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Humanity never ceases to surprise me.

I honestly wish it would, because Gods Damn the surprise is usually something horrible that I hoped I would never see, but there go humans. They used to be such an amazing race of creatures, constantly explorying, constantly seeking new frontiers to travel. Now though, it seems that somewhere, someone decided instead of taking the next logical step and moving off planet, they have decided that humanity must devour itself like some depraved version of Jormungandr.

And gods help all logic and wisdom that gets destroyed in the first place.

Like a Pagan standing up for Islam.

Contra Islamophobia

Seriously, what’s next. “Jews for Hitler?” Or maybe “Satanists for Christ!”

I didn’t start this website to discuss politics, and I know it annoys some people when I do…

Believe me, I am exactly the same boat.

I miss talking about religion…

…But I find myself caring about that less and less each day. I shouldn’t have to keep silent on political issues just because I also happen to be religious; hell, no other religious person on Earth does! Even those who are involved in the tax-exempt church racket will often pontificate to the masses about public policy whenever they can, despite the fact that it really should cost them their precious 501(c)(3) status. Well if they can do it, so can I; I’ve got nothing to lose but readers, after all…

So…because people are doing something “Bad” that means you might as well also do something “Bad.”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, rules are rules and getting involved in politics does violate the 501(c) thing. But let’s be honest here…everyone, everywhere, is doing the political thing even if it violates what they’re supposed to stand for or goes against what they’re allowed to do.

I mean there’s that Science March that’s supposed to happen in Washington, and early on they stated that Intersectionality is a tentant of their whole thing. Despite the fact that Intersectionality is in no way scientific, and often runs counter to scientific reasonings. But hey, the soups in the kettle and Molly’s cow just banged the cat, so we shall all wear slippers on our heads.

…And if you’re the kind of reader who’s offended by what I’m going to say next, you’ll probably be much happier reading something else anyway. (Might I recommend Mein Kempf?)

Ah, low key implying that anyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi. Winning hearts and minds through the billy club, I see.

Before we get further, I would just like to state that the author of the piece I’m responding to today is a worshiper of Set, the Egyptian God of Chaos and generally regarded as the closest thing the Khemetics have to the Devil. To be fair, the actual evilness of Set is debatable, but the closest analogy of Set in the modern era that I’m aware of (and I spent a good bit of time reading up on the Egyptians as a kid) is…well he’s the Joker. Set just wants to watch the world burn.

set-meme-1But oh yeah, follower of Set, please tell us how everyone who disagrees with you is “evil.”

Well, the white nationalist dinosaur that calls itself “Trump” has vacated its oily bowels all over the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (and his scat will probably splatter on some of the other amendments before we’re through)…


It’s always got to be about Trump. Look, I have gained many lolz from the God Emperor and even like much of what he is doing. But for the love of the Gods can we please, please talk about something other than Trump? There are 7 Billion people on this planet, and yet all anyone can talk about is Trump!

trump enemiesLook, we’re already going to get 8 years of the man at this point, do you really wanna go for 12?

But go ahead, how has he “voided his oily black bowels” upon the 1st Amendment?

…I know we have to protect ourselves from groups like DAESH, but there are certain lines that just shouldn’t be crossed. I find it difficult to accept that we are now living in an America where people can be turned away from our borders simply for belonging to a particular faith…

Well, given that said religion teaches that Gays, Pagans, and other “haram” people are to be killed in the name of Allah…and there are actually people who do that, not sure how this is a surprise.

I mean, I am religious, but I admit that religions are ideologies tied to Gods. And frankly, there is nothing wrong with banning violent ideologies from entry into one’s nation. For example, I wonder if the author of this piece would be up in arms if we were banning “National Socialists” from entry into our country?

Also, if Trump has shat all over the 1st amendment for this ban, then he is merely following in the shitting footsteps of Obama…who also initiated exactly the same ban, just against Iraq. Of course, most people who are screaming at Trump like to ignore that fact.

