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So my last post was…a bit emotional. I had someone in the comments criticize my raging rant about Islam, Nazism, and Communism for being “too emotional, and a bunch of talking points.” Now, I’m not exactly sure what talking point are, other than something from the O’reilly factor, but I will admit I was not my calmest writing it.

So today I’m going to expound upon it a bit more. And…alright, I’m going to be a bit autistic about this, because that’s the best word I can use to describe how I am going to be here. To start with…I do not really have much in the way of a moral compass. In some ways this is good, I can easily adapt to the laws and morals around me (so long as they are agreed upon by people and clearly defined). In some ways this is bad (for you) because outside of those agreements, well…do what I wilt will be the whole of the law, and I’m a demon who embraced the religion of the Vikings and serves the Goddess of Death.

If you have the imagination to figure out what that would be like, congratulations, I am sorry I cannot afford to buy you new pants. If you can’t, well, be grateful for your lack of imagination.

But Hela has insisted that I try to work within the laws and morals of the people around me. When these are not really defined…I start having problems. I can keep my rather violent nature in check…so long as the checks are clearly marked. The instant these marks get erased I start running into problems of what the hel I should and should not be doing. When there’s a double standard…well….


So here is where we arrive at the problem. Growing up in this world, one thing was very, very clear.

Nazis were bad. Okay, let me put it this way: Nazis were BAD

Literally, the worst thing you could be in the world, was a Nazi. Or at least that was the impression I got from the general public. Being a communist was pretty bad, but Nazi was literally the worst thing you could be.

And the Nazis were bad for two primary reasons. 1) they killed 12 million people. 2) they were antisemitic/racist. Both these things were bad, the Nazis had done both these things, and there for you should do neither of these things, nor should you be a Nazi.

Nice, clearly defined, easy to understand.

And it made it so that people who were also those things, were also bad. Communists, for example, killed a lot of people (120+ million), and they were bad. They also believed that people should never be allowed to have more than their neighbors, but that everything should be divided up equally between people, which was stupid, but not as bad as racism.

Now, I will freely admit that this is a very, very simplistic, almost child like, understanding of why the Nazis were bad. But in my defense…that’s really all the explanation that’s given to anyone these days.

I mean, we have many, many organizations out that that catalog and publish lists of “hate symbols” and “hate groups,” ostensibly with the idea that if we “name and shame” them now, they will not get the political power to do what the nazis did (try to kill everyone they don’t like). Why? Because the Nazis were Racists, and they killed a bunch of people.

It is, however, this exact basicness of “why Nazis are bad” which has caused a large number of problems these days, and is partially responsible for some of the political messes we find ourselves in.

For example, we do not ask ourselves “why were the Nazis antisemitic.” At best, most people could tell you that it was because “Hitler hated the Jews.” If you ask some people who are a bit older, you’ll get a fuller tale. “Hitler and the Nazis believed that the Jews owned the Banks and were responsible for the economic suffering of the German people, but that was bullshit.”

These are the ones I was always told.

Thing is though…a lot of banks back in the day were owned by Jews, and Germany had been a very Jewish friendly nation before the Great Depression era. In fact, it pretty much was the friendliest nation to the Jewish people in Europe. France was the most antisemitic, England really didn’t give much of a fuck, and most of the others ran between England and France. So a lot of Jews moved to Germany where the people were actually friendly to them. And as happens with Jews, they prospered. And all was good and well in the world.

Until WWI ended, and Germany was the last surviving nation of its alliance. WWI was not a war started by the Germans, it was not a war desired by the Germans, but it was a war that the Germans were “Winning” by most standards of the day. They’d claimed the most territory, anyways. But then the Austro-Hungarian Empire literally turned into a cloud of dust, and Germany was left “holding the bag,” so to speak.

And oh did Germany get the book thrown at them. Not only were they made to give up the land they had won with the deaths of millions, they were forced to take responsibility for the War (despite the fact it was started by Serbians and the Austro-Hungarians), and if that wasn’t enough…they had to pay off the ENTIRE WAR DEBT of the Allied nations…by themselves.

And the German government…agreed to the terms. Without a fight, at least as far as the German people could see.

Now imagine how you’d feel if your country had to take responsibility for something it never did, and then pay off the war debts of not only yourself (a daunting task regardless of winner or loser), but of the 3/4 other Giant Empires who won. It would be virtually impossible.

And it was. The only way Germany could afford to pay its debts was to borrow money. Now, the only place that had money to borrow was really America and its banks. So Germany borrowed money from America to pay England, France, and whoever else. England, France, etc, then paid that money back to America to cover their debts to the US for the aid it had rendered them in the war. And American turned around and loaned that money to the Germans so Germany could pay its debt.

