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You know what I love? I love it when someone is so intent on having their nose in the air that they forget to look at the ground. Few things annoy me more than virtue signalling, but they typically are merely an annoyance. It’s when your virtue signalling so hard that you actually forget about real people and their suffering, that I start having a serious problem with it.

It seems Beckett has decided to do just that.

Last week I had a Facebook friend request from someone I didn’t know but who looked legitimate. The profile was male – scammers usually come after men with female profiles. There was the usual mixture of family and current events posts that looked organic, rather than thrown together to create a fake profile. The political posts were on the conservative side, but that’s OK – I don’t live in a bubble and if you’ll listen to me, I’ll listen to you.

You, uh, you got some experience with that, Beckett?

But okay, let’s see how Beckett does not live in a bubble and how he’ll “listen to you, if you listen to him.”

But as I scrolled down, I started seeing multiple posts about Muslims and especially about Muslim immigrants. The one that grabbed my attention was a picture of refugees with the caption “Muslim countries won’t take them because they’re already Muslim. They aren’t immigrants, they’re invaders.”

Hmm, interesting thought. After all, right in that area there’s something of about five rather wealthy Muslim countries who could easily handle a temporary population of refugees. Hell, Saudi Arabia supposedly has a tent city with full utilities standing completely empty and unused that could house millions of immigrants with absolutely no problem what so ever.

And Saudi Arabia has taken exactly 0 refugees.

wait-whatOh yeah, Saudi Arabia and most of the other Muslim countries in the area have taken 0 refugees. Instead, all the refugees are having to make their way to Europe. On top of that, a fairly large proportion of these “refugees” aren’t even coming from Syria. They’re coming from other places under the guise of being Syrians.

Now, we won’t know fully if they’re immigrants (why would they be immigrants though, shouldn’t they just be seeking temporary shelter until its safe to go home?) or invaders until Syria is at peace and we see who stays and who goes. I mean, we could look at their behavior…but I sense we’ll get to that in a bit.

Request deleted. You can take your anti-Muslim garbage somewhere else – I don’t want it in my feed.

Wait, what happened to “if you’ll listen, then I’ll listen.” Frankly, it sounds like Beckett didn’t even try to say anything, and instantly stopped listening because someone posited that these Muslims were less interested in finding refuge and more interested in invading other people’s nations.

If you can look at refugees and see “Muslims” and not human beings in great need, there is something wrong with your conscience. Have you seen the pictures from Syria? Have you read the reports? Have you heard the first-hand accounts of people fleeing these war zones?

I don’t know Beckett, have you seen the pictures of the women raped by “Migrants?” Have you seen the police reports from places like Rotherham, UK? Have you hear the first hand accounts of people trapped in their own nations, cities, and even homes, unable to flee the violence, rape, and brutality?

I mean, Beckett wants to complain about people “not seeing others in need” but honestly the man seems to…not be seeing others in need. I mean, I would assume women need to be able to walk around without being brutally raped, but that’s a need that is constantly ignored in Sweden. And Germany. And France. And England. And….well, lots of places in Europe, actually.

I mean, I have been reading the first hand accounts, police reports, and seen the pictures. I’ve seen them for over a decade. The only difference is, of course, that there is no refuge for them, not in their own lands, and not elsewhere. The Syrians can flee. Those attacked in Europe cannot.

What would you do if you were in that situation? You’d do what these people are doing – you’d evacuate or you’d die.

Actually, in that situation, I would pick up a weapon and start killing some ISIS mother fuckers. You know, like those Kurdish women who get turned into sex slaves do. Not, apparently, like the millions of military aged Muslim men who…actually would live a rather privileged existence at the top of the ISIS society.

I mean, you can say I’m being cruel, but really I just see millions of men who, instead of fighting to keep their country, appear to be little more than cowards who run away from the fight (and apparently have a penchant for assaulting and raping the people kind enough to let them escape a war).

CnYOql_UAAA2ajG.jpg large

It amazes me that some people will rant about Daesh and the horrors of their laws and how they enforce them (which is a worthy rant – I’ve done it myself) and at the same time show zero compassion for people trying to get away from these same evil terrorists.