…Hell, many of the people who were targeted by Trump’s executive order have already earned their green cards, and many are even married to U.S. citizens (and have children). Naturally, Trump and his cronies claim that this has nothing to do with Islam, but that’s a crock of shit if I’ve ever heard one. He called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” during his election campaign, and that’s exactly what he’s trying to do. The fact that the order is phrased to focus on nationality rather than religion is just an attempt to make it sound legal. What else should we think when Trump says he will prioritize Christian refugees from the same seven countries that are on his list?

That he’s keeping his campaign promises and actually prioritizing the people who need refuge because they’re the ones being outright butchered and enslaved?

Hel, if you wanna talk about banning people because of their religion, Obama refused to take in any Christian or Pagan refugees from those or other countries presently effected by the violence in the Middle East. Even as reports were coming in of massacres bordering on genocides, and thousands of young Christian and Pagan women being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery…he refused to open up and let those people in. I mean, he let in Muslim immigrants, literally the people not effected by the massacres and sex slavery, but not the ones actually being targeted for abuse and murder.

My gods, the absolute horror. A President who keeps his campaign promises and actually wants to provide refuge to victims of genocide and rape!

trump true

The Trump Administration also announced on Thursday that it will be re-structuring the government’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program to focus exclusively on Islamic extremism. Until now, the CVE has targeted not only jihadists but also white supremacists who create terror right here on American soil…

Look, I am not happy about this either. Especially given that the number 2 group for terrorist attacks world wide is Communists, which are apparently being ignored. Even as they burn and riot in American cities.

antifa1But I see now that the grim specter of “muh white nationalism” is strong with this one. I mean…I literally cannot remember the last time a white nationalist terrorist organization…actually committed an act of terror. Well, at least not one that didn’t prove fake.

…The purpose of the initiative is to identify and deter any group that subscribes to a violent ideology, regardless of whether it uses Allah, Jesus, or Fred Flintstone to justify its heinous acts. There’s always room for improvement, of course, and I’m certain the CVE program is no exception to this rule. But choosing to ignore white supremacism is completely unacceptable, especially given that more Americans have been killed in domestic right-wing attacks than in jihadist attacks since 9/11

So that link is to the Washington Post, and appears to claim that in terms of violent deaths caused by terrorists vs white supremacists, the terrorists have a body count of 26 people since 9/11/01, while the “white supremacists” have a body count of 48.

48 people. in 15 years. Among a population of over 300 million. So roughly…3 people a year. Killed by white supremacists. Over the last 15 years.

Now, in regards to the 26 people killed by Islamic terrorism. That is after the 3000 killed on 9/11, that number was not added in. So already we’re up to 3026 people killed. To my knowledge, based on a brief look at that article, it is not counting things like Fort Hood, where a Muslim shot up his base and killed his fellow soldiers (something the Obama admin labeled as “work place violence” rather than an Islamic terrorist attack. Despite the fact that it was done by a muslim in the name of Islam). And I’m sure they’re skipping over other incidences that were actually Islamic Attacks, but labeled something else. And that’s obviously not counting everyone over in Europe who has died, been maimed, or otherwise injured by an Islamic terrorist attack.

So yeah, we’ve got who knows how many people killed by Islamic attacks (it’s in the thousands), but oh no, those 3 people killed every year by “muh white nationalists” we need to focus on them.


…I guess victims of white supremacist terror will just have to fend for themselves while our government continues to detain, deport, and otherwise punish innocent immigrants who have every right to be here.

Well, given that sharks apparently kill 1 person a year, and lightning kills 38 people a year, and white supremacists kill about 3 people a year…I’d say that you’ve got a 16x better chance of being struck by lightning than you do being killed by a white supremacist.