You can start to see the problem.

All of this inflated the German currency to the point where it was worthless. In fact, it was so bad that people would be paid for a day’s work in the morning, so they could hand it off to their spouse to go buy food and pay bill as fast as possible, because within an hour or so…the money would be worth half of what it was when it hit their hand. The price of goods was multiplying every hour of the day as the value of the money fell.

The Germans went from being one of the more powerful, and well of peoples in Europe, to starvation in the blink of an eye. But…their Jewish neighbors (who were also suffering) did not appear to be suffering as much. After all, most of the Jews were more in the middle to upper class range, and while the bottom certainly dropped, there was a bit more economic padding. But this padding led to resentment, along with the fact that a lot of banks were owned by Jews (not all, but many). It was a tenderbox waiting to be lit. And all it took was one group of people to start ranging about how the “privilege were exploiting the oppressed” and…well…

Anyone who has been following Black Lives Matter knows the power of telling a people who feel they are suffering that their pain is the fault of the “privileged” who have what they do not. In just a few years, the Nazis were able to convince the German people that the Jews, who were living “lives of privilege” and had abused their privileged position to retain their quality of life at the cost of the average German, to “check their privilege.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

So where does this put me, and why did it have me screaming my metephorical head off when it comes to Islam, Communism, and the Nazis in my last post.

Well, the Nazis are bad because of Racism (Specifically antisemitism) and mass murder.

But a brief reading of Nazi history shows that their racism was driven by a desire to defend their people from a perceived threat. Now, it could have been an absolutely false threat that they perceived. That in their pain and suffering, they were desperate for any explanation and latched on to that one. And because of that, they did a monstrous level of mass murder.

Yet, as I pointed out yesterday, Islam is highly antisemitic and even racist in its own right…but people are showing solidarity with it. For me, this would be confusing in and of itself, because antisemitism is supposed to be a very, very bad thing that you do not support. Yet here we have people supporting a religion literally founded on antisemetism.

Not only that, the reason for Islam’s antisemitism is…well it’s terrible. At least with Nazi antisemtism, you can say it was because they believed the Jews were an existential threat to the continued existence of the German people. With Muslims…they hate Jews simply because they exist. Not because the Jews are a threat to them, or because they feel exploited economically by institutions owned by Jews…it literally is simply because the Jews exist.

I suppose it goes back to when the god YHVH decided he wanted his own people. He picked a dude named Abraham and made a deal with him. “If you and your children worship me alone, I will be their God and use all my power for them.” Which, I’m sure at the time, was not a bad deal. Polytheism was the norm back in those days, but having a god look after you and your family personally was still a really awesome thing to have.

The problem was Abraham and his wife were kinda old, and his wife couldn’t have kids anyways. YHVH said “no probs bro, I got your back.” Sarah though, being a rather pragmatic woman, went “I can’t have kids, what the hell?” and had Abraham sleep with a servant girl (or slave, I can’t remember which). Anyways, the servant girl, Hagar, got pregnant because there was nothing wrong with Abraham’s old pipes. YHVH, however, was not exactly pleased because he wanted Sara to have the kid, and now he was stuck because he’d promised to be the God for Abraham’s family, and now the little punk had gotten himself two families.

Being new to this whole “singular god thing” and not liking his plans being screwed up by mortal women, YHVH said, “Alright, fine, I’ll be for this kid too, but he was not my chosen and he can just fuck off right over there while I get on my party with kid I was planning on.” And then Sarah got pregnant, and the rest is history.

Unfortunately, a couple thousand years later, YHVH decided to actually hold up his end of the bargain and be the God for the sons of Ishmael and be a god unto them like he promised. So he picked a guy named Mohammed and sent him an angel with a divine revelation. Unfortunately for some reason, despite picking an old and pious dude like Abraham, or sending a demi-god like he did the second time, he actually ended up picked a racist, genocidal pedophile as his prophet (well, to be fair the pedophile thing happened after Mohammed was already the chosen prophet, but still. All knowing God should have known where this was going). Which, okay, guess it’s good he’s keeping his word…even if he’s a bit late to the party. But to be fair, the whole situation with Isaac didn’t exactly go as planned, and then the situation with Christ didn’t exactly go as planned, so hey, what are back ups for?