You might be less amazed if you actually bothered to notice that those “escaping” have a tendency to start marching in the streets of their host country shouting “Allah Ackbar” and carrying signs that say “behead those who insult Islam” or “Islam will rule the World.”

I mean, you know, if you actually bothered to pay attention.


Muslim countries have taken in most of the refugees. When I googled this question, I came up with this CNN article from late 2015 showing how Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan have taken in 3.7 million of the 4.1 million (at the time) Syrian refugees. Right below it in the search results was a headline from Breitbart claiming “Muslim countries refuse to take a single Syrian refugee.” As you might imagine, the Breitbart headline is false – the text of their story explains that some Muslim countries have refused to accept Syrian refugees.

Actually, no. That Headline is not false. The Headline states: “Muslim countries refuse to take in a single refugee.”

So I have to ask..is the lying compulsory Beckett, or do you just not realize what you’re doing.

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim Country. They have refused. the UAE is a Muslim country, and I believe it has refused. Iran, again a Muslim country, and I’m pretty sure they refused as well. Some Muslim Countries have Refused to accept refugees, which means the Statement: “Muslim Countries refuse to take in a single refuge” is a True Statement.


Like many other religions, Islam places a high value on hospitality, and leaders of rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia will answer to Allah (as a polytheist, I see Allah as one God among many) for their failure to care for their Muslim brothers and sisters. But their failure to fulfill their religious obligations does not absolve us of our human obligations to help those in great need.

And after insisting that Breitbart is lying…Beckett goes ahead and admits they reported the situation accurately.

jesus fucking christSo, here’s my position on this. Does the failure of the Saudis absolve “us” of our human obligation to help those in need? No.

But we have a human obligation to prevent murder, rape, theft, racist violence, violence of any kind (really), and to provide our fellow humans with a safe, secure place to live as free from molestation as is humanly possible.

And that is a human obligation that has been anally raped in public in regards to the citizens of Europe who now find themselves hostages and victims in their own country! Thousands of women raped in a single night! Fucking Hel, Beckett, where is your human obligation to them? What about the thousands of girls gang raped for decades! What about them, Beckett? What about all the people who are just trying to enjoy a night out with friend and family to find themselves horribly butchered in terrorist attacks!



Refugees want to go where they have a chance to build a new life. Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan simply do not have the resources to settle this many refugees. Europe and North America do. Beyond that, having lived with the conflict and instability in the Middle East for many years, most refugees are looking for some place where they’re reasonably sure they won’t have to evacuate again in a few years.

Well then they’re not refugees, are they?

A refugee would, I think, want to return home one day. You know, like the Cuban refugees who have spent decades wishing to return to a free and tolerant Cuba where they might live in peace. They’re still waiting, but they still consider themselves refugees. But as refugees, they have done their mother fucking best to provide their refuge country with positive and productive people who make themselves welcome by contributing to society.

Unlike the “Syrian Refugees” who…seem to demand welfare, riot at the drop of a hat, blow people up, rape women en mass, scream about Islam is superior and Europe should fall, rape children, assault Jews, and otherwise make such a fucking mess that the Far Right is actually gaining political power in Europe!

I mean, not too long ago, I was reading about how the entire Jewish population of France was working en mass to immigrate to Israel. That’s right, the “refugees” have made France so fucking dangerous to be Jewish in, that the French Jews consider it safer to live in a nation constantly under terrorist attack than in France.


Direct your anger at those who caused this crisis, not their victims.

Well, if you actually stopped ignoring the victims, Beckett, maybe you could recognize the fact that the anger directed towards the Refugees…was in fact the anger of victims towards those actively harming them.


Islam is not a monolithic religion. Sunnis and Shias believe different things, and both are different from Sufis. Islam as it’s actually lived and practiced in Egypt is different from how it’s lived and practiced in Malaysia, and both are very different from how it’s lived and practiced in Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda, Daesh, and the government of Saudi Arabia are no more definitive of Islam than the Westboro Baptist Church is representative of Christianity.

