay marriage was and is something to be decided as legal or illegal on a State by State basis according to the very foundation laws of this country. And abortion, a contentious and often fought over disagreement that one person has the right to murder an unborn person over the reasonable objections of both the unborn person and the unborn person’s other parent.

Forgive me, but if I’m denied the right to murder people at will, I really could care less about someone else being allowed that right simply on the basis of their gender. Frankly, it seems a bit sexist to me. But then what do I know.

It’s not like Helheim gets flooded with a bunch of unborn children murdered by their mothers and asking us “why?”


We humans have an innate desire to punish those who harm us, and right now I want to round up the guilty and punch them all in the face. But even if that was possible, it wouldn’t solve anything. Trump would still be President and the moral and economic disasters he brings would still be on their way.

You’ll forgive me, Beckett, if I do not count on your gift for prophecy when it comes to “moral and economic disasters” given that you predicted Trump wouldn’t win. Frankly, your skills as an oracle are as questionable as any morals you proclaimed to have after you excused corruption, lawbreaking, oathbreaking, and innumerable other behaviors as acceptable when it comes to “Becoming president no matter what.”

But hey, you wanna “punish the guilty” and “punch them in the face,” be my guest. Hel, I voted for Trump, I’m responsible for this. Let’s do it. Come fight me irl. We’ll set up a camera, do a live stream on YouTube. I’ll see about getting us a nice big blanket and we’ll make a proper holmgang of it. Hel, bring a sword if you wish, I don’t mind putting my life on the line. Sure, it might not solve anything, but I’m at least willing to step up and fight for what I believe.

I wonder if you’re as willing to do the same in the name of a corrupt murderess who does whatever she has to for the sake of her own personal greed and ambition. I mean, I might be a fascist, but I’m a fascist with the desire to see his people given a brighter future under their own democratic rule.

nigel f

The DNC had damn well better do a thorough post mortem of this entire campaign and come up with a better candidate for 2020, as well as some first-class Congressional candidates for 2018. But as for the rest of us? We don’t have time for blame.

Well…given that apparently the first thing the media was talking about was Hillary 2020…I’ve not got much hope for you there. And honestly, given the degree of corruption filling the entire DNC at this point I don’t think you’re going to find any candidate who will fit the bill. Hel, I’ve seen so many long time Democrats switch over to Trump because of how fucked up that party has gotten that I don’t think they’ll completely recover for decades. Hel, this election they lost Major Democratic stronghold states, and came close to loosing others.

Which frankly I’m happy about, if the death of the Dems opens the way for some third of forth parties, I’m all for it.

But okay Beckett, why don’t you have time for blame?

We are in the middle of Tower Time and at the beginning of the Long Descent. A Hillary Clinton Presidency wouldn’t have stopped them – the Trump Presidency will accelerate them. The things we should already be doing have just become more critical and more urgent.

And Beckett wonders why Hillary lost. It’s because of talk like this. “Doom and gloom, doom and gloom. Trump will doom us all….we’re already doomed anyways, but at least Hillary will delay the doom to the point where we won’t suffer as much. But she won’t make it better.”

Fucking Hela man, you don’t win with negativity.

Part of why Trump won is he had a positive message. “We’ll make our country great again! We’ll Get our jobs back! You can have your dreams! You can make your dreams reality! You and your children can have a brighter future!”

Look, Trump may lead us into a catastrophic destruction, I’m not an oracle, but he’s at least offering some Hope in dark days. All folks like Hillary and Beckett have been offering is very dark grey as opposed to unremitting black. And here’s the thing…Hope, believing in something, that can make that something happen. The mad hopes of Mad Men and their meme magic have elected a fucking president. And that’s a powerful, powerful force to make things better.

This doesn’t have to be the end, but Beckett can’t imagine a world that’s not ending. And so he hates that which gives other men hope. Because that hope is what prevents others from giving into the bleakness of Beckett’s vision, and thus prevents them from falling prey to his fear mongering.


We cannot make Trump go away. Any if any of you are thinking of cursing him, don’t. Pence would be worse – less embarrassing but more effective at implementing a regressive agenda. The best we can do is to make him irrelevant in our daily lives.

Come January 20, Donald Trump will be President. Regardless of how angry, hurt, or scared we are, we do not have time to argue about who’s to blame for his victory. There is too much work to be done to deal with the aftermath.

If I didn’t know any better, and ignored the “four steps” he recommends taking…I’d almost be concerned that this was a cry for civil war.

civil-warHonestly though, while I suspect the G&R crowd will totally be demanding the revolution, I doubt Beckett is really going to do that much personally. Oh, I’m sure he’s going to keep being salty, and whine about this for the next several years, but lets be honest…that doesn’t mean much.

Because I seriously doubt the doom and gloom he’s crying about is going to happen. Oh sure, the Gay marriage thing might get over turned, but states who want it will just vote it in. Trump himself is actually pretty pro-LGBT and I’m sure would even work to help that happen. Trump’s position on the matter seems to have always been it was a State’s Rights issue and that the unconsitutional actions of the supreme court were what was wrong…not gay marriage itself. Honestly I don’t think minority communities are going to be all that badly effected, Trump has a lifetime achievement aware for helping black people, given to him by black people. Heck, I think I saw somewhere that over fifty percent of Hispanics actually voted for him, and he’s proclaimed his love for their people.

Sure, Muslims might not come off so well, but given the ever growing radicalization problems in that community, frankly I don’t give a damn. And I think they said they were all leaving voluntarily anyways. Not that I believe them, but that’s what they’ve said on twitter.

And honestly, even if Trump only gets half his “100 days plan” completed in his first four years…our country will be better off for it. I dare anyone to go through it (and I’ll be doing a post on it myself most likely) to find anything that is not something we’ve all talked about wanting.

So this “aftermath” Beckett is talking about? We’ll have to wait and see. But I’ll be honest, Beckett’s track record for predicting this stuff has been pretty shit for the last year or so.


Hela Bless