On the other hand, between 1/4 and 1/15 Muslims agree with the violent, supremacist ideological form of Islam that motivates Islamic Terrorists. Given that there are 1.6 billion muslims in the world, that means between 240+ Million and 400+ million Muslims believe that Gays should be killed, Pagans should be murdered, that infidel whores were put on this earth by Allah to be raped, and that there should be no religion on this planet except Islam, and you can just fuck off with that 1st amendment talk.

But I suppose their victims should fend for themselves because “immigrants/refugees have a right to live here.”

Tell me, how well did that work out for the Pulse club in Orlando?

10hu1fI would like to point out that after the Pulse terrorist attack, Trump was the only candidate that promised to protect the Gay community from further attacks, btw.

If that doesn’t seem tragic enough to you, it’s pretty self-evident that Trump’s anti-Islamic actions will also fuel jihadists as they seek new recruits. Muslims across the world are watching this situation with baited breath, and some who have been sympathetic to the United States up to this point are probably starting to think we might actually be “the Great Satan” after all. This will serve only to make DAESH’s lies seem much more attractive to those who are without hope…

cena-laughingEasy there, Pansy Parkinson.

“If we don’t let them in, they’ll just want to kill us harder! So to prevent this, we have to let them in!”

Look, I hate all the pop culture “resistance” things that have been popping up, but honestly I have to do this. Voldemort has shown up at Hogwarts, he is saying “give me harry potter and I’ll let you live,” and you, dear author, have just said “let’s give him what he wants and maybe he won’t kill us.”

Thank you, my sides await me in Valhalla.

If whoever decides that because we will not let them in our country, that is reason enough to try and murder us until we do…then they are not good people, and they should not be allowed in side. If three people showed up at your door, and one of them said “I want inside so I can kill you” would you open the door?

What if one of the others said “I don’t want to kill you, but if you don’t let me inside I’ll join this man in killing you.” Would you let that person inside?

Because you are literally saying “oh shit, I have to let that other guy inside, or else he’s going to kill me like the first one will!”

…Even worse, the jihadists will be galvanized by the rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes that is almost sure to follow this current spectacle. Just look at what happened when Trump won the election in November; people all over the country started vandalizing mosques (among other things)…

Yeah, and it turned out they were faked. All of them, or at least enough of them that it was impossible to find a real one. The only one that was apparently not fake as far as I could find out was the one in CANADA, which is an entirely different country and has nothing to do with Trump.

And if the jihadies are galvanized to attack us even more than they already are because of fake hate crimes…well, then they’re a bunch of partisan idiots who think their violence is excusable because of who they are, and I lose no sleep over them being killed.


…It’s funny how Trump, the Republican Party, and even the Trump supporters who “aren’t racists” had absolutely nothing to say about that bullshit while it was happening. And that was nothing but the racist white contingency flexing its muscles, collectively punching the air in victory. Now that Trump has made it clear that he means to outright ignore the threat of domestic right-wing terrorism, what do you suppose will happen next?

We’ll finally manage to make some headway against Islamic terrorism after 15 years? Finally start to address all the left wing terrorists who are actually punching people in the streets, almost killing them, and burning down homes and businesses because people dare disagree with them?

I mean sure, the “right wing” has been punching the air in victory, but the left wing has actually been punching people (and faking hate crimes against themselves). So really, who is the monster here? Which is the problem that needs to actually be addressed?


You might be wondering why I care so much about Muslim Americans. After all, were I to live in a Muslim majority country that applies sharia law to its non-Muslim citizens, I’d probably be fined, taxed, mocked, tortured, enslaved, or even beheaded for being a kafir or “infidel,” right? …

Well, the thought had occurred to me. Honestly, it seemed about as logical as a Jew cheering on for Hitler and demanding that we allow National Socialists free immigration in to our country so they could spread their ideology and kill Jews, but hey, humans. You’re as stupid and self entitled as you want to be.

get woke

…Well, maybe. But in a 2013 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, in which more than 38,000 Muslims from 39 Muslim majority nations were interviewed face-to-face, a global median of roughly seven-in-ten Muslims (72%) stated that violence in the name of Islam (e.g., suicide bombings, targeting civilians, etc.) “is never justified.” This literally means that most Muslims around the world do not sanction religious violence, which is certainly consistent with my own experience…

Well, you must get your information from different places than mine, because my numbers came from an international intelligence agency trying to track radicalization, and it say 1/15-1/4th of Muslims felt that it was.