And…this has fuck all to do with the victims, Beckett.

If a woman is gang rapped by a bunch of refuges, do you think she’s going to care about the differences between Sunni and Sufis? Or do you think she’s going to be more concerned with the multiplicity of dicks currently violating the sanctity of her body and will as they scream about her being an “infidel whore.” I mean, I know it’s obviously the least relevant part of the whole situation, and we wouldn’t want to tolerate such Islamophobic behavior, and really that woman needs to just get over it and deal with her white privilege and her racism, but…I’m curious.


“But the Quran says these horrible things!” The Bible says many horrible things too, and most Christians ignore them and do their best to live a good life. Most Muslims do the same. Christian scholars and clerics disagree on the meaning of various troublesome passages of the Bible – the same is true of Islamic scholars and clerics about the Quran. Quoting random passages from the Quran out of context and claiming “this is what Islam really is” shows your ignorance about how religions actually work.

Which is why, when ISIS quotes them in their full context and the proceeds to actually follow through, might be why people think that’s how the religion really works.

Also, Beckett, it is true that most Christians ignore the rather horrible parts of their holy book and try to be decent people. Of course, they only do that now after civilization got together and beat the fuck out of the ones that didn’t. Something that has not really happened with Islam. And since we’re talking about the horrible things done…might I remind you just how well it worked out for the Pagans when the Christians were running around doing all this exact same shit?

Oh that’s right, they all got forcibly converted and their religions were destroyed. So, maybe, just maybe, we can remember the lessons of history?

There are some Christians who want to force everyone to live exactly as the Bible says – I’m trying to keep them out of our government. Fundamentalist Christians are a far greater threat to freedom in United States than any Muslims.

And yet some how I seem to have missed the thousands of Christians gang raping women in the street by the hundreds and thousands, blowing up buildings, driving trucks through crowds of people, and shooting up concerts.

I mean, you know, the little things?

And while facing the threat of Christian totalitarians, you want to just open the gates to Islamic totalitarians who have absolutely no problem killing people to gain the power? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the Christians to have the power either, but at least the Christians are going about their business non-violently and through legal means.

What do you want American Islam to be? There are about 3.3 million Muslims in the United States – about 1% of the overall population. The Pew Research Center projects that ratio to double over the next 30 years, but even then Muslims will still be a tiny minority.

What do you want American Islam to be?

None existent.

Look, I have had more than enough with one totalitarian, supremacist, monotheistic ideology. I do not want another one fucking about. I just don’t.

And sure, there’s 3.3 million Muslims in the united states. Of course, there’s something along the lines of 420 million Muslims who believe violence is an acceptable tool to obtain islamic supremacy. Which is about 130% of the overall population of the United States. Or roughly, 25-27% of the Muslim population. Which means of your 3.3 million people, 825,000 of them believe violence is acceptable in the name of Islam. Statistically speaking.

Frankly, we don’t need that shit. And I certainly do not want more of it.

Left to their own devices, immigrants from places like Syria, Iraq, and Sudan will follow the same pattern as earlier immigrants from Germany, Italy, and China. The first generation will struggle to assimilate. The second generation will carry a dual identity. The third generation will speak only English and will be thoroughly American.

Yes, and in that first generation struggling to assimilate, there was also a common patter. Large scale violence. Typically in the form of organized crime. Of course, that’s because the Germans, Italians, and Chinese at the time were interested in improving their quality of life and turned to crime to do it. On the other hand Muslims on average seem less interested in improving their lot in life, and with a disturbingly high number of people mostly interested in Killing People for Religious Gain.

I mean, I could understand and tolerate a bit of criminal behavior. A man’s got to eat, after all. But there is a far cry from a bunch of mobsters shooting each other up over a bad deal, and gunning down concert goers because they’re not fucking Muslim!

On top of which, people didn’t get called racists for screening German, Chinese, or Italian immigrants to try and limit the amount of violence. Which is something that was fucking done. But apparently, not having a completely open border policy when it comes to Muslims means you’re a bigot.