Except the back up was actually the first born son of Abraham and…did not really appreciate the treatment. And really, I can’t exactly blame them. Here you are, first born of the family, but not only does everything go to your baby brother, you get exiled and left to fuck off for a couple thousand years, and only get what should have been yours to start with, after it has not only been used and lost by your baby brother, but some other kid “daddy” had after that who disappointed him as well. Or at least, that’s how it looked to the Muslims. They should have gotten the blessing first, not last, and they hate the Jews simply because the Jews are the last of that baby brother’s kids and are forever a reminder that they were third place when they should have been first.

But hating someone because they got an inheritance and you didn’t…is a far cry from hating someone because you think they’re trying to kill you. At least in western society, we can understand you trying to kill someone you think is trying to kill you. But killing someone over the fact that they were given something you weren’t…that’s just unacceptable behavior.

And yet, Nazis are bad, but people stand in solidarity with Islam. And that’s not counting the hundreds of years of murder, genocide, enslavement, and other things that Islam and Muslims have done which include things that not even the Nazis did.*

Which actually puts us in a similar boat when it comes to Communism. The Nazis killed 12 million people. The Communists killed over 120+ million people.

The Nazis killed 12 million people (6 million Jews, 6 million others) for two primary reasons. 1) they felt the Jews were trying to destroy them, and so they had to kill the Jews first. 2) improving the quality of people in German lands (i.e. eugenics).

So we have “killing in the name of self defense” taken to an illogical extreme, and we have eugenics…which was a rather popular idea through the western world at the time. Mostly because people read Darwin’s theory of evolution and thought “why the hell can’t we do this ourselves to make better people.”

I never said the Nazis were smart. But they were not alone. The found of Planned Parenthood, for example, was a major believer in Eugenics. But however stupid the idea was, we’re left with two motivations for the Nazis killing: Self-defense and Self-improvement.

What did the Communists kill 120+ million people for?

Well….they had more stuff. Or they thought communism was a bad idea.


The two primary reasons the Communists killed 120+ million people were “you have more stuff than me, I’m going to kill you and take it,” and “oh, you think I shouldn’t take your stuff from you, here, I’m going to kill you and take it anyways.”

And yet people stand in solidarity with Communism, and allow it to go marching through the streets burning shit and beating people up.

And unlike the Nazis who have a decent series of events to try and justify their actions, or the Muslims who can at least claim stolen birthright for their hatred, the communists have…none of that. For them it is quite literally “that asshole has more stuff than me, I’m going to kill him and share it with my friends.”

Can you see my problem?

We are told that violence in the defense of self or others is acceptable. That hatred of others for simply being different is bad. That theft and murder to commit theft are bad.

Yet I am supposed to accept that a group of people who did monstrous things in the name of self defense is bad, and anyone who can be connected to them, however tangentially, deserve to be beaten down in the streets. But at the same time, that those motivated simply by hatred of others, or a greedy desire to possess that which others own, are not only to be accepted in society, if you dare to protest their acceptance you are as evil as the…people who acted to defend themselves.

What. The. Fuck.

We’re supposed to stand in solidarity with Muslims, who hate Jews simply because they exist, who hate Pagans simply because they exist, who do not even believe that Pagans are human beings, but rather are animals and beasts. For no motivation beyond “They’re not Muslims, they’re not us.”

We’re supposed to be perfectly accepting of Communist marching in the street, demanding the right to murder people who stand in their way and take the stuff of other people simply because “equal distribution of wealth.”

But oh no, that group of Nazis should be beaten down.

I am never going to deny that the Nazis did monstrous things, but at least a form of morality could be applied to their actions, no matter how twisted. One cannot do the same when it comes to Islam, and certainly it cannot be done with Communism. Communism’s motivations are the complete antithesis of morality. And Islam’s is just…pure, irrational, racist hatred of anything Not Islam.


Well, there you have it. I guess now it’s up to people to decide where the line is going to be drawn. Do we keep it where it was, where Nazis were bad and those who do like the Nazis are bad, and they should be treated as the Nazis are and kept with no place in society? Or do we open the gates, tear down the walls, and allow all things to be? Because we cannot allow that which is Communist or Islamic in its motivations to be, and not also allow the Nazis validity and a place at the table as well. Because of the three…at least the Nazis had a moral motive for their actions, however hateful and disgusting they were.

So we can either calm down, or open the flood gates.

What shall the Law be?



Hela Bless

Pedophilia is but one example where Muslims went beyond Nazis. Another is the Jannissari, which were children kidnapped from non-Muslim lands and families, and raised as slave armies to fight for their Muslim owners so that the Muslims did not have to fight themselves. It’s also recored that the Islamic lands brought in twice as many african slaves as the European powers combined. There’s also the long history of exterminating Pagan peoples in genocides, massive sexual slavery of non-Muslim women, and other acts beyond that.