Oh wait…the numbers do line up still, don’t they. Actually, your numbers are worse, because your number indicates that 28% do consider it justified. So according to your numbers, there are 448,000,000 Muslims who feel that violence in the name of Islam is justified.

To put that in perspective, the total population of the United States is 321.4 million. So a population that is over 130% the size of the TOTAL UNITED STATES POPULATION believes it is acceptable to enact violence in the name of Islam.

daymn meme

…My area has one of the largest Muslim populations in America, and we have yet to suffer any jihadist attacks (thank all the Gods). As a matter of fact, the Muslims I know are all doctors, nurses, EMTs, or other important public servants. If there should ever be a jihadist attack in my area (Gods forbid), a large percentage of the wounded would likely be treated and nursed back to health by Muslims. So if you ask me why I care about prejudice against Muslims, it’s because I accept my Muslim neighbors as valued members of my community.

And statistically speaking…at least 1 in 4 of them should believe it’s perfectly okay to murder you for being a Pagan.

Now, I’ll admit that number is probably lower where our Author is. But that also means that those who do believe it would be alright to murder our author are probably gathered together. People tend to group up with those that think like them. So simply because our author’s experience is “these are nice people, so we have nothing to fear from any of them” is not indicative of the reality.

But their words are made a lie, because the attitude they expressly denounce when directed towards Muslims…they apply to “white nationalists.” Now, I couldn’t find any percentages for number of white supremacists in the US (thanks to the media this election, all the numbers are worthless political slander). But I vaguely remember that back before all this started, it was something in the single digets. But let’s go crazy and say it was about 10%, worst case scenario. 1 in 10 white people are racist.

So we should condemn the “1/10” and actively hunt them down to prevent their violence…but it’s horrible to go for the “1/4” when it comes to Islam. But even if I went to the far end and say 100% of white people are “white supremacists…the white population is 196,817,552 people.

Sooo about 40% of the population of Islam that believes violence is acceptable. And those 196.8 million people managed to kill….3 people a year in the name of white supremacy. Yet according to our author, we need to fear “white nationalism” but if you fear Islamic Violence you need to go read Mein Kampf.


But there’s another reason why I seethe at these contemptible policies. As a Pagan devotee of Seth, I worship the very Divinity of otherness. In my preferred spiritual language, Seth is God as someone who was marginalized from His own family since the moment of His birth. He has been vilified by the beautiful and the powerful, and He understands better than anyone what it’s like to be an outcast. But Seth refused to stay that way; He rebelled and changed the structure of His family forever, and He did so in ways that made each of Them better in the end…

mother-of-god-super-troopersI am dealing with a complete lunatic!

Set’s “marginalization” was that he didn’t get the thrown. His vilification came because of how he tried to resolve that problem and “changes the structure of his family…for the better”…namely murdering his brother, tearing the body in to pieces, scattering them across the land, and then seizing the throne…only to be kicked off it by his brother’s widow and son.  While his now dead brother went on to rule the dead…because he was dead!