Most will keep their Islamic religion, as immigrants from other countries have kept theirs. But just as Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina is very different from Islam in Saudi Arabia, Islam in American will be its own thing as well.

Oh, you mean like that Bosnian Islam which was so violent and totalitarian, and whose practitioners were so violent and rapey, that their victims started to ethnically cleanse them in order to keep their people safe? You mean that Bosnian Islam?

Yeah, the things they don’t tell you on TV or in history class.


If Muslim immigrants are welcomed and allowed to be a part of America, their version of Islam will look very American. But if they’re constantly harassed, told to “prove your loyalty” and made to feel like they don’t belong, their Islam will be resentful and will be dominated by Islam from places that do not share our values.

“Islam is a religion of peace, but if you insult Islam, Muslims might become violent!”

Well, they already do not share our values. Especially if you’re a Pagan. And I’m sorry, but I’m not going to refrain from criticizing bad actions simply because someone hopes that by keeping my mouth shut, the person committing the bad action will just naturally understand that the action is bad and stop it. Because if they don’t understand that, they won’t stop it. And if they do understand it and are doing it anyways, they don’t care that it’s bad.

The Bible is right about one thing: you reap what you sow.

with-her-cant-condemn-le-pen-vive-la-france-6576405You’re damn fucking right about that.

I support religious freedom for all. I’m a polytheist who worships many Gods, practices magic, and loves wine. I’m under no illusion as to what would happen to me if I wandered into a region controlled by Daesh. They are evil – an accusation I do not throw around lightly – and they must be destroyed. Further, the conditions that allowed them to arise must be addressed or something just as bad will take their place, but that’s another rant for another time.

What’s hilarious here is that, according to the Koran, Daesh is in fact Good. Perhaps the only and legitimate good there is.

But here we have Beckett, fully supporting the rights of those who wish to murder him simply for what he is. Honestly, I had hoped that 1500 years of Christian supremacy would have beaten the stupid out of Pagans about this whole thing, but apparently some people never learn.

But I enjoyed visiting Turkey – a Muslim country – in 2012. My Pagan and polytheist friend Cynthia lived in Egypt for four years. Read some of her first-hand experiences of living in a Muslim country. I work with Muslims in my paying job – some of them are my friends. The idea that all Muslims are terrorists or that refugees are invaders is patently false and insulting to those of us who have gotten to know real live people who practice the religion of Islam.

You know what, I didn’t want to do this, but fuck it.

Rich white man ignores victims of rape to prove he is not a racist.

Cause really, that’s much of what I think reading this. Beckett is a well off man who is spending an entire post denying the reality of rape and murder victims so that he can sit back and feel morally superior about his love and support for brown people. I mean, let’s just ignore the fact that there’s hundreds of thousands of women who have been raped at the hands of Muslim refugees. Let’s ignore the thousands who have been killed or assaulted. Let’s ignore the fact that England, Sweden, German, and France went from some of the safest places in the world to some of the most dangerous, all because of Muslim refugees/immigrants. To the point where the French PM says “terrorist attacks are just going to be a part of daily life and we’re going to have to deal with it.”

Are all of them? No, but enough of them are that is is a serious fucking problem! A problem which should have been addressed years ago. But it wasn’t, it still isn’t, and now the “Far Right” is getting power in Europe because they’re the only ones promising to protect people…and you get cunts like Beckett crying #NotAllMuslims.

So, my would-be Facebook friend, if you want to rant against Daesh, Al Qaeda, and the Saudis, I’m right there with you. If you want to screen Syrian refugees before bringing them to America – something the Obama administration started – I won’t object. My heart tells me all people should have complete freedom of movement, but my head tells me most people in most countries will never accept open borders.

Gee, I wonder why.

But if you want to ignore the facts about the diversity of Islam, if you want to judge 1.6 billion people by the actions of the worst few thousand, and if you have no compassion for refugees fleeing war and oppression, you can take your anti-Muslim garbage somewhere else.

So…one last question Beckett?

How many refugees are you housing?



Hela Bless