Seth then formed His own adopted family during His quests across the expanse of the unknown, and our job is to do what He does within our own spheres of life. This means two things to me personally:

  • Ritually smiting the Chaos Serpent (i.e., battling evil and injustice, both within and outside of myself, with words of power and symbolic deeds)
  • Upholding Ma’at in Deshret as well as in Kemet (i.e., promoting peaceful cooperation and dignified treatment of others across as many cultural, ethnic, political, religious, sexual, and social intersections as possible)


enough 1

Seth is the Divine Foreigner, and as one of His ambassadors in this world, I can’t just remain silent as I watch my country devolve into a xenophobic horror show…

“I serve the divine foreigner, who was cast out of society for murdering his brother and trying to take absolute power. So now I will champion the cause of violent foreigners who want to take absolute power, even if it results in my death, because how dare people try to protect themselves from being murdered.”

slow clapWell, I cannot say that our author is not living up to their religious duties…apparently.

Of course, I hope they understand that as some who works for Hel, the Goddess of Death, and Protector of Young Maidens, that I cannot simply remain silent as people come in who believe it perfectly justified to rape young women simply because they are not Muslims…as is happening all across Europe and the Middle East. So, sorry if that makes me a “xenophobic bigot” but I’m literally just doing for my Goddess what you claim to be doing for your God. Fulfilling our religious duties.

…Yes, Islam does teach that I will roast in hell (or Jahannam in Arabic) for all eternity just because I don’t worship Allah; and yes, I am very resentful of that teaching. I don’t like being told by anyone that I’m going to be punished just for believing differently than they do, no matter how good a person I might be. But the truth is, Christians are the ones who’ve been handing me that bullshit for my entire life, not Muslims. The Muslims I’ve met have all been kind enough to mind their own damn business and leave me alone; not one of them has ever been confrontational with me about my Sethianity. As a Pagan American, most of the ill treatment I’ve received for my faith has come from other white people who were born right here in the States and who claim to follow Christ…

Yes, Christians are assholes.

But they’re not the ones murdering people over these things at home and abroad. That’s Muslims. And if you’ve had such a shit time with Christians, why the Hel do you want to bring another supremacist monotheistic ideology over here? Isn’t one enough for you? It certainly is for me, and it was hard enough taming the Christians to stop them murdering in our beds. I’d rather not have to start the job all over again simply because you don’t like being “xenophobic” even if it’s for your own safety.

…And while most of the trouble these people have given me has been nonviolent (though there have been times when I was afraid for my life or for someone else’s), it hasn’t been any less traumatic. Here in America, there are plenty more ways of intimidating and silencing people than just killing them. (Hell, just ask Donald J. Trump; he’s been keeping many of us awake at night all week!)

Pretty sure that being beaten, shot, stabbed, or beheaded to death is way more traumatic than anything you’ve suffered. And yes, you can still be intimidated and silenced…so long as you let people do that. IF you’re dead, you’re silenced. If you’re alive, you can keep talking.

And Donald Trump is not going to kill you. So you can just fuck off with that talk.

My point here is not to demonize white Christian Americans, but to point out that all Americans are just as capable of evil as any Muslim immigrant. This goes for every human category, including Pagans. What really needs to happen is for the good-hearted people in each category to band together and take a stand against this foolishness. Trump’s travel ban is not going to help anything; in the long run, even conservatives will see that it’s only made things worse. (Sutekh be praised, some of them already do.) I pray to Seth, Jesus and Allah that this nonsense is reversed somehow before DAESH or even the goddamn Ku Klux Klan can figure out how to capitalize on it.

one punch man okThis is my world now, isn’t it.

I have just had to make a post responding to a Settian that deifies their God’s murder of his own brother as motivation to completely fail at math, scream about “muh white nationalism” all the while defending a population that believes they have no right to exist, of which 28% believes it would be okay to enact violence against them for existing, because “Donald Trump.”

I…can’t even. I am out of evens. My evens have fucking left me.

Thing is, I wasn’t a fan of Trump to start with. But it’s stuff like this which almost makes me wish that he will just have a dynasty for decades to come and turns into everything these people fear, because Gods Damn it…it’s really hard to argue they don’t deserve it with their bigotry and stupidity. And they want to get as all killed or worse by it, so they can feel morally superior.



Hela Bless